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Rathbones Medium Sliced White Bread

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Brand: Rathbones / Type: Loaf of White Bread

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    1 Review
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      21.03.2011 07:59
      Very helpful



      A nice loaf, but could do with losing some of the rubbish in the ingredients.

      My local Morrison's had these Rathbones Medium Sliced White loaves on offer for only 60p a loaf, which was half price. I therefore bought a couple a stuck them in the freezer. I finally got to using them this week.

      The loaf comes in a blue and white plastic bag. Half the bag is clear which allows you to see the loaf and the other half has the product name and information. The front and side have the name of the loaf and then the bottom has the nutritional information. I didn't know this when I bought it, but after a bit of research, I found that Morrison's now actually own the Rathbones bakery, so in theory this is an own brand loaf of bread. Each loaf is just under 30cm long and cut into slices about 1cm thick.

      The outside of the loaf has a very light golden brown colour and looks well baked. The inside the the bread is a nice white colour and has lots of small air holes in it. There were no big air holes at all in it which in my opinion, makes it a much better loaf. As I froze this straight away, it meant that when I took it out the freezer it lasted quite a while. Even when finishing the last slice after a week it was still nice and fresh which is very good for a loaf of this price.

      I used this bread mainly for sandwiches as I don't eat much toast and I found that it made very nice sandwiches. The bread is just the right thickness to make a nice sandwich and I found that the bread does not disintegrate when spreading butter on it. I had it for toast this morning as I only had one slice left (one of the ends) and I found that despite it looking a bit thicker than the rest of the slices, it was still felt fresh and toasted nicely. Spread with a bit of butter and jam, it tasted really nice.

      Obviously as most people know, white bread is not as good for you in comparison to brown or whole grain as in when the raw flour is sieved to give white flour, some of the nutrients are lost in the grain left over. Per slice, this bread contains 79 calories, 1g of sugar and 0.3g of fat, which is quite good in my opinion. Looking at the ingredients, it does seem to contain a lot of extra rubbish which is a bit disappointing. Aside from the normal bread ingredients, it contains a lot of emulsifiers and preservatives, which in my opinion, should not be needed.

      Overall this is a nice loaf of white bread which more than met my expectations in terms of taste and longevity. If this is still on offer at this price then I will buy it again as it is really good value for money. As this bakery is now owned by Morrison's, then I assume that it will only be available in Morrison's stores, however I may be wrong.

      I am going to give this 4/5 as it is a really good loaf of bread for the price but the added preservatives and emulsifiers put me off a little.

      Thanks for reading.

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