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Quaker Snack-a-Jacks Chocolate Delights

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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      21.03.2007 16:31



      You can get your chocolate fix with this low fat snack !

      Snack a jacks are rice and corn cakes, they are called cakes but aren,t anything like a cake lol.

      They are round in shape and are 10cm wide, and are 1cm in height.

      There are 14 snack a jacks in a pack .
      i bought mine on offer from a shop called pound freeze in the west midlands they were 59p each or two for a pound.

      You can buy them from a lot of different supermarkets they are around 1.50 for a pack from asda.

      I first came across snack a jacks when i was looking for low fat foods i could snack on, but that didn,t have the fat and high calories in.

      They have 0.7g of fat in each rice cake.

      The snack a jacks i had are made by quaker and the flavour i had was chocolate and orange delights, they have milk chocolate pieces in.

      I think they are a new flavour as i have never seen them before they are chocolate and orange , you can see the chocolate chips in them on one side of the cake , they taste like terry,s chocolate orange .

      you can also taste thats its a rice cake but they have lots of flavour in them.
      The chocolate chips are lovely and there is quite a few in each cake .
      if you,ve ever tasted a terrys chocolate orange this is what they taste like .
      They are delicious.

      They have less than 5% fat
      Suitable for vegeterians
      Suitable for coeliacs.

      Thanks for reading x


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        06.12.2006 09:29
        Very helpful



        A slightly more interesting variation on the Sack-a-Jacks

        The Product

        Snack-a-Jacks Chocolate Chip delights are a relatively new addition to the Snack-a-Jacks range. They are available to buy in 210g bags, which contain 14 ‘delights’ priced at around £1.58. The pack and products are the same size as all the other Jumbo Snack-a-Jacks.

        Why I Bought Them

        I have tried several other Snack-a-Jacks varieties, and have enjoyed them all. I was looking for something to snack on, and when I saw that my local supermarket had started doing this new variety, I was keen to try them.

        The Packaging

        These Snack-a-Jacks come in a very easy-to-spot purple plastic bag with the product name, and a picture of the product on the front. The nutritional information is printed on the side of the pack, but I feel that the writing may be too small for some people to read. This outer bag is sealed with a small piece of tape, the same as on a bag of sliced bread. Inside this bag is another sealed plastic bag which needs to be torn open to get at the products inside.

        The Claims

        The back of the pack boasts, ‘Made with real milk chocolate pieces, Snack-a-Jacks Chocolate Delights are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. And with less than 10% fat, you’ll have to find other ways to be naughty.’
        Now, anything that states proudly on the packing, ‘Less than 10% fat’ always goes down in my estimations straight away, as I feel it’s a ridiculous statement to make. They say that to make people think that it’s good for you, but in reality, 10% is still a lot of fat!

        Nutritional and Allergy Info

        The nutritional content of each ‘delight’ is as follows:

        Energy - 61kcal
        Protein - 0.8g
        Carbohydrate - 12.2g
        (of which sugars) - 4.2g
        Fat - 1.0g
        (of which sugars) 0.5g
        Fibre - 0.2g
        Sodium - trace

        They are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free, so suitable for coeliacs.

        So What Are They?

        The ‘delights’ are round rice and corn cakes with milk chocolate pieces. Each one is about 10cm in diameter and 1.5cm thick. Looking at them you can see that, like all the other snack-a-Jacks, they look like polystyrene! These ones look like polystyrene that’s been very lightly coated in chocolate and sprinkled with tiny chocolate chips. I must just mention though, the chocolate chips don’t look very chocolate coloured. They look kind of like the colour that chocolate goes when it goes past it’s sell-by-date and begins to lighten.

        The Experience

        On biting into a ‘delight’, I find it crumbles very easily, and the texture and feel of it really is like you’re eating polystyrene, but then this is no different to any other Snack-a-Jacks! They don’t have a strong taste to them, tasting just very slightly of chocolate, until you bite into one of the chocolate chips and you get a lovely chocolate hit that just leaves you wanting more. The chocolate chips I find are quite evenly distributed, so there’s not loads of blandness to suffer before you get to the good bit! Overall I find they taste quite nice, but nothing special. Not too sweet, but not too boring. They’re just nice if you want a bit of a quick snack to satisfy a sweet tooth without reaching for the chocolate bars. I’ve found also that even though they’re nothing special, they are quite moreish, though that’s maybe due to the fact that they’re not very filling at all.

        The Conclusion

        I was quite pleased, but not overjoyed with these. Like I said before, they’re nice if you just want a quick snack, but they’re certainly nothing special. I’ll probably buy them again, but I won’t be rushing out to buy them as soon as they run out. I would recommend them if you like Snack-a-Jacks and want that hit of chocolate without consuming the calories of a chocolate bar. The only bad thing is that bits of them get everywhere!


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