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Quaker Snack A Jacks 'Barbeque' Rice & Corn Snacks

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Brand: Quaker / Type: Crisps

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    5 Reviews
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      05.12.2009 14:46
      Very helpful



      I liked these

      I recently bought a load of different flavoured Snack A Jacks from Asda on a 5 packs for £2.00 offer, making them 40p per pack rather than around 48p per pack.

      I enjoy Snack A Jacks but have tended to stick to the same flavours, Prawn and Salt & Vinegar, so thought that this would be a good way of trying the other available flavours.

      A 26g pack contains 106 calories and 1.6g of fat. They are not suitable for vegetarians as they contain animal rennet. They are suitable for coeliacs.

      Opening the pack I am met with an almost bacon-like smell, but rather the smell of bacon flavouring than of real meat. The moulded rounds of puffed rice are a little bigger than a fifty pence piece.

      On taste they actually reminded me of bacon frazzles with a slight hint of barbeque. They are tasty enough but do lack filling-ness-ability, though they do seem to take the edge off my hunger. I found that there was quite a lot of the seasoning/flavouring at the bottom of the packet where it had not been evenly distributed across the rice snacks, so some of them were a bit pale in places rather than the orangey colour they flavouring gives them.

      Overall, I enjoyed these as a snack. They are still not among my top flavours but I would definitely buy them again.


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      05.08.2009 16:45
      Very helpful



      Might as well stick with plain rice cakes if you don't want taste!

      The other day in Tesco I spotted three flavours of Snack-a-Jacks which I hadn't yet tried, in a three 26g bags for £1.20 offer, so put a pack of each in the trolley - you lucky lucky dooyoo readers!

      For those who aren't in the know, these bags of snacks are mini rice cakes, and a suitable (and perhaps slightly healthier) alternative to a packet of crisps.

      ---The packaging---
      My packet is predominantly brown with a picture of the snacks on and the nutritional info, boasting only 6% fat (2% od your GDA of fat), and on the back claiming that a Designer Belt is a "Must-have" (just something Snack a Jacks do on their packets).

      ---The nutritional info---
      In a 26g pack there's 106 calories, which is more than in some of the other flavours (although this is slightly bigger than the 22g bags from multipacks that I've previously reviewed), 2.2g sugars, 1.6g fat (0.2g saturates), and 0.4g salt.

      The main ingredients are rice, maize (with germ removed - jolly good, we don't like germs!) and barbeque flavour which contains lots of weird sounding things and including lactose (so watch out if you have allergies/intolerances) and milk made with animal rennet, so unsuitable for vegans, and I'd imagine vegetarians. However, the pack is suitable for coeliacs. If people have issues with food then I would expect that they should be checking their food themselves before buying, but full ingredients can be found here - http://www.snackajacks.co.uk/products/snacks-barbecue.aspx

      ---The eating experience---
      It's snack time....on opening the packet the snacks are quite yellow in colour with a slight orange tinge. I have to say that there's not really much of a barbeque smell.

      First mini rice cake (they're about 1.5 inches in diameter and unsurprisingly look like mini rice cakes), and I'd have to say it's pretty bland in taste. Second one, and I can just make out a slight barbeque taste if I concentrate. There were 17 snacks in my pack in total (for review purposes I counted them using a tally chart).

      The snacks are pretty inoffensive, and I would imagine that anyone who likes rice cakes would find them edible...but that's the point, they'd find them edible even if they didn't like barbeque flavour!

      On the plus side these aren't too salty, and like the other snack a jacks, they are more filling (when calories are taken into consideration) than a packet of crisps. They have a nice crunch to them, and don't make as much mess as full sized rice cakes.

      ---Final Comments---
      I would give these barbeque snack a jacks 3 out of 5 (more like 5 out of 10 though), because they are alright as a snack, and there isn't much not to like about them (unless you dislike rice cakes, in which case I doubt you'd be stupid enough to buy them!)

      However, I don't think I can really recommend them as they really don't have much flavour at all, the barbeque taste is very very faint. If you want something barbeque flavoured you'll probably do better sticking with crisps!
      I doubt I'll be buying this flavour again.


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        22.07.2009 19:31
        Very helpful



        A good alternative to crisps, but not the best Snack A Jacks has to offer in my opinion

        Ok, so can you tell I'm on a health kick at the moment?! This is my third Snack A Jack review recently, and I fear I might be becoming something of an addict!


        Snack A Jacks Barbecue rice and corn snacks come in a maroony-brown packet, with Snack A Jacks printed clearly and boldly on the front. There are a few pictures on the front of the product, and information telling me they are 6% fat. It also has the basic nutritional information on it. This packaging is similar to the rest of their current range, and it has a nice consistent feel to it.

        The back of the packet again, consistent with other products in the range, contains more comprehensive nutritional information, the best before dates, contact information, and a "must-haves" section. This is just a little column on the left hand side of the packet, where a customer has suggested a must-have of theirs and why. Mine says "Designer belt...because if I need to tighten my belt, I might as well do it in style!" It also tells you the web address so you can suggest your own and that they "might just turn them into can-haves!"


        Per Pack (26g);

        Calories 106kcal
        Sugars 2.2g
        Fat 1.6g
        (Saturates 0.2g)
        Salt 0.4g

        Not too bad, although I was a bit shocked initially at the 106kcal! Not far off a normal bag of crisps!


        Opening, the packet, probably just a bit larger than a bag of crisps, and peering inside, I see bright burnt-orange coloured mini Snack A Jacks...pleasantly surprised, they actually look very similar to the image on the front!
        As with other products, the bag is probably half full-ish, expected, especially as the rice cakes are bigger than crisps...mind you, so is the bag!

        Looks like there is lots of "flavouring" on the Snack A Jacks, certainly more than I expected. It's a bit of an unnatural looking colour, but very similar to other barbecue crisps I've tried, so nothing that alarms me too much.

        The smell, is somewhat barbecue reminiscent, quite a nice smell, but not overwhelming, and I was a bit disappointed after being so surprised with the chocolate popcorn smell.


        The Snack A Jacks are soft, but crispy, much like ordinary rice cakes, although, obviously being mini ones, they are thinner which makes them slightly more crisp comparable.

        The taste is really quite nice, a smokey meaty flavour, although not as intense as I was expecting...though that's probably a good thing. Some of the Snack A Jack have more flavour than others, so I'd recommend maybe shaking the bag up a bit before opening it to see if that helps distribute it more evenly.


        Really, I was quite impressed with these as a savoury snack. They aren't my favourite in the range by any means, but they are good for curbing my crisp cravings mid-afternoon!
        They felt quite filling, and certainly filled a hole to tide me over until dinner.
        I'll definitely stick with these, and am considering trying them with a dip/salsa of some kind, to give them a bit of a twist.

        Overall, I'd say they are worth trying, some people might find them a little bland, and I don't think they are the best Snack A Jacks has to offer, but they have a place in my cupboard as a healthy crisp alternative and I look forward to my next packet!


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          23.02.2009 12:55
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great snack idea to keep you going and fill you up

          I am currently on the weight watchers plan so finding snacks which are going to keep me within my daily points limit is something of a continuous task with varied results. I always get hungry at work around the 10.30am mark and to have a 1-2 point snack at this point in the day seems to work well for me - so what to have?

          Well, I do try and stick to snacking on fruit but sometimes you just want something that feels a bit more substantial in your stomach so over the last year I have tried a lot of 'healthy' snacks like these snack a jacks, ryvita mini bites, seasons etc. I do think some of them verge on the cardboard consistency and give very little pleasure when eaten but this particular variety of snack a jacks is positively different.

          Coming in at 2 points per packet (based on the WW online calculator) they fit the bill in terms of calorific/fat content. I was pleasently surprised when I opened the packet to find that they smell like bbq sauce as they should rather than a nasty chemical type smell of flavourings (some of the salt and vinegar snacks are particularly bad for this I think).

          The taste is absolutely lovely, not too strong but strong enough to enjoy, for some reason it really does feel like a treat to eat, slightly sweet and slightly smoky like a good bbq sauce should be. Because of the texture of these snacks they do seem to fill you up and the bag lasts longer than a standard bag of crisps, its quite deceptive I think, because they are mostly air filled rice grains so it feels like you are eating more in weight that you get with normal crisps - but this is great motivation for my diet!

          You do get a fair amount of the flavouring coming off on your fingers but this is because they certainly are not stingy in applying it to the snacks. The smell is not so overpowering that the rest of the office will be trying to identify the source of it either.

          At the moment a couple of the supermarkets have special offers on snack a jacks where you can get 3 bags for £1 (Sainsburys) or 5 for £2 (Asda), they do seem to frequently have these on some kind of offer. It is a shame though that this flavour is as yet not available (in my supermarkets anyway) in the 6 bag multipack variety, I hope that they do eventually make it so. A standard bag on its own retails for around 44p.

          Of all the snack a jack flavours this is definitely my favourite, I am actually craving a bag now I have written this and may well have to go and hunt some down! Its great to find snacks which assist with your diet plan and these are certainly one option which, for me, make me feel like I am not being done out of a 'proper' snack.


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            21.01.2009 23:47
            Very helpful



            A healthy option but not exactly tasty and are like eating rabbit food lol

            Of late I've tried really hard to be a bit healthier in general. Although I'm not actually watching my weight (I'm a little underweight at moment to be honest with you) I am very aware that I eat too much junk food and probably one of the reasons I've felt rather lethargic of late is because I'm not feeding my body with the 'right' foods. So I've tried to eat healthier with 3 meals a day and chosen a couple of healthier snacks to satisfy that snack craving I get quite alot.

            Snack A Jacks are not something really I have taken alot of notice of over the past few years they've been on the market. Up until recently with this get healthy kick I'm on that is lol. So I bought a bag the other day as I was peckish and they were this flavour. Not exactly excited at the thought of eating them though was I, to be honest! I wanted something bad for me but went for the sensible option tut! lol

            The Packaging....

            The bag is made of foil and it's burgundy in colour on the front and white on the back. On the front I'm told they are Snack A Jacks, Less Than 10% Fat, Barbeque Flavour Crispy Rice & Corn Snacks, there's some pictures of the actual 'rice cakes' and there is an at a glance nutritional guide on the bottom right hand side of the packet. On the back I'm again told what they are, the size is stated (in my case 30g), there is a quality promise and contact details for Snack A Jacks are given and the best before date is stamped on, nutritional information is there, the recyle symbol is displayed as in the bar-code and the website adress is given (ww.snackajacks.co.uk). A nice enough packet with enough information on it to make an informed choice though I have no idea if they are vegetarian or not as it isn't stated on the packet but the fact that they're are suitable for Coeliacs is. However that doesn't worry me as I'm not allergic to anything or a veggie lol

            The Product....

            Well I opened them up and wasn't greeted by any smell really but was met by a full packet (of about 20) of what I think of as rice cakes. They look bubbly with lots of texture to them and are a light golden colour and you can see a little bit of orangy coloured powdered scattered on some of them which of course is the bbq flavouring.

            Taste wise they are crispy and light opposed to crunchy as such. Chew them up and they melt to sludge quite quickly. Not overly seasoned or sweet these, for me actually lack in flavour. As a fan of anything bbq flavoured I found these incredibly lacking in any flavour at all but a rice and corn kind of taste they did have. I even licked a couple of them to find the taste but really it was hard work and my search was pretty much in vain. These are quite plain in taste and not flavoursome enough for my taste-buds at all.

            Healthy they really are. Filling?....Well yes they actually filled a small gap in my belly. They tasted fresh and light and if you like things that aren't too heavily flavoured and actually taste sort of healthy these could be for you. They do have a healthy feel to them to be fair but me, well I wouldn't go out of my way to buy these in the flavour stakes again and to me not worth the 123 calories I took in!

            Nutritional Information...Per 30g Pack....

            Energy 123Kcal
            Protein 2.3g
            Carbohydrate 2.4g
            of which is sugars 2.6g
            Fat 1.8g
            of which is saturates 0.2g
            Fibre 0.3g
            Sodium 0.24g
            Equivalent as salt 0.61g

            I bought mine in Sainsbury's at 49p a bag but they are very widely available and in different flavours too!


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