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Real Handcooked Sea Salt Potato Crisps

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Brand: Real / Type: Crisps

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2010 16:04
      Very helpful



      Good, Honest, Real crisps - no nasties allowed

      REAL, are the makers of a range of handmade crisps. They currently have twelve flavours in its range - a couple of them have reviews posted here on dooyoo. I am going to review the sea salt flavour ones.

      Real aims are to make real crisps using real potatoes (unlike Pringles) and have real, true to life flavours.

      I purchased a multi-bag of 6 individual 25gram packets from Asda, at a cost of £1.14. Asda currently have for sale four different multi-bags each with a different flavour within. There is a roast ox and sea salt multi- bags (with 6 packets each of a single variety within), a multi-bag with classic flavours, such as sea salt, salt and vinegar, and cheddar cheese and finally a hot collection, which contains sweet chilli, jalapeno pepper, and sea salt and black pepper varieties.

      The packing is quite quirky and each flavour has, interestingly enough, a picture of a real person on the front. Their image is what the flavour is supposed to taste like. For instance, the sea salt I am reviewing has an elderly fisherman/sailor on the front. He quite reminds me of Uncle Albert in Only Fools and Horses. This is where the reference to the sea (salt) comes from.

      The packaging of the outer and the actual crisps packets are quite unusual as they are not a glossy, shiny finish, they are more subtle - they are not brash looking, more refined I would say, in a satin finish. The actual crisps packet is identical to the outer (pictured above) so you will know what to look for.

      Real state on the packet that, and I quote 'When it comes to crisps, we don't mess about. Oh no. We pick out the best potatoes and hand cook them, so the goodness stays put. No nonsense.'

      Upon opening the packet you are at once greeted by a salty aroma. I wouldn't immediately identify it as being sea salt, who can? But the fact that the grains are quite coarsely ground, leads me to believe that they are, even if I hadn't read the packaging.

      As the contents only weigh 25 grams, and these are really thick crisps, you do not get many. You get a good handful, and really that's all you need as a snack, or an addition to a sandwich for lunch isn't it?

      As I say, these are really thick, and more crunchy than crisp. They are quite a solid crisp, more like the thickness of a packet of those Max crisps you can buy, the ones in the big packets, but these are not the texture of those, these being real potato and those being a little like Pringles, but thicker.

      These are certainly noisy crisps; I wouldn't take these to the cinema, unless you wanted to be glared at. You couldn't eat these in secret either, you will sound be found out - the crunch is so loud.

      The flavour of these is subtle, the merest hint of salt. There's nothing here that would make you gasp for water, unlike some brands I could mention.

      The ingredients list is very refreshing to read - just three ingredients! Whoopee. Potatoes comes first, obviously, Sunflower oil, and sea salt brings up the rear. This is lovely to see in this day and age. Hand cooked food in almost its purest form - no additives, nothing that's not meant to be here, just good honest food.

      Each packet will set you back 122 calories, and has 7.5 grams of fat (0.95 of which are saturates). This isn't bad compared with some packets of crisps. Everything in moderation is my new motto!

      If you require any further information or would just like to peruse the website, Real can be found here. http://www.realcrisps.com/

      A lovely snack, made with real ingredients (no nasties allowed). Good honest food and I love them. I bet you will too!


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