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Riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Chips Sea Salt

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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      02.07.2008 13:11



      Despite Susan Lesley's review my entire family have rated Riceworks Sea Salt chips THE BEST we have ever eaten. They are healthy and extremely tasty, so much so that after our initial first packet I went back to Tesco and bought another dozen packs.Don't take my word for it, or Susan Lesley's for that matter, go buy some yourself and give them a try.


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      26.03.2008 10:07
      Very helpful



      A snack to avoid

      With Easter fast approaching I was wandering round our local branch of Tesco's getting a few bits and pieces ready for our visitors.

      We do like to have crisps, Pringles, nuts etc on the coffee table to pick at during the evening whilst we watch TV or just have a good old natter. With this in mind I was looking along the aisle with crisps and snacks and I spotted something new.

      The product in question was Riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Chips in Sea Salt flavour and, since they were on BOGOF (buy one get one free for the uninitiated amongst you!) I also got a pack of the Sweet Chilli flavour for our guests who aren't as reserved as I am! I am very much a Ready Salted sort of girl!

      The price was £1.49 per 150g packet but, obviously, on BOGOF I got two packets for that price.

      The packet looked really appealing, being mainly in pale blue and white with a picture of a rice chip in the natural, healthy looking colour of light brown.

      There was the 'whole grain' logo on the top of the packet together with the words 'snack enlightenment', the name of the product, the picture and a bit of a description of the said chips.

      'Finally, something different. Really different. A chip that's made with whole grain brown rice. But don't take our word for it. Hold one up to the light. You can see the rice right in there, and we don't need to tell you how good brown rice is for you. Plus there are absolutely NO preservatives, stabilisers, wheat or glutens in there either - just the real stuff. That's what makes the crunch really, really crunchy.'

      Add to this that the claims on the back of the packet also told me that there was no cholesterol in these I was convinced.

      OK so now you're getting the idea behind why I bought these new snacks. The packaging looked good and the write up made them sound not only delicious but good for me too. Yes, I know now! I always have been a bit naive though!

      On Easter Sunday I sorted out some snacks for the evening and opened the bag of Rice Chips. I opened the Sea Salt flavour so that I could enjoy them as well.

      I was impressed with the smell that greeted me as I opened the bag. They smelled nice and crispy but I could smell the grain in them if that makes any sense. They smelled sort of healthy if you know what I mean.

      I tipped the contents of the bag into a bowl and again I was impressed by what I saw. The chips were triangular and looked similar to Doritos but looked more natural and less processed. They were a natural light brown in colour and, no, I did not hold one up to the light to look for the rice! Just how sad do you think I am? LOL!

      Now for the taste test - this was going to be a real pleasure - right? WRONG!

      There was very little actual taste in the chips and the consistency made it feel as though I was eating a lightweight sheet of cardboard! They were awful! We all tried a few and ate about half the packet between the four of us and the birds had the rest! They ate them but didn't make any comment on the taste!

      It does say on the back of the packet that you can visit www.riceworks.co.uk to find more information and 'yummy recipes'. Yeah right!

      I wouldn't normally list the contents of a product in a review as I think it's a bit boring but I think it might be relevant here for us to try and make sense of this awful taste sensation.

      Brown rice (25%), Rice flour (25%), Corn (Maize) flour, Vegetable oil, Sesame seeds, Rice Starch, Salt and colour (caramel)

      Well, as individual ingredients they don't sound at all bad but combined, they obviously do not get on with one another!

      A 40g serving which would be just under one fifth of the bag would give you 195 calories, 3.1g of protein, 26.1g of carbohydrates, 9.1g of fat, 1.7g of fibre and 0.5g of salt.

      They are naturally gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and for coeliacs too. And for my money they are welcome to them!

      I can't comment on the Sweet Chilli flavour as we didn't bother opening that bag so I will let you know if they are any better when we try them - although, since I don't like flavoured snacks I won't be trying these - shame! LOL!


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      A healthier snacking alternative guaranteed to satisfy any chip craving.

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