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Pringles Select Italian Cheese & Garlic

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Brand: Procter & Gamble / Type: Crisps

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    1 Review
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      14.11.2009 12:34
      Very helpful



      Pringles try to enhance their range and fail miserably

      When it comes to crisps there was always one name that I associated with a decent quality product, until just recently. I'd never tried any of the Pringles Select flavours but having been a big fan of just about every flavour of normal Pringles I didn't think they'd be too bad. So we bought ourselves a bag of Pringle Select Italian Cheese with a hint of garlic to have with lunch last weekend. Despite having never tried any of this range we felt safe in the knowledge that they were made by Pringles and that the chances were they'd be a good accompaniment to lunch.

      Rather than coming in the distinctive and now synonymous Pringle tube, they come in a purple and light green bag. Even the shape of the crisps is totally different to the normal Pringle design with these looking like more traditional crisps. They are far smaller than the normal Pringles and have a number of little bobbles and slight bumps over the crisp. Anyway I'm getting ahead of myself, first things first I had to open the bag and straight away you are hit with a rather overwhelming scent of what I can only describe as almost stale cheese.

      Now when it comes to cheese I am rather partial to a bit of smelly cheese, but the scent emanating from this bag was terrible. It doesn't really smell like cheese and although that isn't always a necessity with crisp flavours these seem to be so far removed from their intended flavour that the aroma almost makes you feel ill if you have them in front of you for too long. This was a major surprise for me as I'd never had this reaction to a crisp flavour before, let alone one from a company with a high quality pedigree like Pringles.

      With the smell in front of me becoming steadily more unbearable I thought it was probably best to try one, after all surely they couldn't taste as bad as they smell. I was proven right on that they actually tasted far worse than the smell emanating from them. At first the texture of the crisp isn't too bad, but as the flavours start to fill your mouth they start to overwhelm a little too much. There was a hint of cheese ion the flavouring but it was masked by a taste that I just couldn't identify. Whilst the flavour is meant to be Italian Cheese with a hint of Garlic all I could sense between the bitter waves of flavour was a slight hint of cheese and no garlic.

      What was worse though was the after taste. I've never had a crisp that's left such an unsavoury taste in my mouth before. The best way I could think to describe it would probably be to liken it to the taste you get after being sick. It really isn't pleasant and really sums up this flavour for me. there is nothing appealing about it at all. The usual addictive quality of Pringles isn't there and I can only manage to eat 4 or 5 crisps at a time, which whilst great for my diet means that the bag doesn't seem to be getting any less full after almost a week.

      While they may have the Pringles name on the front I have to be honest and say this doesn't live up to the quality of their other products. When we picked them up the flavour sounded quite appealing but the combination of smell, taste and after taste quickly put me off the idea of ever having these again in the future. When you consider these would set you back £1.44 in Tesco's the quality of this flavour simply doesn't live up to this price tag. Of course I am yet to try the other flavours in this range and I hope that they will be far better but Pringles Select Italian Cheese with a hint of Garlic fail on every level and I won't be buying them again, let alone recommending them to anyone.

      Per 100g
      Energy 2117kJ
      Protein 5.2g
      Carbohydrate 55g
      of which sugars 2.8g
      Fat 28g
      of which saturates 7.0g
      Fibre 3.4g
      Sodium 0.68g (680mg)


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