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rice krispies totally chocolatey

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    2 Reviews
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      03.07.2012 22:22
      Very helpful



      Grab them while there on offer for a chocolatey crispy treat!

      Now then, these RECTANGLES aren't something I buy often - not sure why I just don't notice them I guess whilst I'm wondering aimlessly down the aisles doing my food shop but this week I did because they were on offer at a multipack of four bars for £1.00 which is great value! I knew my family would quite enjoy these and I hadn't had one in a while and wanted to treat myself to a change from my usual cereal bar choices - plus who can resist the words 'totally chocolatey'?

      These cereal type bars are made by kellogg's who are famous for providing us with a variety of breakfast cereals, snacks and bars such as cornflakes, all-bran, pop-tarts, nutri-grain and special K.

      ~ Price & Availability ~
      Kellogg's rice krispie squares are available in all large supermarkets. You can buy them in multipacks of four and eight or on their own. The multipacks are pretty expensive when not on offer at about £1.99 for four or £3.28 for eight, but they are currently on at a £1.00 for four in asda which is a 99p saving! I'm not sure if they are still 50p to buy singularly like in the Dooyoo picture as I can't find them, I know they are sold separately but clearly not everywhere. They are available in six different varieties which are chewy marshmallow, chocolate & caramel, chocolate orange, honeycomb crunch, rocky road and totally chocolatey (the one I'm reviewing today).

      ~ Packaging ~
      Kellogg's rice krispie totally chocolatey squares (what a mouthful!) are wrapped in an attractive looking deep purple foil. The brand 'Squares' is printed on the front in large yellow writing which is very eye-catching. Underneath this it tells me that the flavour of these is totally chocolatey if you haven't already guessed by the pool of chocolate behind the brand name. The back of packaging lists the nutritional information of this product, weight and ingredients. The packaging describes this product as crispy grains of chocolate toasted rice cereal and milk chocolate chunks with a chocolate flavour coating....mmm sounds so tempting!

      ~ Tasting these Krispy choc bars! ~
      On opening the foil I could smell quite a strong, very sweet chocolatey smell, very pleasant for me as I love anything chocolate! Taking the bar out of the wrapper it looks pretty impressive; it's a decent size and coated well in chocolate with an additional bonus of chocolate drizzle and chunks of chocolate on top! Biting into the bar I could definitely taste chocolate (wouldn't you be a bit worried if i couldn't?) of course it's not your finest Belgian chocolate but it does the job, I think anything richer and it may have been too much. The chocolate drizzle on the top is my favourite part as it's set on top and tastes sort of cold in contrast to the chocolate rice which makes the textures really nice! The cereal itself is very chewy and soft but not too much so - you do get a little crunch here and there from some rice and a chunk of chocolate. Although these are quite big there not really that filling but you can't really expect them to be as really they are just rice krispies, but I think one is enough otherwise you may get a bit of a chocolate overload if that's possible :D

      ~ Other information ~
      Each 36g bar contains 156 calories, 13g of sugar and 4.5g of fat which you have to expect really. Considering a chocolate bar usually contains a lot more calories and fat and these are bigger than some chocolate bars these squares don't look so bad in comparison.
      Kellogg's squares contain milk, soy and barley as well as a whole lot of chemically named things.
      I can't actually find anywhere on the packet that states whether or not they are suitable for vegetarians so eat at your own risk or check first!

      ~ Overall verdict ~
      I think kellogg's rice krispie squares totally chocolaty make a nice alternative treat to a regular cereal bar. I think children would happily munch their way through these as a quick pick me and up and adults can equally enjoy them with a cuppa. I wouldn't recommend these to anybody who prefers the finer things in life though as these are slightly novelty and may not exceed to your expectations. I think they're very tasty and great to satisfy that craving for something sweet without being overly filling or bland like plain rice Krispies. Again, these are quite different to the cereal - in my opinion much more flavourful!

      I have also tried the marshmallow variety in these bars and have found them very, very tasty too! They are again very sweet and chewy! I would encourage you to try out all the flavours until you find your favourite as they all look delicious, but look out for the offers!


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      27.11.2011 13:26
      Very helpful



      Not bad occasionally

      I sometimes buy cereal bars and other snacks like that so I can throw them in to my bag as a snack to eat in the morning whilst I am at work. I had ordered the new chocolate orange flavoured rice krispie squares to try from Tesco but they didn't have any so sent me the totally chocolatey variety instead. I was a bit gutted as I wanted to try the chocolate orange one but decided to give the variety I had been sent a go.

      Rice krispie squares are made by Kellogs. The offer various flavours but I shall focus on the totally chocolatey variety as I have just eaten one!

      The product comes packaged in a purple foil pack and on the front has the Kellogs, rice krispies and squares name as well as the flavour. The word squares is printed in large block yellow writing so it really is the main focus of the packaging. This is set in what looks to be a pool of chocolate which helps to make it clear which variety you are buying I think. The packaging on the whole looks quite fun and I can certainly see why it would appeal to children.

      When you open up the packaging you have a rectangular bar which is perhaps 10cm by 4cm by 2cm so I am not sure why they call them squares when they clearly aren't! The product is basically rice krispies covered in a chocolate flavoured coating. It is sprinkled with chocolate chunks and also has a thick chocolate drizzle. The product does look "totally chocolatey" as the name suggests it should!

      The product tastes ok I guess. I am a fan of "proper" chocolate and this is somewhat artificial tasting but the crispiness of the cereal combined with the chewiness of the covering does make it quite pleasant really. The chocolate chunks are quite plentiful really which surprised me. I would say that they are best as an occasional treat rather than a regular one as I could soon see myself becoming bored with them personally.

      Now as you can imagine a product with the name "totally chocolatey" is never going to be particularly good for you. Each 36g bar contains the following:

      156 kcal
      1.5g Protein
      27g Carbohydrates
      13g of which are sugars
      4.5g Fat
      3.5g of which saturates
      0.5g Fibre
      0.1g Sodium
      0.2g Salt

      As the product is not healthy by any means I do only use it occasionally when I don't have time to pack some cereal in my bag instead. As an occasionally treat though they aren't bad in my opinion and I would give them three stars. You can but them from supermarkets in multipacks for around £1.80 but they are often on deals such as two for £3 or buy one get one free.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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