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Quaker Original Oat Bars with Golden Syrup

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Brand: Quaker / type: Cereal bar

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    5 Reviews
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      12.09.2011 22:14
      Very helpful
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      Like a flapjack but healthier!

      I like to buy cereal bars, but never eat them for breakfast! I always eat them as a snack or with lunch!

      I like oats, and I like quaker so when I saw the quaker oat bars on sale I wanted to give them a go as I try to avoid wheat gluten and oats are good at releasing energy steadily.

      This cereal bar is of course made my Quaker and the oats are all held together with golden syrup. They are really tasty and not too sticky.

      Each bar is 38g comes in a box of 5 bars and they look like the quaker oats porridge boxes a field of grain with a blue sky with the quaker oats logo on the front. On the back of the bar is some information about quaker oats.

      The bar really tastes of oats and golden syrup, but to me it doesn't taste like the lyons golden syrup and tastes more like honey, but still is yummy! it is very chewy, but not overally exciting. I like the energy they give me and feel more healthy than other cereal bars.

      It is well known that oats help lower cholesterol and it points this out on the box too.

      You can pick up a box for £1.57 in waitrose, i'm yet to see them in sainsburys/Tesco but have found them in Morrisons for 2 for £2.

      The nutritional information in each bar is:

      139 Calories
      6.3g sugars
      3.6g Fat
      3.0g Fibre

      This nutrition is about on par with the well loved nutri grain bar.

      I love these little oaty bars, they are great for people avoid wheat gluten and prefer oats! They are a slow release energy food and a tasty treat!


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        03.03.2010 18:23
        Very helpful




        I've never been a big fan of breakfasts, I would rather have the extra half hour in bed and get something on the way to work. This is my current favourite at the moment.

        They're made by Quaker Oats, the giant in the world of all things Oaty/Breakfasty, having been producing since 1899 as i've just learned from the packet. They are essentially just Oats, bound together with golden syrup. Having just written that it doesnt sound too tasty, but I promise you they are!


        They can be bought as individual 38 gram snack bars, or in multipacks or 5 bars. Both the individual wrappers, and the boxes in the case of the multipacks come with a very similar design, featuring the famous and instantly recognisable Quaker Oats logo. The packaging also displays a farmers field on a beautiful blue sky day where you can see a combine harvester processing the oats. On the back of the back theres some nuggets of information about how good oats are for you, and who Quaker oats are.


        When you unwrap the bar, you can instantly smell the sweet golden syrup. Biting into the bar, you can really taste the oats, and the combination of the oats and syrup make for a chewy affair. They're a fairly plain and simple taste, given the 2 main ingredients, and I find them surprisingly filling - after finishing i'm ready to start my working day!


        On the box they're advertised as "Natures way to lower cholesterol", well I dont know if thats true, but heres the facts and figures on what you're putting into your body per bar:

        139 Calories
        2.7g Protein
        24.5g Carbohydrate (6.3g of which sugars)
        3.6g Fat (1.0g of which is saturated)
        3.0g Fibre


        At most supermarkets expect to pay around a pound for a five bar multipack, which I dont think is too bad compared to some other breakfast bars such as Aplen or Go-ahead bars. Supermarkets often have these boxes on 2 for £1.50 too so even better value! I've seen individual bars on sale around the 35p mark.


        All in all a simple yet effective addition to the breakfast bar market. A way to fill yourself with good healthy oats while not compromising on taste. I have these almost every morning now and sometimes also as a snack when i'm feeling a little hungry. I'd definately recommend potential buyers give them a go!


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          24.01.2010 19:52
          Very helpful



          Well priced cereal bar from a reputable company.

          **Review of Quaker Oat Bars**

          'Quaker' is a well known brand, synonymous with porridge oats and other wholesome products, so I was delighted to spot a box of Quaker Oat Bars in my local supermarket. As a family, we enjoy porridge oats and most things oaty, so these had to be placed in our trolley!

          The box contained 5 golden syrup flavoured individually wrapped oat bars. The packaging was bright and cheerful, a curious blend of old and modern styles, at the top left corner, a picture of the well loved, white haired gentleman who appears on all Quaker branded products.

          Dietary advice and ingredient information is listed on one side, with Quaker contacts, storage advice and info re other products in the range were to be found on the side of the pack. Each bar, as I have stated was individually wrapped in a foil type wrapper.

          **Taste, texture and appearance**

          On finally struggling to open the rather tough foil wrapper, your nostrils are filled with a lovely sweet, syrupy scent, the solidly packed bar is on the small side, approx 3 ½ by 1 ¾ inches and weigh 38g. It consists of densely compressed oats with a syrup coating and looks very oaty and wholesome.

          The colour is as one might expect, porridge-y! The syrup is, sadly, barely detectable to the taste buds, but at least this means the bar itself is not sticky or sickly! The taste is bland, semi-sweet and whilst not unpleasant, nothing to write home about.

          There was no discernable after taste. The texture of the bar is a little disappointing, I had expected a slightly chewy mouthful, instead I got a hard to chew, solid mass of what I can only describe as hard, cold porridge! The bar does leave you with a mouthful of oats which seems to take forever to get rid of!! Quaker Oat bars are filling, you certainly feel as if you have had something to eat after consuming, unlike other cereal bars I have sampled!

          **Cost, Availability, Ingredients and Nutritional info**

          I paid £1.25 for a box of 5 bars, at 25p each I do not consider this to be extravagant. The bars are available in most supermarkets and I have seen them in the sweet section of my local garage, priced at 35p each. Quaker also produce this bar in a fruit version (mixed berry), which is priced at the same as the syrup one that this review refers to.

          The main ingredients are Toasted rolled oats (60%), Prebiotic, oat bran, wheat, maize and malted wheat flour, 3% golden syrup, golden syrup flavouring.

          These bars are better than average for salt content, having just 0.01 sodium per 38g bar. Calories are 139 with 24.5g of carbohydrate, 3.3g fats, 3.0g fibre in each bar, so probably not a good option for dieters or carb counting consumers!
          The bars are suitable for vegetarians and nut allergy sufferers, other allergy advice can be found on the website.

          **Company contacts**

          Consumer Services Department,
          Quaker Oats Limited,
          FREEPOST NAT21737,
          PO Box 7757,
          LE4 8YZ.

          **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

          Quaker Oat bars are simple, pleasant and reasonably priced. I was a little disappointed in the texture of the bars however not enough to put me off buying them again. The bars would make a very acceptable addition to a lunch box for either children or adults or a breakfast 'on the go' bar. I feel that Quaker are trying to capture a corner of the modern cereal market with these bars and although they are not wonderful, they are certainly worth trying. I would recommend them to others with the proviso that you need strong jaws!!!

          Thank you for reading.

          © brittle1906 January 2010


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            22.08.2008 23:04
            Very helpful



            A great snack to keep my blood sugar up

            I have recently started wok as a merchandiser and as such I work 5 - 6 hour shifts filling the hair and beauty and make up sections and generally keeping them tidy and clean.

            I don't usually take a break, apart from popping to the toilet, partly because there isn't time and partly because eating a meal and then bending and stretching wouldn't really do me any good.

            As I have Type 2 Diabetes I need to be a little bit careful not to let my blood sugar drop too much so I usually have a couple of cereal bars in my bag to keep me going until I get home.

            Lately I have been having Kellogg's Nutri Grain Bars, about which I have written reviews, but the other day I read a review by Debmercury about Quaker Oats Oat Bars with Golden Syrup Flavour - oh joy! I love the Oats So Simple Golden Syrup Flavour so these bars sounded like heaven in a box to me!

            When we were shopping in Asda I set off in search of said bars but couldn't see any on the shelves - luckily Dave, being a bit taller than I am, could see the last pack languishing at the back of the top shelf.

            It contains 5 individual bars and cost £1.01 for the box. I was impressed at the cost for a start!

            The box itself is very similar to the Oats So Simple box of the same flavour. The picture on the front shows blue skies above a field of grain - presumably oats! There is the recognisable face of the Quaker gentleman who is the logo for the Quaker Oats brand. There is also a note to tell us that oats are nature's way to lower cholesterol so that's good for me too.

            Each of the five bars inside is individually wrapped in a wrapper bearing the same picture as the one on the front of the box.

            After about two and a half hours of my shift I decided that the time was right was try my first Quaker Oat Bar. I tore open the wrapper and was greeted by a very attractive snack bar. It looked like the porridge oats but in solid form and with a golden tinge to it. There was a nice sweet oaty fragrance.

            I bit into it - obviously it was much firmer than the Kellogg's ones that I had been used to. Basically it was a chewy version of the cereal that I love so much. The bar isn't very big - about two inches by four inches and about half an inch deep so it is eaten quite quickly. Well mine certainly was anyway!

            Even though it wasn't a huge bar it satisfied the hunger pains for an hour or two. The taste was lovely but then I do like both oats and golden syrup so I was always going to be onto a winner with this one. It was rich and slightly sweet but not too much so.

            The ingredients are Toasted Rolled Quaker Oats (60%), Glucose Syrup, Golden Syrup (3%) (Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup), Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Humectant (Glycerol), Prebiotic (Oligofructose), Oat Bran, Flour (Wheat, Maize, Malted Wheat), Salt, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Molasses, Stabiliser (Isomalt), Natural Golden Syrup Flavouring and Antioxidant (Natural Tocopherol Rich Extract).

            Whilst I don't normally advocate listing the ingredients I did so on this occasion to show that there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Incidentally they are also suitable for vegetarians.

            The nutritional value per 38g bar is as follows:
            Calories 139
            Protein 2.7g
            Carbohydrate 24.5g
            Of which sugars 6.3g
            Fat 3.6g 3.6
            Of which Saturates 1g
            Fibre 3g
            Salt 0.2g

            So there you have it, a satisfying cereal bar with a reasonably low calorie count and apparently it helps to lower my cholesterol too.

            Thanks again to Debmercury - I shall be buying these on a regular basis from now on!


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              21.08.2008 10:03
              Very helpful



              Do You Like Your Oats ?

              ~ About Quaker Oats Golden Syrup Flavour Bar ~

              Fairly new to the market, I have not spotted them on my weekly shop before. Quaker Oats have been milling oats since 1899. Their mill in Cupar Scotland uses electricity from renewable energy sources, which is great because you are doing a little bit for the environment. The bar is packed with toasted rolled oats which is mixed with golden syrup.

              ~ Packaging ~


              The box has a field of oats pictured on the front and a combine harvester and also the quaker man and a round logo which says nature's way to lower cholestrol.

              Bar Packet

              Eye catching, neat and compact with a bright blue sky background to top of bar and fields of oats to the bottom. A picture of the Quaker man to left with his unusual shaped hat and white long hair. On the back of pack is the nutritional information and ingredients.

              ~ Apppearance ~

              Bar looks like a block of porridge oats before you cook them and they have all been glued together with syrup. Truthfully this bar does not look that appealing but the taste makes up for that.

              ~ Taste ~

              Tastes sweet , oaty, syrupy and chewy. Quite nice they taste like porridge with syrup on but the texture is chewy.

              ~ Shape ~

              Rectangle shape bar which is similar to most breakfast/snack bars you see in stores/supermarkets but a bit wider and shorter.

              ~ Nutritional Information ~

              Per Bar
              Energy Kcal 139
              Protein 2.7g
              Carbohydrate 24.5g
              Fat 3.6g
              Of which saturates 1.0g
              Fibre 3.0g

              Free from artificial colours and flavours and contain 20%-45% less sugar than most breakfast bars on the market.

              These Quaker bars contain 60% oats. Oats are a great source of wholegrain goodness. A bowl of porridge is just as good for you but this bar is a good substitute when you want a quick and easy breakfast or snack.

              By the time we are 35 one in two of us has high cholesterol and oats are the only wholegrain recognised to actively lower cholesterol. Oats provide soluble fibre (called beta glucan) which acts like a sponge during digestion, soaking up and removing cholesterol from the body. This can help to lower the blood cholestrerol, so eating a diet containing oats, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and a healthy lifestyle, can help to maintain a healthy heart.

              Oats are one of the most filling grains. The beneficial combination of soluble and insoluble fibre found in oats helps to fill you up for longer and keeps you regular.

              ~ My Opinion Overall ~

              I would buy these again they are handy for when you don't feel like a big breakfast or for breakfast on the go. I keep one in my handbag because I often get hungry when I'm out and about and these are a healthy tasty alternative to chocolate and cakes.

              ~ Price And Sell By ~

              These bars come in a box of five. I bought mine from Tesco for £1.26. The Quaker oat bars have a good sell by date mine was 01/2010.

              ~ Address and Website ~

              Consumer Services Department
              Quaker Oats Ltd
              FREEPOST NAT217
              LE4 8YZ


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