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Planet Lunch Bread Bites Cheese

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Brand: Pepsico / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2009 20:48
      Very helpful



      hoorah a little something different I can pack in those lunch boxes

      In the days before I actually had to make packed lunches for my children, I fondly imagined that I would send them off to school with lots of tasty morsels, maybe a homemade biscuit or two, and some healthy snack. In reality a ham sandwich and half a packet of crisps (if I give them the whole pack that's all they eat) and some token fruit (normally left uneaten) is as exciting as it gets.

      I was, therefore, rather over-excited when I spotted the new "Planet Lunch" range of snacks during a typically fraught Sainsbury's trip, on promotion. Planet Lunch is a new range of healthy snacks, aimed specifically at the Primary School lunch market, but which, from my experience, have proved to be pretty tasty for the whole family.

      The snacks come in a cardboard box with a strange looking monster picture on them, presumably to appeal to children, and you get 4 vacuum sealed little packets of 20g each, the box I bought had an expiry date about 3 months away, and "100% Natural Ingredients" emblazoned on it.

      I looked suspiciously at the ingredients as soon as I saw the box, I've been duped by "healthy" lunch box snacks before sadly - but no, nothing sinister at all, the ingredients of this particular snack in the range, the "Bread Bites Cheese" being suprisingly normal - wheat, cheese flavour (made up of non-weird things) and a small amount of sugar, salt, oil and carrot extract. So far so good.

      So would the cheese bites taste ok - and more importantly would they actually eat them?

      Well I have to report that the snacks are a resounding success with the kids. On opening the top of the packet - which has been cleverly designed so small people can manage it, the snacks were revealed in all their glory. For 20g you actually get quite a lot - they are like little mini bruschetta, and quite brown in colour, just bite size. I was worried they would have a vile cheesy crisp smell, but no, nothing too overpowering. They are quite crunchy but not too hard; they look a bit like very thin slices of holey toasted bread.

      We shared the first packet we had around on the way home from the ubiquitous school run, after checking for allergies as you have to these days, and everyone seemed to like them. I ate a few myself and they were actually rather nice and moreish. Healthy maybe, but still tasty.

      At only 0.18g salt I would rather my kids had these than crisps, and though I am not very sure where the "source of fibre" claims on the packet come in, I'm pretty happy to include these in their lunch boxes.

      The rest of the range contains a garlic bread version of these snacks, which we have yet to try, and also squeezable fruit and bread sticks with dip and fruit and oat bites. It would appear that Pepsico have launched this range specifically to cater to the new focus on healthy lunch boxes - my school has a rather laissez-faire attitude to packed lunches, but I know from talking to friends that in some schools the contents of children's lunches are closely monitored. These snacks would surely escape criticism in the most draconian of canteens, whilst being enough like a crisp to be enjoyed by children.

      Having enjoyed this product from the range I am happy to recommend it, and will be trying the rest of the items on offer over the next few weeks. My husband seems to have decided that they are rather nice too and a couple of packets have made their way into work with him too.
      I still reserve the right to send in an uninspired lunch box on days that my children don't have "hot school dinners", but on days that I have to pack a lunch these little bites are a great standby, and currently at a little over 25p a packet they are pretty good value too. Excellent for kids, and you might like them too!

      More info: www.planetlunch.co.uk

      Packets currently on promotion for £1.14 for 4, available at Sainsbury's.


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