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Ryvita Goodness Bar Strawberry

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Brand: Ryvita / Type: Cereal Bar

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2009 17:49
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't recommend!


      I went into "Home Bargains" the other day to get something or another (shampoo I think), and ended up buying a load of stuff I had no intention of buying.

      I was aware that we'd run out of cereal bars, and since they are what I generally have for breakfast when I get to work as I'm not hungry before I leave home for the train in the morning, when I saw these Ryvita Goodness Bars on offer I thought I'd give them a go.

      6 in a box for 61p - not bad at all - so I bought two boxes. The thing that attracted me most to the bars was that they only have 62 calories in them - so good for the new year diet! I thought I'd start with the strawberry flavoured ones (not sure what the others are - mixed berry perhaps). The packaging is white and red (strawberries on it), and looks pretty appealing.

      ---Oh dear - will I never learn?---

      On first bite I had the sudden realisation that actually I have had these before. A year or so back I was in the very same Home Bargains and picked a box up then as they were cheap. I didn't like them so decided I would stick with my Alpen Light cereal bars. Unfortunately I had forgotten about that!

      I am onto my third bar now, so thought I'd share a review of them with you. The main hope is that by writing about it, it will actually stick somewhere in my memory that I should not buy these again.

      ---The Eating Experience---

      Have to admit it doesn't look particularly appetising.....

      On biting into it the first sensation really is its chewiness. But despite the chewiness it still manages to be quite dry. It's not nice really. I can taste a vague strawberry taste.

      It's not desperately unpleasant, but then it's certainly not nice either. I have just looked at the best before date and see it's 20th December which is more than 2 weeks ago. To be honest I don't think that this is what makes them taste bad, but it's not making me thinking particularly highly of Home Bargains - but quite frankly what did I expect? Must make a note to check the soup that I bought...

      ---What's in it---

      The 23g of it contains 38% wholegrain cereals, 20% Oat Flakes, 27% fruit (I say fruit in its loosest sense - puree, concentrates, extracts etc). While it is suitable for vegetarians, it contains oats, rye, barley, and may contain traces of milk and soya. There's no mention of nuts anywhere.

      Since there's only 62 calories in a bar, it only contains 3% of your GDA, 5% of sugars and 1% of fat. So, it is pretty good for those watching their weights.


      Well, as said I've now got through three of these, so they are just about edible. Since 2009 is a year for saving money (for the mooselings which we're starting to think about) I feel obliged to eat them.

      I have to say that I was pretty hungry before eating this and now I'm not, so it did fill a gap - but this could be more down to the fact that I don't feel like eating anymore!

      In the future I'll stick with Alpen Light bars!


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