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Pringles Gourmet

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Brand: Procter & Gamble / Type: Crisps

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2008 02:16
      Very helpful



      Not for people who dont like sweetish crisps

      I love crispy delights! I don't mind who they by or what flavour really I will scoff them anyway!

      I noticed these on offer in my local Sainsbury's and hadn't seen them before so I purchased them in the Sea Salt & Black Pepper variety as in my household my Stepdad adores pepper and my Mother loves salt on everything and I love salt and pepper so all bases are covered.

      However Stepdad and Mother don't like them at all. They find them 'boring'. Me I'm quite happy to devour the lot as I'm sat here doing now!

      The Packaging....

      120g recyable tube suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. The out side of the tube is dark purple and has a photo of a crisp on the front and salt and pepper on it with yellow 'Pringle' branding on it. The inside of the tube is silver and like a tin foil effect. The lid on the top is silver tin foil saying Pringle all over it and that's designed for added freshness I assume. On the top of that a plastic lid pushes on. On the back of the tube is the list of ingredients, Nutritional values (I'm too scared to read that at the moment lol) and a helpline number which is free.

      The Appearance Of The Crisp...

      Crisps come in the usual 'stack' Pale yellow in colour and covered in brown pepper. I cant see the salt which is probably heathier, funny that as I'm eating crisps lol


      I like these. I don't love em though. They are full of flavour and that flavour is very rich and strong. I can equally taste the salt and pepper. They are a step up from Walkers plain crisps and the like. I do agree on the labelling saying Gourmet. They are incredibly crunchy rather than crispy and are deanser in texture than alot of other crisps with more bite to them. They are not flaky so not too messy

      In the tube they look quite dry opposed to greasy but eating a few of these has made my hands very greasy indeed!
      They are something that is true in advertising. Once you pop you can't stop, and this statement is true of these.

      However I am slowed down some what cos half a tube in they do start to taste really sweet (not a sugary sweet but a fake sugar sweet like diabetics have) and of course the salt and pepper do make you really thirsty! Eat to many of these I personally start to feel really sick. The first few are fine but then the sweetness becomes to much for me!

      The key to success of eating this snack is don't be greedy. less is more and do share them and you'll be fine!

      This particular flavour is definetly a grown up snack I doubt children would like the taste of these so least you can have something for yourself for once!

      Nutritional Values (Oh dear!)..... Per 100g

      Energy 511 Kcal
      Protein 4.9g
      Carbohydrate 51g
      of which is sugars 21g
      Fat 31g
      Of which is saturates 9g
      Fibre 3.8g
      Sodium 1.0gm

      I bought mine for £1.29 in Sainsbury's.


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        18.07.2006 15:15
        Very helpful



        Garlic with a hint of prawn

        Pringles have followed in the footsteps of Walkers and McCoys and gone all-posh on us. They recently released the Aromas range and now they have a gourmet one. I spotted them in Sainsburys and since they were on offer (3 for 99 pence rather than 55 pence each) I thought I would purchase some for a Trivial Pursuit evening we were going to recently.

        Pringles Gourmet come in t(o my knowledge) four flavours steak and caramelised onions, chilli and lemongrass, salt and black pepper and the ones I am reviewing today Tiger Prawn and Crushed Garlic. I have only seen them in Sainsburys in the 45-gram tubes so far. I fancied the Tiger prawn ones as I quite like prawn cocktail crisps and wondered how well the garlic and prawn would combine.

        I pop the tube and see a stack of good old Pringles. I then stick my nose in to see what kind of an aroma they give off. I am not sure I can smell either garlic or prawn. Instead I detect a faint whiff of vegetable oil with perhaps a hint of spice I bring one of the curved discs of reconstituted potatoes to my nose. They look evenly coloured and golden. Why are Pringles so addictive? Still I can not detect any strong scents. I really need to dive in and use my taste buds to evaluate these crisps. They have the same texture as the normal Pringles. I like the crunchiness of them. At first I can not taste much then I get quite a strong (but not overpowering taste of garlic. (Although I am sure I had just a little sliver of garlic after chewing the crisp for a couple of seconds). It tastes a little of that garlic puree you get in the tubes. The prawn is there but it is very much in the background. These are nothing like prawn cocktail crisps at all. The prawn flavouring is far more subtle and natural than the strong taste of prawn cocktail. The garlic is nice but I think I would like to see the prawn with something like lemongrass or lime. I think that would work well and make a really good scented crisp. I think these Pringles work well on their own as a snack. I think they might be nice with a chilli dipping sauce or perhaps a salsa. The crisps leave a faint powdery trace on your finger but the smell is not overpowering and does not linger.

        Vegetarians will be glad to know that these are suitable for them, as the prawn flavouring does not actually contain any prawns. Vampires beware there is garlic powder in it. The crisps also contain whey so are not suitable for those with lactose intolerance or vegans. For those that really must know a tube of these is not good for them as they are 30% fat and have over 200 calories in a 45 gram tub.

        I quite liked these crisps as they tasted quite natural but they would not be my first choice of flavour in this range as I preferred the salt and black pepper ones.

        Update. I have seen 200 gtam tubes (which are shrtoer than the ones for other ranges) in Asda for £1.38 so posh Pringles are more expensive than norrmal ones


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