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Philleas Fogg Mexican Sour Cream Tortillas

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Brand: Phileas Fogg / Type: Crisps

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    3 Reviews
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      04.03.2010 22:40
      Very helpful



      Not Particularly Recommended

      Philleas Fogg Mexican Sour Cream Tortillas usually retail for around £1.50 for a large 140g packet. The daughter picked these up on offer in Morissons the other week for only 49p though! Tesco also have them on offer at present, but are only reducing them to £1 per packet.

      I think the first thing worth mentioning here is that these didn't taste anything like what I expected them to taste like. I was expecting a bit of a creamy flavour from the sour cream, along with a hit of chilli. What I actually got instead was more of a chilli and lime flavour though. Perhaps what I felt was lime was a mixture of chilli with the sour edge from the sour cream. It's irrelevent really though, what matters is that it tasted like lime to me! I don't dislike these, I just didn't expect the flavour I got.

      The texture is what I expected at least, a nice thick, crunchy and slightly floury tortilla chip. These are great for dipping, as they're solid and really well sized too. I think they only just pass for being a decent brand name tortilla chip though, as to be honest, they do remind me a little of the Tesco Value tortilla chips you can get - only these are larger.

      I didn't hate these and I wouldn't put others off trying them, but I don't think I'll be buying them again. The flavour isn't that appealing, or particularly strong, and the general texture is acceptable but nothing special. The only real thing that these have going for them over other brands is their large size, which is ideal for dipping.


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      11.12.2009 15:18
      Very helpful
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      Phileas Fogg Tortillas - Not as nice as the crisps.

      As part of Morrisons Buy one get two free offer at the moment these Phileas Fogg Sour Cream with Mild Chilli tortillas are included, and being a fan of Tortillas I added a bag into my basket and have just enjoyed the remainder of the bag with some hot soup.

      The tortillas come in the bag illustrated above and is attractively designed, the packaging tells us that these tortillas will "transport you to the sun-parched villages of Mexico" for the Chilli taste and that they seek out the "sultry, smouldering jalapeno's" which give a "gentle aromatic heat that is perfectly balanced by the cool tang of sour cream" Similar to the blurb on their crisp packets they certainly like to sell the idea that the ingredients have been sourced from around the world.

      Opening the bag greets the eye with lots of large, rounded triangular shaped tortillas. A lot larger than the Tesco value range and Doritos these have a golden colour with black specks running throughout them. When picking one out of the bag they have a slight dusty texture to them and are of a nice thickness. Tasting the first one the overwhelming flavour is of the tortilla itself and not of the flavourings, it's only when you crunch and chew that the other flavours come through. The Chillies are mild and do not burn your mouth and the sour cream compliments the other flavour well. I wouldn't say either of the flavours is on the strong side, and had I not known what they are supposed to be I wouldn't have even noticed the sour cream. The chillies are there and are evident without being the main flavour and on the whole I would describe the taste as being delicate.

      The size and texture of the tortillas are what set them apart from other brands, you get plenty in a 140 gram bag and they are in my opinion a lot nicer than Doritos. Nutritional information reveals that a 35g serving will provide you with 171 calories, 8.8 grams of fat of which 0.8 grams are saturates, sugars are low at only 0.6 grams and there is 0.2 grams of sodium in a serving.

      Ingredients reveal that "Mexican Green Jalapeno Chilli Powder and extract" are included and the bag does state that there are no artificial colours or flavours and No MSG or Hydrogenated vegetable oil included.

      Allergy information warns that Milk and Wheat are included and that these are produced on a line that handles egg; soya, gluten and mustard so if these concern you then please take note.

      I'm in two minds overall when it comes to these, yes they are bigger and thicker than Tesco's own brand variety, but when not on offer they cost £1.56 which seems on the expensive side when compared to the alternatives. They are tasty without being overly strong and I do feel that the price reflects the ingredients that are included, which to me seems a bit crazy when you don't really taste the "special" additions.

      Not as nice as the crisps in my opinion, and I can't see me buying them again when not on offer, I think I will stick to the cheaper alternatives as taste wise there isn't that much in it. To give a fair rating I think 3/5 Dooyoo stars seems ok for all the reasons stated above.
      Thanks for reading.


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        29.08.2009 20:33
        Very helpful



        Exercise moderation, or possible inches around your waistline in 80 days...

        I like nachos/tortillas (whatever you like to call them). I also like food on special offer.
        This combined equals a cracking shopping trip for me, with an excellent result for my cupboards.


        Phileas Fogg is one of the latest in a long line of companies trying to get in on the grab/share bag crisp market. The packs come in various flavours inspired by "authentic tastes from around the world". The range includes your bog-standard crisps, but also tortilla chips, and poppadoms.
        Some of the flavours are pretty ordinary (salt & pepper), and some are a bit more interesting and chilli-based.

        This Senorita purchased the Mexican Sour Cream Tortillas for the special offer price of one English Pound (normally £1.56), from the soul-sapping, harshly lit, aisles-of-plenty (Tesco).

        **Pop the pack Pedro**

        On first inspection of the pack (exactly as dooyoo picture), I feel a little miffed that I'm only getting 140g of the stuff, compared to the 200-250g you get in a pack of Doritos.
        However, on closer inspection of the tortillas themselves I feel a little more satisfied with my choice. Each tortilla is quite large (noticeably so, having been used to Doritos, and Tesco's own brand of tortillas).
        This pleases me as I have an insistence to dip tortillas into any old goo that may be lying about my fridge (*warning* this method can give mixed results).

        A lovely golden brown colour (with reassuring 'cooking' or scorch type marks), they are dusted with a thin coating of flavour. You can smell the mixture of chilli (jalapeno) and sour cream.

        As one tiptoes its way into my mouth, I'm pleasantly surprised for a couple of reasons:
        1. You can actually taste the jalapeno, the 'baked' flavour, AND the sour cream (rather than the chilli overpowering the other flavourings).
        2. They are very mildly spiced so I do not end up with my chatter muscle on fire (I'm not really one for spicy food!).

        Although there is definitely the jalapeno spice lurking, the sweetness & coolness of the sour cream flavouring counterbalances it perfectly. Neither flavouring is too much, which incidentally allows the taste of the actual chip itself to come through.

        The texture of the tortillas is just right for me; enough crunch & thickness without too many rough lumps when chewed.
        These are thick enough to drag through a liquid or dip of almost any viscosity, without snapping in two and leaving you with rather messy fingers; and the added embarrassment of a possible shark sighting in your pot of dip.

        Per 35g serving:

        Calories - 171
        Sugar - 0.6g
        Fat - 8.8g
        Of which saturates - 0.8g
        Salt - 0.2g

        The ingredients are pretty standard, but this product does contain milk and wheat.
        It is however "Free From Artificial Colours, Free From Artificial Flavours, Free From MSG (yay!), Suitable for Vegetarians".

        **Corny Conclusion**

        I bought these on the off-chance that they wouldn't be too hot for me, and they are now my favourite (flavoured) tortilla chips.
        These are great to eat by themselves or with accompaniment.

        I wouldn't recommend these for those who like a reasonable amount of spice to their food - these seem to be more about the combination of flavours, rather than how spicy they can be.

        I can't quite give these 5 stars, because I feel at their regular selling price, they are somewhat on the expensive side for 140g of crisps. It is also far too easy to get through a bag quickly (and one bag wouldn't go very far if you had guests round)!
        However, when on offer I think the value for money is more acceptable... thus I just squirrel them away until the next batch of offers come round!


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