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Red Sky Anglesey Sea Salt Crisps

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13 Reviews

Brand: Red Sky / Type: Crisps

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    13 Reviews
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      25.09.2013 14:21
      Very helpful



      Yummy and crunchy!

      Today I will tell you all about the Walkers Red Sky Anglesey Sea Salt potato crisps.

      Shopper's appeal
      I live in Germany and we don't have any Walkers crisps here - much to my sadness, because they are defenitely my favourites. When I visit the UK I load up on crisps, but supplies run out fast. ;) But to my luck there's Approved Food, where you can buy British food for very little money and have it delivered straight to your door.
      I've tried some Red Sky crisps before when I was in England, but I couldn't remember if I had tried the Anglesey ones yet. Since they were quite cheap of Approved Food, I decided to give them a go!

      The packaging
      These crisps come in a big bag that contains 150g. The bag is mainly blue, showing a beautiful sky above the outlins of farm's field with a tractor. The brand name Red Sky is written over that sky-like background in big letters. The slogan "Nature's promise of a glorious day" is set around that. The name of the crisps' flavour is stated and it is also mentioned that the product supports the Prince's Countryside Fund. On the lower right of the bag the nutritional values for a 30g portion of the crisps are stated.
      On the back of the bag, the crisps are described as tasting of the countryside. The products is set to promote the beauty of rural Britain and Red Sky supports projects like Farmer Network in Cumbria.
      It is promised that the products contains 100% natural seasonings, resulting in 100% natural taste. The sea salt that is contained in the crisps is supposed to be indeed be from Anglesey.
      Of course the ingredients and nutriotional values are listed on the bag as well.
      I really love the design of the packaging - the whole bag looks very calm and soothing.

      My experiences
      Sometimes I really like crisps that are merely salted. Here in Germany, ready salted crisps are still a novelty - we are crazy about chips with paprika taste. ;) But crisps that are only seasoned with salt bring out the potato in the taste and thuss are something completely different!
      I really, really liked these crisps. They are not too salty, but still salty enough to taste exciting. The crisps themselves are of great quality and taste like really, really good potatoes.
      My urge to nibble was satisfied by them very well. I didn't feel the need to eat the whole bag in one go as it something happens with crisps, but I really savoured them. They make a great snake and made me feel less guilty than other crisps! They aren't as fatty as some crisps are and have indeed less calories than others.
      If you don't finish the bag in one go, don't worry - the crisps stay fresh long if you roll up the bag a little!

      Nutritional values
      Energy 1982 kJ / 473 kcal
      Fat 21.8g
      - of which saturates 1.8g
      - of which mono-unsaturates 17.3g
      - of which polyunsaturates 2,8g
      Carbohydrate 59.8g
      - of which sugars 0.5g
      Fibre 5.0g
      Salt 6.5g

      The ingredients
      Anglesey Sea Salt Potato Chips
      Ingredients: Potatoes, Sunflower Oil (17%). Rapeseed Oil, Anglesey Sea Salt.
      The crisps are suitable for vegetarians.

      The price
      I paid 99p at Approved Food and there was an offer of £1.60 for two bags.
      At Waitrose they are also currently on offer for 99p.

      I really like these crisps. They are crunchy, perfectly seasoned and not too fatty. I like them and i'd buy them again!


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        31.05.2012 12:31
        Very helpful



        Tasty crisps that are great to share

        I only tried these recently after wanting something a little different to put in a sharing bowl. Being on offer at £1 always makes something taste that little bit better to me, but overall I was actually really pleased with these as they make a very tasty, crunchy potato snack.

        As I usually do when I try something new and review it, I Googled the brand to find more information. Strangely, they didn't seem to have a website, only a landing page requesting that those wanting more information write to them. So, without knowing much on the heritage or product range as a whole, all I can say is that I know of their crisps and they seem to be marketed as being more natural.

        These come in a rather funky papery bag that's FSC certified as being a mixed product from responsible resources. The design is that sunset colours for the plain salted variety, fading from blue to a reddish colour top to bottom. It stands out as being a bit different, yet understated and more natural perhaps than the plasticy, gimmicky crisps marketed more towards children. The Red Sky logo is large in the centre and the 'tag line', if you will, reads 'nature's promise of a good day'. We're also told on the front that these are made with Anglesey sea salt, with 100% natural seasoning.

        On the back, the brand tells us that they 'only use the best ingredients to bring you these beautifully crunchy potato chips which taste as good as you would expect when made with 100% natural seasonings'. The sea salt used is actually award winning, even though to me, salt is usually just salt. I do, however, like that the product seems a little more natural and I like crisps like this to be more potato than added in nasties.

        Opening the bag, you can smell the potato really well and it's a tempting sense of yumminess. The crisps look a bit like the usual ready salted varieties of things like Kettle, being slightly golden in colour and of various shapes and sizes. These don't have anything fancy about them, no ridge cut or claim for extra crunch, and I quite like that; no gimmick to sell them to us other than their natural seasoning.

        The crisps are crunchy and the texture is just right so as to be crisp but not rough. They're of moderate thickness, being more towards the thinner side of crisps whilst retaining their crunchiness well. The salt adds a nice flavour to them, bringing out their potato-ness, so I didn't find them too bland. What I also really liked was that they're not greasy and they go nicely with a drink, so they're the perfect snack crisp without feeling like they're overly unhealthy. I also didn't find as many over-cooked crisps or nasty surprises, like green crisps, as I have done in the past with Walkers unfortunately. I'd definitely like to try other flavours, but these didn't have anything offensive about them at all so if you're a plain-crisp kind of person then these should do the trick nicely.

        Per 30g serving, these contain 142 calories and 6.5g of fat, which is about what you'd expect from this type of crisp snack. They're also suitable for vegetarians.

        I bought the Sea Salt variety as I knew everyone would eat them, but they're available in several flavours, including English Cheddar and Red Onion, West Country Bacon & Cheese, Sour Cream and Green Herb, and Sea Salt and Suffolk Cider Vinegar. The brand also supports the Prince's Countryside Fund which helps the vision of a sustainable future for rural communities and the British countryside. It is nice knowing that they're usual local, British seasonings and flavours, so it does make these distinctly British, which I know some people will find to be a bonus.

        Overall I would definitely recommend these. The packaging and size of bag is great for sharing, they have a crunchy texture and they taste delicious, so I'll be buying these again in future.

        150g sells for around £1.99 (Tesco) but can often be found on offer for £1.


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        23.01.2011 13:53
        Very helpful



        An authentically british crisp

        As a member of various survey panels I occasionally get the opportunity to indulge in a little product testing. One of the most recent products that was sent to me to test were Red Sky Anglesey Sea Salt Potato Chips. For my trouble I was sent 2 free packets to try out, and all I had to do was eat them and answer questions on my experiences, plus I get to try a new product that I can review for you lovely people.

        ***Red Sky***

        Red Sky Crisps are one of those save the planet revolutionary ideas in snacking, made from 100% natural ingredients with the slogan 'Nature's promise of a good day'. We've all heard the familiar term, red sky at night shepherds delight, which promises us a good day the following day, and it is this premise that Red Sky have used for their branding and slogan. With packaging generated from sustainable sources, and 100% all natural ingredients, the red sky brand really are trying to make a statement. Priding themselves on doing things a little differently Red Sky have brought us the new taste sensation with their selection of crisps and snacks sourced from what they refer to as Nature's Kitchen. I always seem to be taken in by these environmentally responsible ideas and this is no exception.


        The Red Sky packaging I find very eye catching and attractive with the Anglesey Sea Salt pack boasting what can only be described as a pale blue sky scattered with white fluffy clouds with the remnants of the sun going down behind a farmer's field generating that lovely red sky glow - very unique and distinctive. With a more paper like look and texture, the packaging is definitely different from the other packs of crisps on the shelves. These packs are sold currently in 150g bags so a good size for sharing and are sold in most supermarkets, but I personally think it would be great if they manufactured them in smaller packs so you can have them as an individual snack, cause I don't know about you, but I often find, once I open up a large bag of sharing crisps I don't realise how much I've eaten until I look in the bag and see it 2 thirds empty.

        ***The Smell***

        Opening up the bag, there is no distinctive smell, they just smell like plain crisps, very subtle so not really sure what to expect.


        These crisps are more traditional in appearance, with a nice golden colour. They do not look over seasoned and they certainly do not look overly greasy. There are no brown patches on the crisps which tells me they are cooked with care to ensure they do not burn. They are of varying sizes so it looks to me as though these crisps make the most of the whole potato, reducing waste.

        ***The Taste***

        Although these crisps are only seasoned with salt, they are packed full of flavour. 9 times out of 10 when I eat a plain crisp, I prefer to have it with some sort of dip to add that little bit of extra flavour as some brands on their own can be a bit bland. Not these red Sky crisps though, I find them seasoned just to the right level, and thoroughly enjoyable on their own. Popping one in my mouth, the flavour hits me straight away, with the Anglesey sea salt taking centre stage. Although not overly greasy you can still detect the presence of the sunflower oil used to cook these crisps, but it's not an unpleasant taste.

        Described as beautifully crunchy potato chips I certainly can't argue with that, they have a crunchiness to them that I don't recall experiencing with other packets of crisps, but again, they're not a too hard crunchy but a pleasant crunchy. As indicated before, these crisps are made from all natural ingredients, and in my opinion, these are the tastiest salted crisps I have had in quite some time.


        These really are simple crisps, made only from British Potatoes, Natural Sunflower Oil and Anglesey sea salt sourced from the fresh Atlantic waters off the coast of the Isle of Anglesey, making these crisps authentically British.

        ***Other Nutritional information***

        These crisps are suitable for vegetarians and Coeliacs, but are very high on the Calorie scale, with a 40g portion costing a whopping 185 calories, which is probably quite average for a traditional crisp, but quite a lot to sacrifice for this tasty snack. For a complete break down of nutritional values you can go to their website www.redskysnacks.co.uk.


        You can store a pack unopened for about 6 weeks so the shelf lift is quite short, but then again they are made from 100% natural ingredients, and I find that all natural products tend to have a shorter shelf life than most other processed foods. Once opened it is suggested that the pack be eaten within 3 days, which in my house doesn't seem to be a problem.


        A single packet of these crisps costs around £1.50. As indicated before even starting this review, I got mine for free, but I did buy more after completing the taste test as both my partner and I liked them so much, we decided to try some of the other flavours in the range including; West country bacon and cream cheese, Sour cream and green herbs, and their sea salt and suffolk cider vinegar flavours...some more enjoyable than others, but a great selection to choose from, and I got mine on promotion in Tesco 2 for £2.

        ***My Overall opinion***

        This is a truly authentic product with a truly authentic taste where you really can't argue with the quality from an organisation who is clearly trying to make their mark in the environmentally responsible stakes. These red sky crisps have a true commitment to nature, with accreditations from the Forest Stewardship council, and a promise to source their ingredients from the UK wherever possible to assist in reducing their carbon footprint. For every 150g packet of Red Sky Sold, the company helps to protect 10sq feet of endangered Amazon rainforest. They definitely get my vote, and if I'm helping them help the environment at the same time, then that can only be a good thing.

        Check out the red sky range on their website www.redskysnacks.co.uk


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          24.06.2010 03:14
          Very helpful



          Better than a normal bag of Walkers, not as good as other premium brands

          I hadn't tried Red Sky before, but they were on special offer in Tesco so I pickup up a bag of the ready salted flavour.

          I enjoy ready salted varieties of premium crisps - you get to taste the real flavour of the potato, without it being masked by other additions.
          I like Tyrrell's, Kettle Chips, and Tesco's own premium brand so I was curious to try Red Sky.

          Unfortunately these crisps are nothing special. The packaging and website makes a big deal of the "natural" virtues of these crisps, however
          I certainly couldn't notice any difference by tasting them. Not that they're bad, they're just especially mediocre compared to excellent brands such as Tyrrells.

          There is a certain dry blandness to these crisps that is similar to a normal packet of Walkers. Suspicions that the entire thing is a marketing exercise are raised by blurbs such as "Natural Sunflower oil" listed in the ingredients (is there any other type?).

          Probably the best point about these crisps is the packet itself. That is, the material - it's a paper/foil design which has the superb property of staying in place when folded down after opening, just like a paper bag. It's very impressive and a lot of other products could benefit from this style of packaging.


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          27.05.2010 13:52
          Very helpful



          A more upmarket crisp with green intentions.

          I find Red Sky to be a superior quality crisp than the standard brands of Walkers, Golden Wonder, etc. (Even though it is a subsidiary of Walkers!)

          The packaging feels more upmarket. It feels like a sturdy paper bag and its foil lined to keep the crisps extra fresh. The packet design is also aesthetically pleasing with its sunset sky overlooking a rural English farm scene. It all adds to the appeal of the brand. Red Sky continues to please by stating that the ingredients are 100% natural, the potatoes are sourced within Britain and that the packaging is made from well-managed and sustainable forests. It's good to know that British farmers are being supported, and of course that helps the British economy as well.

          The Red Sky crisps are darker, thicker and generally more robust than standard crisps, adding to the sense of premium quality. To eat, they are hard and crunchy but not too hard like Kettle crisps. The Anglesey Sea Salt Flavour is a little like traditional ready salted. However, the salt doesn't overpower like some brands. It's a very subtle flavour, and not that sharp salty tang you get from cheaper brands. This is lightly flavoured with proper sea salt giving it a much more subtle stance. I think the fact that they use natural sea salt from the Atlantic off the coast of Anglesey really does stand out giving the crisps a proper authentic flavour.

          For crisps these are nutritionally not too bad. A 40g bag contains 185 calories and 8.7g of fat, only 0.7g of which is saturated. They don't contain any wheat so they are suitable for coeliacs. They are also suitable for vegetarians.

          For all the reasons mentioned above these crisps are usually quite expensive to buy. However, 40g bags are currently available from Home Bargains for just 15p. Get them while you can, as they are worth every penny of that.

          I think that this is Walkers jumping on the environmental bandwagon, because if they really cared then all of their crisps would be made this way. They are just trying to appeal to all the environmentally conscious people out there.


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          17.05.2010 15:48
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Worth buying as a treat...

          I have bought Red Sky crisps for the first time this weekend and thought I would give a review whilst its still fresh in my mind! The only reason I bought them is because Sainsburys have them on special offer for £1.00 for a 150g bag which is really good value when you look at the price of its competitors.. They are usually £1.62 a bag so it was a good deal...

          I bought the Sea Salt and the Roasted Red Pepper & Lime flavours. I must admit the pepper and lime is my favourite of the two but thats because I like something with a bit of a kick!

          Starting with the packaging, these are only available in 150g bags in Sainsburys and the bag doesn't feel like a normal crisp packet... its more of a sturdy paper bag effect... In fact after checking out their website it does state that they get most of their packaging from sustainably managed rainforests and you can see this from the packet...

          The Sea Salt flavour was very nice though... I would compare them to Kettle Chips for flavour though... The Sea Salt itself is sourced from the Atlantic waters off the Isle of Anglesey and used in top restaurants. The ingredients are incredibly simple: Potates, salt and sunflower oil....that's it!

          The crisps are very crunchy and fairly salty... however the crisps themselves are actually quite thick and resemble what most of the handcooked crisps look like. I did actually prefer them to your standard ready salted crisps but the downside is that they are more expensive when you compare prices, however as a treat or if they were on special offer I would definitely buy them again over Kettle Chips...

          The other bit about this crisps is that they use potatoes sourced from the UK and it is clear that the environment plays a big part in these crisps being produced which in this day and age I think is great and wins extra points from me!


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            04.03.2010 08:15
            Very helpful



            Angelesey Sea Salt Crisps

            I'd seen Red Sky crisps in the shops before but had never actually bought any. Arriving home recently from a week visiting friends 'Dahn Sarf' I discovered that Boyfriend had got these plus another flavour to try.


            The packet for this flavour is predominantly blue with the Red Sky name on the front, along with the flavour and the statement that these crisps use 100% natural ingredients. Turning the packet over the ingredients are listed (the shortest list I've ever had to type for a crisps review!) along with the allergy information, nutritional information and contact details for Red Sky. There's also a statement committing the company to purchasing and protecting 10 square feet of rainforest each time a 150g bag is bought. Red Sky are working in association with coolearth on this. For more information you can visit their website at:-


            Nutritional Information per 40g serving {per 100g in brackets}

            Energy kJ: 776kJ {1939kJ}
            kcal: 185kcal {463kcal}
            Protein: 2.7g {6.8g}
            Carbohydrate: 23.9g {59.8g}
            of which sugars: 0.2g {0.5g}
            Fat: 8.7g {21.8g}
            (of which saturates): 0.7g {1.7g}
            Fibre: 2.0g {5.0g}
            Sodium: 0.19g {0.48g}
            Equivalent as salt: 0.49g {1.22g}

            This product is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.


            British Potatoes, Natural Sunflower Oil, Anglesey Sea Salt

            Taste & Opinion:

            To be honest, ready salted is probably one of my least favourite crisps flavours. It's not that I dislike it, just that I tend to find it rather dull. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I don't add salt to any of my cooking or put it onto any of my meals (except for a boiled egg but that another story).

            So, you can imagine that I wasn't actually thrilled to see a packet of Red Sky Anglesey Sea Salt crisps lurking on one of the kitchen worktops when I got back from my trip. I left them alone for a few days until one day when I was feeling peckish and went on a hunt in the kitchen to see what sort of snacky things I could find.

            Anyway on opening the packet I was confronted with a slightly salty potatoey smell and a big pile of crisps that felt slightly greasy to the touch. The crisps themselves are a sort of a golden yellow colour and are thicker than the crisps you'd find in a Pringles tube or in a Walkers packet. They feel quite smooth and they're not the sort of crisps that might snap if you were to put them in a dip like some of the other brands would.

            Tastewise, these are probably the best ready salted crisps I've ever tasted. They're thick and crunchy and the Anglesey sea salt gives them a distinctive taste that marks them out from other ready salted flavours on the market. The level of saltiness was just right for me although I suspect people out there who like salt a lot more than I do would prefer more of it to be added to these crisps.

            In terms of fat content these aren't quite as virtuous as the Walkers Baked Crisps or the Ryvita Limbos, but they're way below things like Nik Naks, Frisps and the standard Walkers flavours. The natural ingredients are a big plus and should these come out in any other flavours (salt 'n' vinegar hint, hint) which don't include any sort of cheese then I'd be more than willing to give them a try. If you're looking for a different tasting, more natural sort of crisp and haven't tried these yet then I'd recommend buying some and tasting them for yourself.

            Just four stars for me on a rating basis due to the fact that, as a general rule, I prefer other flavours to ready salted.

            Crisps ranked in order of fat content:

            01) Golden Wonder Nik Naks (Rib 'n' Saucy Flavour): 38.3%
            02) Frisps (Ready Salted Flavour): 35.1%
            03) Walker (Ready Salted): 34.1%
            04) Frisps (Cheese 'n' Onion Flavour): 34.0%
            05) Frisps (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 33.9%

            06) Walkers (Salt and Vinegar Flavour): 33.1%
            07=) Walkers (Cheese and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
            07=) Walkers (Steak and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
            09=) Walkers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 32.7%
            09=) Walkers (Roast Chicken Flavour): 32.7%

            09=) Walkers (Worcester Sauce Flavour): 32.7%
            12=) Walkers (BBQ Rib): 32.6%
            12=) Walkers (Smoky Bacon Flavour): 32.6%
            14=) Pringles Extreme (Smokin' Ribs Flavour): 32.0%
            14=) Pringles (Hot & Spicy Flavour): 32.0%

            16) Quavers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 31.0%
            17) McCoys (Flame Grilled Steak Flavour): 30.7%
            18) McCoys (Roast Ham and Mustard Flavour): 30.6%
            19) McCoys (Thai Sweet Chicken Flavour): 30.3%
            20=) Quavers (Cheese Flavour): 30.0%

            20=) Quavers (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 30/0%
            22) KP Discos (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 29.6%
            23) KP Skips (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 29.5%
            24) Hula Hoops (Roast Chicken Flavour): 28.6g
            25) Hula Hoops (Barbecue Beef Flavour): 28.5g

            26 Hula Hoops (Original Flavour): 28.4g
            27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Crispy Bacon flavour): 25.1%
            27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Worcester Sauce flavour): 25.1%
            29=) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Spicy Tomato flavour): 25.0%
            29=) Monster Munch (Pickled Onion Flavour): 25.0%

            31=) Smith's Chipsticks: 23.0%
            31=) Smith's Frazzles: 23.0%
            33) Space Raiders: 22.8%
            34) Red Sky (Anglesey Sea Salt flavour): 21.8%
            35) Red Sky (West Country Bacon & Cream Cheese flavour): 20.9%

            36) Sainsbury's Bacon Crispies (20.6%)
            37) Walkers Squares (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 18.0%
            38) Walkers French Fries (Ready Salted / Cheese and Onion / Salt and Vinegar flavours): 16.0%
            39) Walker Baked (Sour Cream and Chive flavour): 8.7%
            40) Walkers Baked (Bacon and Cheddar flavour): 8.5%

            41) Walkers Baked (Cheese and Onion flavour): 8.3%
            42) Walkers Baked (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 8.1%
            43) Ryvita Limbos (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 1.9%


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              15.02.2010 16:50
              Very helpful



              Afirst Class Quality Chip.

              These crisp which are called chips by the makers, are the best quality I have tried and makes the ordinary Walkers, KP and Smiths etc look more dated than ever.
              Although it is slightly more expensive than the standard crisp, the quality in texture alone is far superior.

              I felt I could bite into the chip (which is sliced like a crisp) without fear of it crumbling onto my lap as the standard crisp usually does. The taste of salt wasn't too overpowering either as I could let it dissolve onto my tongue and taste the natural flavour straight away giving quality.

              I found that they also complimented my soup very well as I dipped a few. They didn't dissolve straight away and were still reasonably crunchy when I put them in my mouth.

              I like the natural eco friendly packet which is strong and not full of wind. This I sent for recycling and aware RED SKY has pledged to help protect the rainforest after I had enjoyed the contents.

              Although this was my first RED SKY product, I will definitely be sampling their other flavours and products.


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              28.11.2009 00:04
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Delish Ready Salted Crisps And I Never Thought I'd Hear Myself Say That!

              I quite like a bag of ready salted crisps sometimes even though I'll normally go for one of the more interesting flavours.

              These Anglesey Sea Salt crisps from Red Sky are yummy though because they are so simple that they are genius! The crisps are quite thick and very crunchy, they are a bit darker looking than other ready salty crisps and I was expecting them to have a bit of a burnt flavour but they taste proper fresh.

              They haven't gone mad with the salt and that's a good thing because I think a lot of plain salted crisps are waaaay too salty and that makes them hard to eat. You can taste the yummy potato crisps underneath the salt and the 2 flavours go wicked together, the salt brings out the flavour of the crisps I think and if you wait a few seconds for the salt to come off the crisp in your mouth then you'll see how fresh and delish these crisps are.

              I love how natural these crisps taste and they are dead full of flavour, that sounds weird with them just being ready salted crisps but the salt isn't mega harsh in your mouth and it makes the crisps seem like there's a lot more flavouring on them then there is.

              The normal sized pack of Red Sky crisps is about 60p but you can also buy the bigger packs for about £1.45.


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                12.11.2009 12:52
                Very helpful



                A lovely snack

                Looking for a change from my usual crisps, I picked up a bag of Red Sky at the supermarket yesterday, as well as a tub of houmous for dipping them into.
                Im not usually keen on ready salted flavour crisps, but thought these looked good, and since Ive been suffering a spicy overload recently, I thought it was high time I returned to simple flavours.
                The packaging is very appealing and the bag feels like paper, but is foil lined for freshness.
                The crisps themselves are crunchy and thick with a premium taste - not too salty, but with just enough flavour to satisfy.
                They go brilliantly with houmous as the flavours complement each other so well, with neither taste overpowering the other.
                The bag is well filled, unlike some other brands which seem to have a pitiful amount of crisps scattered at the bottom of the bag!

                The ingredients are simple, natural and as follows;
                British potatoes
                Natural Sunflower Oil
                Anglesey Sea Salt

                The nutritional content is listed below per 100g;
                Energy: 463kcal
                Carbohydrate: 59.8g
                Fat: 21.8g
                Saturates: 1.7g
                Fibre: 5.0g
                Sodium: 0.48g

                They are well priced and I bought two bags on special offer for just £2 for both.

                One of the other major selling points of these crisps is that every time you buy a big 150g bag, Red Sky, in collaboration with Coolearth, commit to purchase and protect 10ft squared of rainforest.

                So there you go - a delicious, tasty snack if thats all youre after, with the added bonus of responsible credentials for the eco concious consumer!


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                19.05.2009 00:47
                Very helpful



                Well worth the money.

                I first decided to buy a packet of these crisps as I fancied something different and the advertising campaign intrigued me.
                They were reasonably priced - £0.55 for a small bag at my local petrol station.
                The packaging was well presented and the bag is made of a decent feeling material unlike other cheaper crisps.
                The crisps themselves were light, un-greasey and fresh. They were not over salted and were generally of a good quality. They were a good size and uniform in shape with a crunch that denoted their freshness.
                I felt they were not as "fatty" as kettle chips and not overly seasoned as normal Walkers Ready Salted crisps.
                The use of only three, natural ingredients; English potatoes, sunflower oil and sea salt is conveyed by the natural taste that they have. It also shows a commitment to their advertising slogan: 100% Natural.
                My pleasant experience with this particular flavour not only caused me to recommend them to friends and family but also to try other flavours of the band with similar pleasing results.
                So often when you eat a packet of crisps the greasy hue attached to them can be really off putting, however this was not a problem encountered when eating Red Sky and I would heartily recommend them to crisp fans everywhere!


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                15.05.2009 17:27
                Very helpful



                Tasty crisps.

                When I first saw these crisps twinkling on a supermarket shelf I thought there must be a major company behind them, because they were being heavily advertised in a way that a small company just embarking on a manufacturing campaign could never afford. I was right and it was Walkers. So although these beautifully packaged crisps are enticing and appealing, they are of course not a small cottage concern, but a giant marketing exercise.

                Apparently Walkers have seen quite a fall in sales from their premium brand "Sensations" in the last year, whilst their rival "Kettle Chips" have seen an increase in sales of 41% over the same period. It seems like their strategy was to launch a product but not to advertise that Walkers were behind it, leaving the details off the packet.

                So with this in mind and a tempting 2 for1 offer in Waitrose recently I decided to buy the Sea Salt flavour. They are £1.59 for a large 150g packet and are the plain crisps, the bedrock of four, the others being Roast Red Pepper and Lime, and West Country Bacon and Cream cheese, and finally Sour Cream and Green Herbs.

                The package is very attractive indeed and certainly appeals more than its rivals, the upmarket luxury crisps which comprise well known brands such as Kettle, Phileas Fogg, Seabrook and Tyrell's. The glorious muted shades of apricot, blue, and white sky merge together as sunset falls over a tractor on a summer evening on the potato farm. The name comes from the saying "red sky at night".......with the promise of a new day to come.

                Made with 100% natural ingredients these are as natural as you can get, made with British potatoes, sunflower oil and sea salt from that lovely little Welsh island Anglesey.

                For every bag you buy they will commit to purchase and to protect 10ft square of rain forest in association with an organisation called Cool Earth, and also the packaging is made from forests accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council
                So to be honest these crisps do press some of my buttons, so I approached the taste test with an open mind.

                Inside the bag the crisps are a good size and they mirror those Kettle chips I love. Biting into them releases a lovely salty taste and a delicious "just cooked" crispness, which make these certainly up with the market leaders. I think these are intensely flavoured, and are substantial enough to use as dipping chips too.

                Fat wise they are 21.8g per 100g and there is just over 1g of salt in 100g but you would be eating 2/3 of the bag to consume this much of either and 463 calories.

                They are suitable for veggies and coeliacs and this is of course a bonus.

                I think these are no better or worse than the other premium brands, I love the packaging and the commitment to the environment, but not 100% sure I will buy them too often, as I fear they may choke the competitors, some of whom (but not all) are small family concerns. I do however like the power behind the ability of organizations like Walkers to make a significant difference to the environment, which is fine as long as they fulfill these obligations genuinely, and are not just doing it to flog crisps and to make cash. So far I am impressed, especially with the support the purchase of these crisps is giving towards the work done by Cool Earth, which is making a real difference to the sustainability of life in the Amazon.


                These are tasty crisps in a stunning packet.


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                  16.04.2009 02:22
                  Very helpful



                  Good quality but not worth inches on my hips thankyou very much lol

                  For anyone who regularly reads my foody reviews they won't be surprised to see yet another crisp review from me lol. I love and adore crisps more than anything in the world actually. I love em on their own or in a butty and I'm one of them people that even if I'm not hungry or I'm totally not well and off my food for any reason crisps always tempt me into munching them lol!

                  The Packaging....

                  As on the review photograph the packet is light blue and feels like its made of very good quality paper. On the bottom of the packet there is a moonlit red sky and on the front all in dark brown and white writing I'm told they are Red Sky 'Nature's promise of a good day' Anglesey Sea Salt Potato Chips that are made with 100% natural ingredients, size is stated in the bottom left hand corner of the packet and on the right hand corner there is an at a glance nutritional chart. On the back of the packet again, colour scheme wise it is the same as the front and I'm told a bit about the product, ingredients are listed and I'm told they are suitable for Vegetarians and Colilacs, nutritional information is listed, I'm told a bit about the environment friendly packaging the crisps come in, contact details for Red Sky are given, size is stated and finally there is a bar-code on there. This is a really nice packet it has to be said. The crisps look quality by the packaging alone, I like all the information given and the fact that it looks so grown up too!

                  A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Packet....

                  A red sky at night is nature's promise of a good day.

                  Red Sky Potato Chips are our promise of something good from nature.

                  We only use the best ingredients from nature's kitchen to bring you these beautifully crunchy potato chips which taste as good as you would expect from 100% natural ingredients.

                  The Crisps....

                  Well after reading that before I ate them I was actually dribbling. Completely natural ingredients (British Potatoes, Natural Sunflower oil and Anglesey Sea Salt) really did make me excited. I do get sick of eating stuff with additives and colourings in the and I felt so tempted by natural flavours.

                  Upon opening the bag there was a really fresh potato smell. The crisps are lightly golden and you can actually see some transparent parts to some of the crisps which looks quite greasy (but don't feel it on the fingers).

                  Most of the crisps are incredibly crunchy. Not flaky these are quite thick in texture and rather smooth. You can't see the salt on them but you can taste quality rock salt on these which gives the product a real quality feel to them and a pleasant, fresh and yes...natural taste.

                  Not messy to eat and filling too they are full of flavour. However for me they are far too greasy. They really did leave a greasy feel in my mouth that I couldn't shift after eating them no matter how much I drank! Flavour-wise though they are nicely and distinctively salted, for me could probably do with a tad more salt but hey we're all different. The potato flavour is great and definitely enhanced by the salt and I'd give them 9 out of 10 on quality it's just they're still not my favourites, but quality yes!

                  Nutritional Information.... Per Bag....

                  Energy 185 Kcal
                  Sugars 0.2g
                  Fat 8.7g
                  Saturates 0.7g
                  Salt 0.5g

                  These cost me 55p which is a little pricier than usual for a bag of crisps in my world, however it is a slightly bigger bag than I buy normally! Can be found in all good supermarkets etc and if your a plain crisp fan definitely worth a go!


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