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Ryvita Fruit Crunch

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    11 Reviews
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      18.10.2013 17:40
      Very helpful
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      Crunchy Fruit??

      I am off on holiday in September and need to get my body in shape so I won't look too scary in a bikini. For this reason, I have decided to try and start eating healthily to ensure I have enough time to lose weight by then. While browsing my local Morrison's the other day, I came across these Ryvita's which as far as I know are fairly new to the range.

      The packaging for this product is slightly different from all the other packets of Ryvita because it comes in a cardboard box rather than just the paper type wrapping that the standard Ryvita's come in. However, inside the box they still have the paper wrapping which is useful for keeping the crackers fresh. The box gives all the necessary information such as ingredients and contact details and also the nutritional information. All the packaging can be recycled which I love.

      The Ryvita Cracker
      The cracker itself is about four by two inches and looks very similar to the Ryvita original crackers. The one main difference being that one side of the cracker is smooth and the other side is rough as it is coated with seeds and bits of fruit. Each cracker contains 57 calories, 1g of fat, 3.5 g of sugar, 0.1g of saturates, 1.7g of fibre and just a trace of salt. This Ryvita cracker contains whole grain rye, currants, whole grain wheat flour, brown sugar, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, whole grain oat flakes and honey so as you can see, they are quite different from the normal Ryvita.

      I bought these from my local Morrison's where they cost £1.35 and I guess there are around 20 crackers in the packet. They are slightly more expensive than the Ryvita original crackers but I think they are worth the extra money.

      I was actually very pleasantly surprised by this product. Normally Ryvita are ok but I wouldn't exactly describe them as something I enjoy eating. However, these I actually did enjoy eating. The Ryvita cracker is very crunchy, there are plenty of seeds and currants on the slice which adds to the texture and breaks up the crunchiness. I like the fact that the currants add an amount of sweetness to the cracker while still ensuring it remains a healthy snack. It states on the packet that this product is perfect for dunking in tea - to be honest, I didn't really like the sound of that but I did feel that the cracker would need something i.e. a slither of some low fat margarine to moisten the cracker a bit.

      I would highly recommend this product to anyone making an attempt at healthy living. I find that because of the fruit content, they satisfy my sweet cravings while still being an exceptionally healthy snack. Personally I have not tried eating the crackers dry as I think they may be a little too dry but even with a small amount of low fat margarine; they are still a healthy snack. I think that they are good value for money and are certainly much more appealing than the other original Ryvitas.


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        26.05.2013 12:47
        Very helpful



        Sweetish Ryvita - quite a chnage

        ===The Company===

        Ryvita has been made since the 1930s but now they have branched out and are adding other ingredients to their traditional crispbreads.

        ===The Product===

        Packaging very similar to the original Ryvita.
        Comes in a sort of foiled wrapper in a wine red colour with images of red grapes down one side.
        One slice = 54 calories.
        Wholegrain rye and wheat crispbread with currents, seeds and oats.
        Long shelf life.
        By Appointment to Queen Elizabeth II and the Princes Fund.
        200 grams.
        Suitable for Vegetarians.
        Also certified as Kosher by KLBD (Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din).
        Contains no artificial colours or preservatives.
        Low in fat and high in fibre.

        ===Other Ryvita Crispbread Flavours===

        Sweet Onion
        Cracked Black Pepper
        Dark Rye
        Sesame Seed
        Sunflower Seed and Oats
        Pumpkin Seed and Oats
        Hint of Chilli
        Mediterranean Herb.



        ===My Opinion===

        I have been trying out various different flavours of Ryvita but this one came as quite a surprise.
        It is thicker than the other Ryvitas but still the same shape - being more smooth on the top with the bottom being sort of nobbly and with the currents and seeds embedded in it - in places it looked a bit dark as it it was burnt - but it wasn't.
        The image on the packaging was of a slice covered in chocolate spread and raspberries - which didn't appeal to me at all.
        I think at the beginning I was trying to eat this crispbread in the same way as other Ryvitas and it seemed rather odd. I originally put cream cheese spread on mine which really gave a weird combination of flavours as the Ryvita itself is sort of nutty but you also get a sweetish taste here and there from the honey, sugar and currents. I was really not sure what I thought of it but the more I ate the nicer I liked them.
        They are good and chunky and I ended up just eating them on their own with a tiny scraping of butter.
        They are a good alternative to a sweet snack such as biscuits and healthier too. They are not overly sweet but you do get some sweetness here and there.
        I think I still prefer my Ryvita to be savoury and eaten with cheese etc but these provide a sweet alternative to people that want it and they are sweet and healthy at the same time which is a good option for anyone really and I liked to have one or two with a cup of tea as a snack or after a meal.
        All these Ryvta versions are worth checking out as so far I have liked all the ones I have tried.
        The packaging and website are advertising special Ryvita tins to keep your crackers in which I shall have to buy - they are available in red or white and cost £4.49 - with free postage.

        ===Star Rating===

        5 stars.

        ===Would I Recommend?===



        Also with more serving suggestions.


        Wholegrain Rye Flour, Currants (18%), Wholegrain Wheat Flour (16%), Sugar, Seeds (11%) (Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds), Wholegrain Oat Flakes (5%), Honey.
        Made with 59g of Wholegrain Rye Flour per 100g.


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          07.04.2011 10:09
          Very helpful
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          I first tried these Ryvita Fruit crunch when they first came out and thought they were delicious but a little expensive at £1.35 as you don't get a lot of slices in a packet, but now they are on offer at Morrisons for a pound a pack I just couldn't resist as they are so tasty.

          The pack cannot be missed as it is bright purple in colour and is cardboard with a white stay fresh wrapper inside. this can be recycled when finished so to be good to the environment.
          Ryvita is written on white and there is lots of nutritional information on the pack for you to read as you crunch.

          The slices look like all the other Ryvita range but have lots of seeds and raisnins in them, they smell wheaty and look tasty.
          Each slice has 57 calories so you do have to be careful if you feel like getting carried away with crunching them, but used as part of a calorie controlled diet having two with a cup of tea isn't as bad as tucking into that chocolate snack.

          The sugar content is high too at 3.5g per slice so you have to go easy if your dieting. I like to see this information displayed in full view on my packets of food like it is on this pack as you then can decide for yourself if you want to eat the product or not.
          So many companies hide this information in small print on the backs of packs and sometimes it is easy to forget to look as when you get to my age you have to begin to think about what salt and sugar content your taking in.
          These slices have a trace of salt so they aren't too bad and the fat that saturates is only 0.1g so thats alright too.

          The ingredients are natural and healthy as long as you don't over do it and eat the whole pack which can be tempting to try as they are so delicious, the slices contain oats, currants, pumkin seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, wholegrain rye, whole grain wheat and brown sugar. So this combination makes for a tasty slice.

          I personally don't have anything with these I eat them straight from the pack as they are tasty but not dry. You can have them to dunk in your tea or coffee but on their own they are just as delicious. If you haven't tried them then your missing out. I love them and will be buying them again while they are on offer.

          Happy to recommend.


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            15.02.2011 22:19
            Very helpful



            A good low fat accompaniment to tea or coffee

            Ryvita has a reputation for being a bit cardboard-like and tasteless. Granted, that is a fairly accurate description of Original Ryvita, but their newer ranges are much better.
            They now have much nicer types, such as Sweet Onion, Cracked Black Pepper, and for those who want something a little sweeter, there is Ryvita Fruit Crunch.

            I went to Weightwatchers for 2 years and these Fruit Ryvita were a godsend. The main thing I missed was having a biscuit with my coffee, and these are a good substitute.

            They come in a purple cardboard box with the Ryvita logo and red currants down the side.

            They look like your average run of the mill slices of Ryvita (chipboard) - but with oat flakes, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds topping it. The top also looks slightly glazed, which I assume is brown sugar and/or honey as they are listed as 2 of the ingredients. The slices also contain small currants.

            They are crunchy when you first bite into them, and then, thanks to the currants, become more chewy. Unlike Fern Britton in the advert, I would never dunk them into tea or coffee but they do make a nice snack if you want something to accompany a hot drink.

            The taste is mostly oaty, with the slight sweetness of the brown sugar and honey helping with any sugar cravings. I personally prefer them with a little bit of light margarine spread on them as without that I find them a tad too dry.

            I have also had a few of these for my lunch with crunchy peanut butter on them. It makes them very filling - although I have to say that even without anything on them, they do fill you.

            Each slice contains 57 calories and 0.1g saturated fat.

            Thanks for reading.


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              16.04.2010 15:26
              Very helpful



              A great alternative to a biscuit when watching your weight

              Ryvita Fruit Crunch.........

              The newest addition to the Ryvita family sees a sweeter fruiter slice which I couldn't help but pick up on a recent trip to the supermarket. The packaging claims it to be perfect for dunking in your tea. However I personally am rather particular about what gets dunked into my cuppa and I really didn't think this was one action I would be taking.

              I purchased this packet of Ryvita Fruit Crunch in Morrison's for £1.35p which is a little bit higher priced that your regular savoury Ryvita but I wanted to try them so I didn't mind paying more. The packaging is slightly different from all the other packets of Ryvita because they are housed in a cardboard box rather than just the paper type of wrapping the standard Ryvita's are normally in. Inside the box they still have the paper wrapping enabling good storage.

              The box gives all the necessary information such as ingredients and contact details and also the all important nutritional information. All the packaging can be recycled. These Ryvita are made from wholegrain rye and wheat with currants, seeds and oats. The seeds are pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

              To look at the Ryvita itself, it doesn't differ that much from your regular savoury one ion the fact that it is still a slice of grey looking knobbly oatiness. You can see a slight glaze on top of the slice giving that sugar look and of course the seeds are instantly noticeable as they sit on top of the slice. On the whole they do not look overly tempting like a big slab of chocolate would do but they have slightly more appeal that a plain Ryvita.

              The smell of the Fruit Crunch Ryvita is certainly the same wheat aroma you get when eating any slice from the Ryvita range but there is definitely an underlying sweetness to it that has never been there before. The taste of them is really rather nice and I was pleasantly surprised. They are, as you would expect, very crunchy indeed and create a lot of crumbs so do need to be eaten over a plate and not over you keyboard at work as I have found out to my cost! The seeds are plentiful but there are not too many currants inside the slice which is a shame as I would have preferred a good few more.

              The overall taste of the crispbread was crunchy and sweet with the seeds giving the slice much more depth to it. I didn't dip the Ryvita into my tea and would never do so but I didn't feel the need to spread any sort of butter or spread on the slice either meaning I wasn't adding any extra taste or calories.

              Per slice of Ryvita Fruit Crunch you are only getting 57 calories and 0.1 grams of saturated fat although there is 3.5grams of sugar although this is still on the low side. All in all these are far better than a biscuit and you get more per slice at 15.5grams. The whole box contains 200grams and I think for the money these are very good value.

              They are low in calories and fat and do hit that sweet biscuit type cravings that I so often get. They are a good price for a good few of the slices and I really couldn't find fault with them. Okay so they are not the tastiest things in the world but they are pretty nice to eat and if you are watching your weight then I would highly recommend them.

              All in all I think a 4 out of 5 star rating and a high recommendation.

              I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

              Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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                14.03.2010 11:10
                Very helpful



                Recommended... for all. Healthier than the crisps, chocolate bars, maybe even toast with loads of jam

                It's so easy to wander off to the kitchen some evenings, isn't it? You are sat there watching TV, or listening to music or surfing the net and the stomach starts to suggest, rather subtly, that perhaps a snack or two might be nice. Your mind drifts off to thoughts of what is in the kitchen and all those fatty snacks start to appear before your eyes, like bars on a slot machine. Crisps, chocolate bars, maybe even toast with loads of jam and butter... peanuts... peanut butter on crusty bread.... Oh, I could go on.

                Over the last month or so, I have been buying fat free, healthier snacks - having high blood pressure too, I need to make sure there is not much salt. I'd found myself wandering to the kitchen, you see, in search of the above crisps, chocolate bars, maybe even toast with loads of jam etc... When the kids stay over, too, Borgeth and Borgette want supper and I decided that a chocolate biscuit as supper was not too healthy for them, or their teeth.

                A week or so back, when at work, a colleague brought these in and gave me one to sample. I thought, hm, Ryvita, aren't they for girls? Nonetheless, I sampled one of the pieces she was offering. I then bought a packet in my weekly shop. Why? Well...

                To look at them, they are about four inches by two inches in size and about half an inch thick, one side is fairly smooth and the other is rough with bits of seed and fruit poking out. I cannot say it looked appetising (unless you think weird looking cardboard is appetising, or the landscape of some distant planet, maybe), but I took a nibble anyway.

                Initial thoughts were how dry it was, but once you munch away at the thing the fruit tastes become apparent and there is an almost addictive feel to them. Another bite. Crunch, dry, fruit and seed. They say they are ideal for dunking and I can understand that, they do taste better than way. How about with a tiny bit of margarine on them... Wow! That is good. No... delicious... And the thing about these is that as you eat, you don't feel too guilty... why well, this is what you get:

                Each slice contains 57 calories, 3.5 g of sugar, 1g of fat. There is 0.1g of saturates, 1.7g of fibre and just a trace of salt. So, it is all good isn't it! I guess with the slither of margarine it is slightly less healthy, but unless the dunk, you do need that to take away the dryness.

                So what are they made of? Suitable for vegetarian, some of you will be glad to hear. We have whole grain rye, currant, whole grain wheat flour, brown sugar, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, whole grain oat flakes and honey. How much? About a quid...

                Like I have said, you would have thought these would be for girls... but they are for everyone - why should girls get all the good healthy stuff? If you are a man and you feel a bit embarrassed buying these at your local Morrisons, then just pretend they are for the wife, no one need ever know!


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                  15.10.2009 16:06
                  Very helpful



                  IF you're trying to be healthy then give these a go!

                  I'm currently trying to be on a health kick. Trying being the operative word. So I've been looking for something slightly healthy that will satisfy my insane sweet tooth. While perusing the shelves in Asda, I came across these and thought I would give them a go. Ryvita with currants, seeds and oats - sounds good! They were around £1 for a 200g packet.

                  The crackers come in a 200 g sealed plastic inner, encased in a lovely purple/pink box. The box tells you not to put anything on these crackers, which is a complete depature from other varieties of Ryvita - its a little strange! Apparently the box says i should think of them as an angelic alternative to biscuits...okaaaay, i'll try!

                  The cracker:
                  It looks like a standard ryvita cracker - smooth on one side and bumpy on the other. I could see a few sunflower and pumpkin seeds on top but not much fruit. But when I bit into it I found all the fruit hiding in the middle.

                  The cracker is definitely sweet, but not overly so. The currants lend a slightly chewy texture to the usually crunchy cracker which I find great. You can taste the honey and brown sugar that is used to sweeten the cracker, and the currants lend a further helping hand to the sweetness.

                  You are supposed to dunk them in tea, but I think they are just lovely on their own and haven't tried this.

                  Is it a healthy alternative to chocolate and sweets?
                  It is definitely a lot healthier than chocolate and sweets. Each slice contains 57 kcal, 3.5g sugar, 1g fat, 1.7g fibre and a trace of salt. So you've got 7% of your daily fibre needs there to help you feel full which is great.

                  Ingredients - they contain wholegrain rye, currants (14%), flour, brown sugar, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (5% each), wholegrain oat flakes (5%) and honey. No E-numbers here which is great!

                  These won't be suitable for the gluten intolerant, and they may contain sesame and soya. They are suitable for vegetarians.

                  I love these, they are sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, but still feel healthy with all that fibre! Unfortunately, my lack of willpower means I find it difficult to stop at one or two. But as I work my way through the packet I think to myself: "surely eating lots of these is better than eating lots of chocolate?" and I feel better.


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                    28.07.2009 14:22
                    Very helpful



                    I will NEVER buy Ryvita again! I swear it!

                    I don't know why I bother buying Ryvita, after all these years I should know better really. I don't like them at all, yet every time the brand brings out a new product I convince myself to buy them as surely they must be better than previous versions. I'm sure many of you will agree that they never are, Ryvita to a lot of people (including me) are simply the most awful food in the world.

                    The latest one to catch my eye in Sainsbury's was the Ryvita Fruit Crunch, a different take on the humble Ryvita which has been designed to be dunked into a cup of tea like a biscuit. The packet also advised that these can be eaten without spread and this also swayed my decision as omitting the butter on the Ryvitas would help lower my overall daily fat content.

                    Gosh, Ryvita have had me again. They are the same tasteless and dull rectangles of paper mâché as they have always been, these just have irritating seeds all over them.

                    I really don't like them and cannot understand why anyone would want to dip them in tea; I have forced myself to eat most of the packet over the past week and while they are the dullest food imaginable, they are not so appalling that I can justify crumbling them up for the birds just yet!

                    Yes, I did dip one in my tea - and then I binned it, poured the tea into the sink and made myself a fresh one. The main problem was that a lot of the smaller seeds dropped off into my cup and this immediately put me off my otherwise lovely drink. Also the Ryvita seemed to swell as the hot tea got to it and that just put me in mind of a cardboard box that has been left out in the rain!

                    There are lots of currants in each Ryvita, only they are flat and rather tasteless. They add a touch of fruitiness to the crisp bread (I refuse to call it a biscuit!) but if plumper currants had been used then perhaps they would have given it a moister and more appetising texture. Because they are very dry, just like other Ryvita varieties I have been disgusted with in the past. Eating them with no spread or topping is not a good experience in my opinion, although I'm sure crisp bread lovers would disagree with me.

                    I had some with butter and they are marginally better like this. When buttered they have a vague flavour of malt loaf, of course the boring texture stops them really being anything like malt loaf but the butter seems to bring out the fruitiness a little. I also tried some with soft cheese and cucumber, this livened the Ryvita up nicely but the seeds still irritated me and seemed to loosen when the cheese moistened the crisp bread a little. I felt like I was picking them out of my teeth for hours afterwards!

                    I've just had a couple for my breakfast with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Like this they are actually excellent and it's unfortunate that I cannot eat this every morning as I could easily finish the packet, the problem is I tend to add so much butter to my scrambled egg that it would certainly defeat the object of serving it on Ryvita!

                    Each Ryvita Fruit Crunch contains 57 calories and 1g of fat, which is rather higher than the normal plain Ryvita and to be fair although these are rather tasteless at least they do have more a much nicer flavour than the plain ones which are just plain ridiculous in their total lack of anything.

                    I can attest to the fact that they keep well. I store mine in an air tight tin and even now, seven days later, they have the same level of crunch as the day I opened them which indicates that they are still fresh. Part of the reason I have decided to stick with them is the fact that this pack cost me £1.32, which is almost double the price of a packet of the original Ryvita.


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                      06.07.2009 14:12
                      Very helpful


                      • Everything


                      • None

                      Lovely, crunchy crispbread!

                      Lately I am on a new fitness regime. I am eating totally healthily and going to the gym and am all round more active than I've ever been. However cos I work my body out so hard I'm constantly hungry and burning up to 800 calories a day in the gym (I am there hours after-all lol) and that means I'm constantly grazing.

                      The one thing I've kicked out of my diet is sweet stuff. I love chocolate and cakes and things and I'm missing the stuff badly at the moment. Now of course I could indulge a little bit but the whole reason for this new active me is cos I've been bulimic and so that stuff to me is my trigger and a no-no!

                      However I saw these the other day in my local Sainsburys and being a lover of Rivita dark rye slices I thought I'd give these fruity offerings a go! Priced in Sainsbury's at the moment (on offer) at 99p a box, these are normally around £1.39 when not on offer.

                      The Packaging:

                      Fuchsia pink in the main with a red fruit photograph on each end of the box. On the front I am told they are 'Honest Goodness' Fruit Crunch Crispbread and there is a mug of tea on the front and I'm told sort of over that, that they are Wholegrain rye with currants and seeds, 'For when you fancy a little dunk' and the size is stated (200g) and there is a handy at a glance nutritional chart on there. Other information on the box tells me a bit about the product, contact details for Ryvita are given, ingredients are listed (all natural) and allergy advice is given and a full nutritional breakdown is also there. Nice, informative box this is and inside about 20 crispbreads are contained in a white paper bag to seal in the freshness.

                      About The Product According To The Box:

                      No topping required here, just open the box and tuck in. Packed with the goodness of wholegrain rye & wheat, currants, seeds, oats, brown sugar and honey. It needs no additions - think of it as an angelic alternative to a biscuit. Our aim is to source 100% British rye (but sometimes we just can't squeeze enough out of the harvest thanks to the good old British weather). We buy as much as we can from our British farmers and bring it to Rivita in Poole, Dorset where it is milled and baked.Suitable for Vegetarians.

                      The Crispbreads:

                      Rough textured and slightly oblong in shape but rather wide and large, these are a really light golden brown colour and on the top as promised there are visible grains stuck on in abundance. You can see oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds really embedded into the slice and these are not messy to eat at all and do not crumble or flake when handling them.

                      Through the middle you can see dark pieces of currants scattered though each one and the slice is air bubbled to the middle of it opposed to it being heavy.

                      Taste wise:

                      Well these are lovely and yummy! They taste slightly malted, are incredibly light on the tummy, however amazing on taste! Fruity and interesting these are with a slight chewiness to them. I love the taste of the currants giving this a biscuit type of quality and I love the way that the seeds on the top of the crispbread are sort of glued on with honey and brown sugar giving the whole thing a really nice and natural sweet taste!

                      Eat them as they come, dunk them if you want to (though I don't want to lol) or spread a little spread or butter on them to give them a bit of moisture. They are quite dry and deeply crunchy and you will need a drink to accompany these!


                      A really healthy snack that satisfies not only hunger but they sustain you for longer and really do beat the craving for sugary, sweet stuff! These to me are a pleasure to eat and not a diet chore! I love them and eat them as a treat knowing that I'm not undoing any hard work I do to keep in shape and they are a great quick breakfast etc!

                      Allergy Advice:

                      Contains Rye, Wheat & Oats. May contain sesame seeds and soya.

                      Nutritional Information Per Slice:

                      Calories: 57
                      Sugars: 3.5g
                      Saturated Fat: 0.1g
                      Fibre: 1.7g
                      Salt: Trace

                      Can be found in all good supermarkets etc and recommended highly from me!

                      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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                        20.06.2009 08:54
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        Give them a go, you'll soon be addicted

                        I cant say that I have ever been a great Ryvita fan as I always considered then to be a bit dry and unappetising, that is however until I saw good old Fern advertising a sweet version!! Unfortunately I was blessed with a very sweet tooth, resulting in lots of fillings and a not so flattering figure! So imagine my joy when I head Fern say that the sweet Ryvita were delicious and contained only 1 gram of fat.

                        The first mission was to try and find some, it took ages to find a supermarket that stocked them Tesco and Sainsbury's didnt but good old Adsa saved the day.

                        Now I must warn you that these biscuits aren't the most appetising things to look at, as really they just look like a normal Ryvita covered in bird seed!! They're called Fruit Crunch and when looking at them I couldn't really see why, but as soon as I bit into one I found a little currant and a surprisingly fruity taste. The seeds placed on the top are delicious and as you chew the taste of honey really comes through. They are advertised as being good to dunk in tea and to be honest I did try that but thought they took away from the taste but I would certainly recommend that you had a drink close by as they can be a bit dry (this is after about half a packet, I did say I had a sweet tooth!!) and you might want to wash the seeds out your teeth!

                        Priced at approx £1.20 I think that these crispbread offer a real alternative to those with a sweet tooth who want something low in fat and tasty that wont blow the bank. I have to confess to eating several packets and finding them incredibly moreish!! What's even better is that my husband thinks they look disgusting so wont even contemplating stealing them ensuring they are always in the cupboard!!

                        Overall I would suggest that you give them ago, don't let the look of them put you off, like me you may soon become addicted.

                        Allergen Information

                        Contains: Gluten, Wheat, Oats and may Contain: Sesame, Soya


                        Wholegrain Rye (46%)(Rye Flour, Kibbled Rye), Currants (14%), Wholegrain Wheat Flour (13%), Brown Sugar, Pumpkin Seeds (5%), Sunflower Seeds (5%), Wholegrain Oat Flakes (5%), Honey

                        Dietary Information

                        Suitable for Vegetarians
                        Contains Oats
                        Contains Wheat
                        May Contain Sesame Seeds
                        May Contain Soya\Soybeans

                        Nutritional Information

                        Typical values per 100g Per Slice
                        Energy 1548kj 240kj
                        Energy 366kcal 57kcal
                        Protein 10.9g 1.7g
                        Carbohydrate 65.8g 10.2g
                        of which sugars 22.3g 3.5g
                        Fat 6.6g 1g
                        of which saturates 0.9g 0.1g
                        Fibre 11.1g 1.7g
                        Sodium Trace Trace
                        Magnesium 110mg 17mg
                        Phosphorus 344mg 53mg
                        Iron 3.4mg 0.5mg


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                          23.05.2009 01:34
                          Very helpful



                          The best ryvita going, just don't dunk it

                          Ryvita Fruit Crunch - this product was formerly Museli Crunch. This product is a wholegrain rye and wheat crispbread with currentsm seeds and oats and is by far the best tasting ryvita crispbread, with a sweet taste. It is promoted as a dunkable product in your tea, I have tried this and didn't enjoy it - eating them on their own or with a soft cheese gives a great result. And is great as an inbetween meals snack, using the Tescos totals website this product equates to about 0.7 points per crispbread - ideal.

                          This product is suitable for vegetarians, but does contain rye, wheat and oats and may contain sesame seeds and soya.

                          Each slice is 15.5g approximately and 57 calories - this represents 3% of an adults daily calorific intake. There are 3.5g of sugars, 1g of fat, 0.1g of saturates, 1.7g of fibre and a trace of salt.

                          The pack size is 200g so you get on average about 12 crispbreads per pack. Can be found stocked in supermarkets but Tescos does run out frequently i think this is because of this products popularity.


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