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Ryvita Goodness Bar Cranberry & Apple

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2 Reviews

Brand: Ryvita / Type: Cereal Bar

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    2 Reviews
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      22.10.2009 14:45
      Very helpful



      Nice little snack bar for the odd treat!

      Due to my circumstances in the last two weeks I haven't really had much of an appetite, knowing that I must eat something I tried one of these Ryvita Goodness Bars in Cranberry and Apple.

      These come in a box of 6 weighing 23g's each. Each one is individually wrapped in a white wrapper with pictures of the fruit in this case being cranberries and apples on the front with the information that it contains only 3% fat/61 calories per bar.The best before date is 26.01.10.

      When tearing the top of the bar wrapper off you will be met with a strong smell of apple and will see a bar about 4 inches long and an inch wide it is compressed together with an assortment of oats, rye and barley plus the fruits currants, cranberries and apples. On reading the ingredients further I discover that it also has apple juice, pear juice, lemon juice and fruit concentrates of chokeberry and elderberry (never heard of chokeberry before!).

      The bar is soft to bend and I found that I personally just broke bits of to eat, when you put it into your mouth you instantly get the taste of fruit very strongly, with the oats, barley and rye giving it a nice texture, as some of the other bars on the market are a bit on the tough chewy side. I don't usually like soft textures, but I didn't mind this particular one. It is quite sweet but not to overpowering as the sweet taste seems to come from the taste of the fruit.

      These bars contain wholegrain oats & rye, and prebiotic which boosts friendly bacteria. The daily recommended amount of prebiotic is 5g and each of these bars have 70% of this daily amount.There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

      Each bars has;

      ~~~Calories 61~~~
      ~~~Sugars 4.8g~~~
      ~~~Fat 0.7g~~~
      ~~~Saturates 0.1g~~~
      ~~~Fibre 4.9g~~~
      ~~~Salt trace~~~

      So as snack bars go these are not to bad for you and taste quite pleasant, I wouldn't eat them on a regular basis as I personally prefer to eat my oats and fruit seperately. I purchased these some weeks ago for my daughter in the 99p shop, but I believe that these are a lot dearer in the supermarkets. These also come in a strawberry version.

      I'll give these 4 stars


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        15.01.2009 09:05
        Very helpful



        Marginally better than the strawberry, but marginally.....

        Having eaten and reviewed the barely edible Ryvita Goodness Strawberry cereal bars I decided that enough was enough and threw out the remaining bars - if you've read my review you'll know they were 3 weeks out of date anyway which probably didn't help the taste!

        Anyway, I still had a whole box of 6 Cranberry and Apple flavoured Goodness Bars which I bought at the same time as the nasty strawberry ones - 6 for the very low price of 61p in 'Home Bargains'. With only 61 calories per bar (one less than the strawberry flavour) I was attracted to them as a low calorie breakfast for when I got to work.

        Thankfully unlike the Strawberry ones these ones have a month left before their best before date comes, with any luck I'll know find that this is why the strawberry ones were horrible, but I'm not too optimistic!

        The main packaging is a box made of card. The bar packaging is predominantly white and red and has pictures of apples on it - the bar weighs 23 grams.

        ---Eating Experience---

        On opening the packet I find it looks pretty similar to the strawberry one...like a sticky mess of oats and unidentifiable stuff. I can smell it slightly - not unpleasant.

        First bite and I find it's chewy and dry like the strawberry one. Perhaps not quite as dry, but this could be because it's not out of date.

        There is a fruit flavour of some sort - perhaps it is slightly apple-like, but not really, and I can't make out the cranberries.

        To be honest it's like chewing on a piece of flavoured cardboard - not very nice, but then not unbearable either. It fills a slight gap in my stomach - not bad for 61 calories.

        ---What's in it---

        The 23g of it contains 38% wholegrain cereals, 20% Oat Flakes, 26% fruit (I say fruit in its loosest sense - concentrates, puree juice etc). While it is suitable for vegetarians, it contains oats, rye, barley, and may contain traces of milk and soya. There's no mention of nuts anywhere. It's pretty similar to the strawberry ingredients (aside from the different fruit extracts).

        Since there's only 61 calories in a bar, it only contains 3% of your GDA, 5% of sugars and 1% of fat. So, it is pretty good for those watching their weights.


        In my opinion it is marginally better than the strawberry one, although it's impossible to say if this is because the strawberry ones were slightly out of date. But, only marginally - I'd give them 3 ½ out of 10 rather than 3 out of 10.

        I wouldn't recommend buying these - if you want a low calorie cereal bar then try Alpen Light - even if the Goodness bars are cheap in Home Bargains!


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