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Pringles Xtreme Smokin Ribs

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Brand: Procter & Gamble / Type: Crisps

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    7 Reviews
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      07.11.2011 09:42
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      A flavoursome snack; but too pricey if at normal price

      I have liked Pringles ever since they first came out. There is now a wide variety of flavours available including Original, Salt & Vinegar, Sour cream & Onion, Paprika and Kebab! There are many more flavours including other 'Extreme' flavour Pringles

      I was surprised to learn that Pringles brand crisps were originally sold in the USA in 1968!

      Pringles are a combination of Potato, Wheat starch and flours (corn, starch, potato). They come in long tubes and the one I have contains 175g. I had never tried these Extreme flavours before and I like hot and spicy foods so I thought I would give these a go. I was pleasantly surprised. They are certainly full of flavour, but are not over spicy for me. My daughter thinks they are too spicy, but as she is not a lover of spicy food this didn't surprise me. At the same time as buying this, I also bought her favourite flavour Sour cream & Onion. The smoking Ribs flavour come in a Purple coloured tube, with a Neon type sign printed on the packaging that says 'take away smoking ribs'. There is a picture of a rack of Ribs on the tube and a sort of hotmometer!! It basically gives you guidance as to the hotness of the product. The range is from one flame, then 2 flames, then a big flame and finally a picture of a fire extinguisher! I thought this was quite amusing. Smokin Ribs flavour is given a 2 flames rating.

      As I said these Pringles are not too spicy, but they do have a lovely flavour; it actually reminds me a bit of the BBQ flavour, but with a bit more spiciness. I was really hungry when I got these, so I opened them on the bus on the way home! They were so nice and Moorish that I ate about a third of the tube!! Its supposed to be a sharing tube, and I guess it could be shared by about 4 people; of course it all depends how much you eat!! My son really likes this flavour, so its basically me and him who are sharing the tube.


      Dehydrated potatoes, Vegetable oil, Rice Flour, Wheat starch, (gluten free), Smokin ribs flavour contains flavour enhancer; monosodium glutomate, acidity regulator (sodium diacetate, pork powder, flavourings, Sugar, Yeast powder, Onion powder, Soy sauce powder, Garlic powder, Food acid, Malic acid, Colour; Paprika extract, Lactose, Milk proteins, Maltodextrin, Emulsifier ; E471, Salt.


      25g of the product contains 129 kcals

      Pringles (175g size) are currently on special offer at Sainsburys priced at a £1.00; personally I think the usual price is far too expensive which is around £2.49. I would not buy these Pringles at that price. Its 4 stars from me.


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        21.02.2010 16:16



        Good treat for parties or as a post-essay reward =]

        I bought this yesterday and it was on promotion in Tesco where it is sold 99p each. It weighs 150g and well concerning this flavour of crisps and the weight 99p is not too bad =]

        Firstly, I must say that part of the purchase decision is due to its wonderful and youthful packaging. It features something typical of bar streets in the US and the plate of ribs looks quite lovely.

        Secondly, it is definitely tasty - smoky, tastes really like ribs and a bit powdery. It also tastes a bit sour, but well I like it or otherwise it may start to taste dull. I basically ate all crisps of the carton literally within 30 minutes, even after I had my dinner which was enough to fit a full bento box, so you can imagine how tasty the crisps are! And well...it does not taste too greasy....

        Finally, I do not think it is spicy at all compared with the 2-fireballs-icon in the packaging, so I reckon that you can still eat them even with a sore throat perhaps!:P


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        22.01.2010 17:01
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        These were on offer at Asda when they first launched about 6 months ago for 74p. I believe the right price of these is the standard £2 that Pringles seem to sell for.

        These Pringles are part of the newest range. There is the original Pringles, the Rice Infusions and the Xtreme ones. I think the Xtreme ones jare meant to have more flavour in them, and they do as they are choc full of taste.

        The 170g Crisps come in the standard tube. They aren't the nice pastal colour that the other normal Pringles have, these look sort of mean and look the Business. The Crisps are the same texture and shape as the other ones, which are thin but crispy.

        These taste pretty Meaty and a bit BBQ like. They seem pretty Saucy and that's why I like them. They are very tasty and I'm not sure the taste would be for everyone, but i'm sure there is a flavour in the range for everyone. They aren't spicy or that, and just really smokey and tasty.

        HIghly recommended by me, and the wife, but perhaps a bit strong for some people. The nicest of the new range in my view.


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          21.01.2010 14:16
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          I could eat these again and again... (and again!)

          Pringles are one of the UK's best loved party foods and snacks. There's a flavour for pretty much everyone.
          Pringles now come in a variety of different sizes. From the classic trademark tower tub, to smaller tubs and even lunch box packets, there's always the perfect sized Pringle for the occasion.

          The thing I love the most about Pringles is the shape. The very unique curved shape which makes it so tempting to place on your tongue and devour the thing whole - and I'm sure every one of us has done it!

          I first tried this flavour yesterday. Laid up in hospital, being fed the dreaded hospital food, I ventured to the hospital shop where I found these on a BOGOF offer, priced at £1.99. Extremely steep in price and I wouldn't have got them if it weren't for the special offer.
          Part of the "extreme" range, these Pringles have a very meaty flavour. I find with other crisps and snacks that are "meat" flavoured, is you just get a hint of what it's supposed to taste like.
          Not with these.
          You can actually see the flavouring coating the Pringle in a thick blanket and I feel these are very manly crisps.

          Yet these crisps have the classic, unique flavouring that only Pringles can seem to produce.

          A 25g portion will set you back 129 calories, not exactly fantastic for your health, but tempting all the same.


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            07.10.2009 21:17
            Very helpful



            The smoky bacon version of Pringles!

            Being a massive fan of crisps as you can imagine I love pringles so when I seen the new range of Xtreme flavours I had to try at least one of them. I picked up the Xtreme Smokin Ribs flavour first, you see my logical thought was 'well if I like the Bbq flavoured pringles these being 'xtreme' are bound to be immense.

            They come in the typical pringles cylinder tub, standing tall and proud with the plastic flip off lid. The tub is black in colour with a deep purple X spread out at the front of it. Pringles Xtreme, takeaway Smokin ribs it tells us with a picture of a smokin rack of ribs next to it .. mouthwatering. Theres an xtreme heat o meter at the bottom too indigating the heat of these and luckily these were one from the bottom as I can't cope with spicy spicy hotness. Too hot tooo spicy you see!

            Flipping open the lid and peeling back the film I couldn't wait to tuck in but instead of being met by the sweet bbq aroma I'd grew to love from pringles I was met instead by a tangy, smoky bacon sort of scent. Now I don't mind the odd bag of smoky bacon crisps, especially in a buttered butty but this wasn't what I'd imagined from Ribs flavoured crisps.

            They were the same shape as any other pringles being a curvacious oval so they stack neatly upon one another but they seemed alot thinner than the original pringles I'm so fond of. To me there was nothin 'smokin' about them. They were just like smokey bacon crisps with a sweet tangyness to them. I was expecting them to taste just like the Pringles BBQ flavour but stronger and tastier but for me they were nothing like them.

            If you do plan on buying these expecting them to taste like the BBQ flavoured pringles you will be disapointed in my opinion, however if you do like smokey bacon crisps these are basically the Pringles version, a classy smoky bacon crisp which does hold alot of flavour which is to be expected - but for me they don't taste like ribs!

            100g of this 150g tube contains;
            515 calories
            32g fat
            7g saturates


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              20.09.2009 11:41
              Very helpful



              I'll stick to the original flavours

              I bought a tube of these Pringles Xtreme crisps from Wilkinson, for £1 recently. I wasn't looking for them, more an impulse buy as it was a range of Pringles flavours I'd not met before (and I consider myself a bit of a Pringles expert!!).

              The tube is attractive black and purple with an American diner style sign that gives the flavour, in this case 'Take Away Smokin' Ribs'. If any of you have read my restaurant reviews you'll know one of my favourite meals is a good rack off BBQ ribs. But surely they can't recreate all that gorgeous flavour in a crisp can they?

              Basically, no they can't. Or rather, if they can they didn't with these Pringles. That's not to say they aren't tasty. Xtreme Flavour? Well yes, they do have a very strong slightly sweet barbecue taste, very similar to the Pringles barbecue flavour, just stronger. Nothing different that brings in the taste of the ribs though, but tasty none the less.

              I think these were on offer in Wilkinson, I don't know how they differ in price to regular Pringles varieties, but I wouldn't pay extra for the 'xtreme' flavours.

              Generally you think as crisps as having very high salt content as I was surprised at how reatively low this was in these crisps. Recommended serving of 25g (but lets face it you'll eat more than that) contains 0.2g salt and a whole 100g only has 0.8g. Bad news on the other stats though, 100g also contains 515 calories and 36g fat, 10g of which is saturated.

              Overall, a tasty crisp, but nothing that new or special.


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                15.09.2009 12:54
                Very helpful



                Pringles Smokin' Ribs

                Every Saturday I take Grandma (she's 97) shopping at her local Morrisons. Lately, after not eating them for years, she's decided to buy crisps again and whilst slinging a multipack of Walkers Cheese 'n' Onion into the trolley for her I noticed some Pringles Extreme on the shelf which I hadn't seen before. The Smokin' Ribs flavour caught my attention so into the trolley a tube went.


                Pringles stand out a bit more than most of the other crisps on the market as they are packaged in a tube rather than the bags or packets that the majority of other crisps are in. This particular tube is predominantly black in colour with a big purple "X" on the front along with the Pringles logo and the name of the flavour. The tube contains 150g of crisps. The tube has a plastic lid on the top with a paper covering underneath. The back of the tube tells us that the crisps are packed in a protective atmosphere.
                The back of the tube contains the ingredients and nutritional information in various languages, contact numbers for various countries and the website address:-


                Nutritional Information per 25g serving {per 100g in brackets}

                Energy kJ: 537kJ {2149kJ}
                kcal: 129kcal {515kcal}
                Protein: 1.1g {4.5g}
                Carbohydrate: 13g {52g}
                of which sugars: 0.87g {3.5g}
                Fat: 8g {32g}
                (of which saturates): 1.5g {7g}
                Fibre: 0.61g {2.5g}
                Sodium: 0.21g {0.82g}

                There is no allergy advice listed for this product.


                Dehydrated Potatoes, Vegetable Oil, Rice Flour, Wheat Starch, Smokin' Ribs Flavour (flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, acidity regulator: sodium diacetate, pork powder, flavourings, sugar, yeast powder, onion powder, soy sauce powder, garlic powder, malic acid, colour: paprika extract, lactose, milk proteins), Maltodextrin, Emulsifier: E471, Salt.


                At the time of writing Morrisons are charging 77p for a tube of these.

                Taste & Opinion:

                On opening the tube there's a strong aroma which smells similar to other bacon / barbecue crisps on the market. Of course, we all know that this is an artificial smell but it's still enough to get those taste buds tingling with the thought of sinking your teeth into these crisps.

                The crisps themselves are exactly the same in texture and consistency as the rest of the Pringles range. They're thin, crunchy and you always find a load of bits at the bottom of the tube that have broken off either during the production process or when the tube has been in transit. Presumably this is because the crisps themselves are more brittle than most of the others on the market rather than the fact that they come in a tube.
                Like the rest of the range some of the flavouring will rub off onto your hands whilst eating so it's best to have something handy to wash with / wipe your hands on after eating.

                Tastewise, they are heavenly. There's obviously a number of ingredients listed as making up the Smokin' Ribs flavour but all of these combine to create a slightly sweet, barbecue, smoky baconish type of taste. None of the ingredients listed is dominant so you wouldn't taste these and think "these are really overpowering on the soy sauce front" or "they've used far too much onion powder in these".

                I'm a bit mystified about the Extreme name. This flavour isn't any more of an "extreme" taste than any others on the market. It's got a great taste and it's moreish but it's not something you're going to taste and think "Wow! That's one of the best crisps I've ever had". Likewise it's not "extreme" in the sense of being hot. You're not going to eat these and think that they're very hot or very spicy because they're not. In fact the Monster Munch Flamin' Hot flavour is more hot / spicy than these are.

                But, as I said these have a slightly sweet edge to them and really are very moreish. It'd be no problem at all to finish off the entire tube in one go, but, given that they're 32% fat that wouldn't be such a great idea unless you were trying to put weight on. If you're the sort of person who likes bacon / barbecue flavoured things and haven't tried these yet, give them a whirl.....

                Crisps ranked in order of fat content:-

                01) Golden Wonder Nik Naks (Rib 'n' Saucy Flavour): 38.3%
                02) Frisps (Ready Salted Flavour): 35.1%
                03) Walker (Ready Salted): 34.1%
                04) Frisps (Cheese 'n' Onion Flavour): 34.0%
                05) Frisps (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 33.9%

                06) Walkers (Salt and Vinegar Flavour): 33.1%
                07=) Walkers (Cheese and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
                07=) Walkers (Steak and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
                09=) Walkers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 32.7%
                09=) Walkers (Roast Chicken Flavour): 32.7%

                09=) Walkers (Worcester Sauce Flavour): 32.7%
                12=) Walkers (BBQ Rib): 32.6%
                12=) Walkers (Smoky Bacon Flavour): 32.6%
                14=) Pringles Extreme (Smokin' Ribs Flavour): 32.0%
                14=) Pringles (Hot & Spicy Flavour): 32.0%

                16) Quavers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 31.0%
                17) McCoys (Flame Grilled Steak Flavour): 30.7%
                18) McCoys (Roast Ham and Mustard Flavour): 30.6%
                19) McCoys (Thai Sweet Chicken Flavour): 30.3%
                20=) Quavers (Cheese Flavour): 30.0%

                20=) Quavers (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 30/0%
                22) KP Discos (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 29.6%
                23) KP Skips (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 29.5%
                24) Hula Hoops (Roast Chicken Flavour): 28.6g
                25) Hula Hoops (Barbecue Beef Flavour): 28.5g

                26 Hula Hoops (Original Flavour): 28.4g
                27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Crispy Bacon flavour): 25.1%
                27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Worcester Sauce flavour): 25.1%
                29=) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Spicy Tomato flavour): 25.0%
                29=) Monster Munch (Pickled Onion Flavour): 25.0%

                31=) Smith's Chipsticks: 23.0%
                31=) Smith's Frazzles: 23.0%
                33) Space Raiders: 22.8%
                34) Red Sky (Anglesey Sea Salt flavour): 21.8%
                35) Red Sky (West Country Bacon & Cream Cheese flavour): 20.9%

                36) Sainsbury's Bacon Crispies (20.6%)
                37) Walkers Squares (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 18.0%
                38) Walkers French Fries (Ready Salted / Cheese and Onion / Salt and Vinegar flavours): 16.0%
                39) Walker Baked (Sour Cream and Chive flavour): 8.7%
                40) Walkers Baked (Bacon and Cheddar flavour): 8.5%

                41) Walkers Baked (Cheese and Onion flavour): 8.3%
                42) Walkers Baked (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 8.1%
                43) Ryvita Limbos (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 1.9%


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