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Roley's Cranberry Fruit Cake

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Brand: Roley / Type: Cake

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2009 13:26
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      A lovely cake which is ethical too!

      Many of you who read my reviews may know that I have ME and when it flares up it can affect digestion, and a few years ago this became severe and I followed a gluten free diet for a while. I am not a coeliac, but have tried just about all the products which this group have to eat, and some of them are really delicious, and I buy them regularly in order to keep my gluten intake within limits.

      One of the most outstanding products in this category I have found is the gluten free Cranberry Fruit Cake made by a company called Roley's who are based in Holland.

      This fruit cake is available for purchase in Waitrose, Sainsbury, Asda and in many whole food stores nationwide. I paid £3.49 for a whole cake which is 300g in weight.
      You can also purchase online from.

      The cake is made using Teff which is an unusual ingredient, and I must admit prior to purchasing this product I had no idea about it. Grown in North East Africa in Ethiopia this is a highly nutritious grain which is gluten free. Bursting with calcium and iron and containing all the essential amino acids, this is a wonder food similar in nutritional value to Quinoa. It is the smallest grain in the world, and it is used to make Injera, which is a flat bread made to accompany almost every meal eaten in Ethiopia.

      Teff is also used to feed animals, and the straw is made into material for making thatched roofs and mud bricks, so it is versatile in every aspect, and absolutely vital to the economy of North East Africa.

      The grain is suited to the 12 hours daylight hours they have in that part of the world, and attempts to grow the grain outside this area are proving difficult, as of course the summers in Northern Hemispheres are typically made up of many more hours of daylight. Research is helping this and in the American Mid West they are making good progress.

      One of the things which really endears me towards this product is that it is allowing families in Ethiopia to grow the grain commercially, and some of the profits are ploughed back into a sustainability fund. This is providing help to allow the agriculture to develop in tune with the land, and the future preservation of the environment.

      The cake is organic, gluten free, wheat free, full of fibre, suitable for vegetarians and is made in a bakery which is exclusively gluten free, which is vital if you are a coeliac as even tiny particles of gluten can be dangerous if ingested. The cakes contain no preservatives or colourings either.

      When you buy this cake it usually has a good long shelf life which makes it handy for emergencies! However in our house it gets eaten as quickly as it is simply delicious, and quite hard to believe it is gluten free at all. It is moist and is crammed full of dried fruit. Lots of juicy cranberries and dates and a good amount of plump sultanas make this an interesting slice, and a decadent one too!

      This cake is not dairy free, however, as it contains butter. It is bursting with fibre because the grain is so small you can't separate it into the three parts germ, bran and endosperm, like you can with wheat, so it is low GI.

      Each cake serves 4 with good chunky slices, and is not spicy at all; if you like a plain fruit cake which is not heavily laced with cinnamon and nutmeg this could be for you.

      The best feature of this cake has to be the moist texture, it really is oven fresh and tastes home made.
      For me, it being gluten free is a bonus, but to a guest they would be none the wiser as it tastes like a just cooked cake made with conventional flour.

      Roley's also make lots of other cakes and they also have Teff flour too, which you can buy to make your own bread.

      Long life fruit cakes can often be dry and gluten free versions especially so. Not this one!

      Put the kettle on and a slice of this will be the perfect accompaniment!

      This is a teatime treat which is not only delicious, but is helping to support a country which has chequered history littered with heartache.



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      Gluten and wheat free

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