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Philadelphia Splendip with Chives

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Brand: Kraft / Type: Snack

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    2 Reviews
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      02.03.2010 00:56
      Very helpful



      Pretty tasty...

      I think that Philadelphia Splendips with Chives is a great snack.

      ***************** Packaging ******************

      The plastic pot has a foil lid that you rip open. Inside there are three compartments - one large compartment which crackers that are slightly salted with visible chives in them, one pot that contains a tomato salsa sauce and another that has Philadelphia cream cheese with chives within it.

      ***************** The taste *****************

      The Philadelphia cheese with the addition of chives is yummy, but the salsa is really nice too - it has tomatoes and onion in it - it's very tasty - there just isn't enough of it.

      Although I enjoy both of the toppings, I prefer eating them separately and I don't think they taste as nice when you mix them.

      The crackers are quite thick and salty. They are very tasty, but dry when you eat them alone and within this packet there just isn't enough condiments. I find that I eat three quarters on the pack and I run out of toppings!

      **************** Nutritional Information ***************

      Each packet contains:
      Calories: 160;
      Carbohydrates: 23g (of which are sugars: 6.8g);
      Fat: 4.4g;
      Fibre: 1.4g.

      ****************** Price and Availability ******************

      Splendips are quite wildly available and can be picked up in all major supermarkets. They usually cost around £1 each, which I think is quite expensive, so I usually try and buy them when they are on offer (eg: two for £1.50).

      *********************** Overall ***********************

      I think that Philadelphia Splendips with Chives are lovely - they make a nice alternative to crisps. However the toppings don't mix that well together and there just isn't enough salsa to go around. Although I do eat these occasionally, I think there are nicer flavours within the Splendip range.

      NB: You should keep this product in the fridge though because it contains cream cheese.


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        15.07.2008 21:25
        Very helpful




        Kraft Philadelphia goes back as far as 1872 and was initially established in New York with the first ever cream cheese. In 1960, Philadelphia products arrived in the UK and since that we have seen new lines appearing in the supermarkets ranging from different flavours of cream cheese and snack products.

        The latest product to arrive was Philadelphia Splendips which have been on our shelves since 2005 and come in several different varieties.

        I have always had a liking for onion and chive cream cheese and one of the particular Splendips that they have created is cream cheese with chives.

        Splendips come in what I would describe as very similar tubs to that of Muller Fruit Corners, however Splendips have three different sections, one for the biscuit, one for the cheese and one for an additional sauce.

        Within the Philadelphia Splendips with chives you have around 20 biscuits which are savoury biscuits with chives in them, you have half a pot of normal philadelphia cream cheese and a pot of tomato chutney sauce.

        These are extremely good fo a quick and tasty and healthy snack. The biscuits are around the size of a two pence piece and are very similar to the likes of mini cheddars. When dipping one of these into the philadelphia cheese, when you bite into it, the combination of the flavour makes it taste just like you are eating cheese and chive spread.

        I am not much for the chutney sauce, I have never been much for chutney but it does give it that extra flavour if you dunk the biscuits into both the cheese and the chutney.

        Splendips are less than 200 calories so they are great for a snack. They contain 6.5g of protein and 23.0g of carbs of which 6.9g are sugars. They are an ideal treat if you want a crafty snack.


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