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Ryvita Limbos Salt & Vinegar

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Brand: Ryvita / Type: Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      22.02.2010 15:56
      Very helpful



      Geat for a diet, bad for the taste buds

      I`m a really big crisp fan and consume loads, so when I decided to cut back on my calorie intake I decided to find a low calorie alternative.

      I purchased a 5 pack of these for £1.49 from my local supermarket, which I thought was a bit expensive as there was 6 bags of my favourite brand next to them for 99p. Bearing in mind a usual multibag offering is 25g, these have 18 grams in.

      But they were available in salt & vinegar (multibag of 5) and cheese and onion (multibag of 5)

      On holding the opened bag in my hand, I thought the packaging was great fun, bright cheerful and couldnt wait.

      I actually thought to myself there was nothing in the bag and actually went off to weigh it. On opening I was surprised there was so many in and I immediately thought of twiglets, they were long and weedy looking and in a not to appertising brown colour. But the salt and vinegar smell was strong so I tucked in.

      I know they wouldnt taste as good as my normal snack , but they tasted of cardboard (I have actually tasted cardboard, why I dont remember), Cardboard sticks with salt and vinegar all over to disguise the cardboardy taste.

      I couldnt eat many, I thought they were that bad. Perhaps it worked for me, it put me off eating for a bit, so I had a smaller calorie intake.

      The writing on the bag advertises "irresistable baked crunchy sticks" , irresistable would be the furthest thing from my mind.

      Hers the nutritional values for you, per bag 18g

      Energy 62kcals
      Protein 1.8g
      Carbohydrate 13.0g
      of which sugars 2.0g
      Fat 0.3g
      of which saturates 0.1g
      Fibre 1.4g
      Sodium 0.2g
      Equivalent as salt 0.4g

      I think you`ll agree these are low fat but remember theres only 18g in a bag and the taste...

      The ingrediants are as follows for anyone with allergys

      Wholegrain Wheat Flour 82%
      Salt and vinegar flavour (flavouring contains malt vinegar powder from barley)
      Natural colour: paprica extract
      Dried glucose syrup
      Trehalose (wheat, barley, make contain traces of milk, sesame seeds and soya)

      They are suitable for vegetarians, but not suitable for me who likes tasty, crunchy, wonderful crisps


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      03.11.2009 08:09
      Very helpful
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      I don't know about you but the name "Ryvita" doesn't exactly conjure up a tasty image does it? I remember my grandad eating Ryvita (usually with cheese) at suppertime when I was a child. Even then it didn't look like the most appetising thing in the world. My abiding image of it is as a dull gray-brown rectangular piece of something looking vaguely like cardboard. Not something you'd eat for pleasure.

      Which makes you wonder why I actually bought these. I'm still not sure really. Maybe it was the influence of the lovely Fern Britton and her Ryvita brand adverts. Whatever the reason here goes with the review


      The front of the multipack bag is predominantly blue with the words "limbos" in purple, the Ryvita logo in the top left hand corner and a picture of some of the crisps as well . The pack contains 5 packets weighing 18g each.
      The back of the multipack bag contains the usual lists of ingredients and nutritional information for the crisps. There are also details for the Consumer Services Department, the Guideline Daily Amounts and a blurb about wholegrain goodness along with a few other bits and pieces.

      You can visit the website at:- www.ryvita.com

      Nutritional Information per 18g bag {per 100g in brackets}

      Energy kJ: 263kJ {1461kJ}
      kcal: 62kcal {344kcal}
      Protein: 1.8g {9.8g}
      Carbohydrate: 13.0g {72.0g}
      of which sugars: 2.0g {10.9g}
      Fat: 0.3g {1.9g}
      (of which saturates): 0.1g {0.5g)
      Fibre: 1.4g {7.8g}
      Sodium: 0.2g {0.9g}
      Equivalent as salt: 0.4g {2.3g}

      Allergy advice. Contains Wheat, Barley
      May contain traces of Milk, Sesame Seeds and Soya.
      This product is suitable for vegetarians


      Wholegrain Wheat Flour (82%), Salt And Vinegar Flavour {Flavouring (contains Malt Vinegar Powder from barley), Salt, Natural Colour: Paprika Extract}. Dried Glucose Syrup, Trehalose*

      *Trehalose is a source of glucose


      At the time of writing my local shop are charging 69p for a multipack containing 5 bags of limbos

      Taste & Opinion:

      Despite the fact that this bag of crisps contains just 18g of crisps, as opposed to the usual average of around 22g - 25g this doesn't actually look to contain a lesser amount of crisps that other brands on the market.

      On opening the pack the main thing you smell is the aroma of Ryvita. I couldn't really detect any salt and vinegar smell at all. The limbos look a little bit like chipsticks that have been slightly squashed. They're a sort of dullish light brown colour and don't exactly look like the tastiest crisp on the market.

      Flavour-wise these have a very nice salt and vinegar flavour. They're not as strongly flavoured as the standard Walker's salt and vinegar flavour or the Smith's Chipsticks but it's still completely obvious what flavour these are meant to be. In terms of texture they're somewhere in the same area as Frazzles, Chipsticks and Skips and start to melt in the mouth as soon as they touch your tongue.

      Overall, I was actually quite pleased with these. True, in terms of appearance, they're not much to look at but I'm very pleased with the texture and the salt and vinegar taste. In fat terms these crisps are way down at the bottom of the fat content rankings so would be ideal from a diet point of view. In terms of GDA's one bag of these limbos would provide you with:

      3% of calories,
      2% of sugars,
      less than 1% of fat,
      6% of fibre and
      7% of salt.

      These aren't a luxury item by any stretch of the imagination but, considering how well they perform in dietary terms they're very tasty. Perhaps the only downside is that they contain a higher percentage of sugar than most other brands. If you're on a diet and are looking for an alternative to regular crisps then give these a try. You never know, you might like them!

      Crisps ranked in order of fat content:-

      01) Golden Wonder Nik Naks (Rib 'n' Saucy Flavour): 38.3%
      02) Frisps (Ready Salted Flavour): 35.1%
      03) Walker (Ready Salted): 34.1%
      04) Frisps (Cheese 'n' Onion Flavour): 34.0%
      05) Frisps (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 33.9%

      06) Walkers (Salt and Vinegar Flavour): 33.1%
      07=) Walkers (Cheese and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
      07=) Walkers (Steak and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
      09=) Walkers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 32.7%
      09=) Walkers (Roast Chicken Flavour): 32.7%

      09=) Walkers (Worcester Sauce Flavour): 32.7%
      12=) Walkers (BBQ Rib): 32.6%
      12=) Walkers (Smoky Bacon Flavour): 32.6%
      14=) Pringles Extreme (Smokin' Ribs Flavour): 32.0%
      14=) Pringles (Hot & Spicy Flavour): 32.0%

      16) Quavers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 31.0%
      17) McCoys (Flame Grilled Steak Flavour): 30.7%
      18) McCoys (Roast Ham and Mustard Flavour): 30.6%
      19) McCoys (Thai Sweet Chicken Flavour): 30.3%
      20=) Quavers (Cheese Flavour): 30.0%

      20=) Quavers (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 30/0%
      22) KP Discos (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 29.6%
      23) KP Skips (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 29.5%
      24) Hula Hoops (Roast Chicken Flavour): 28.6g
      25) Hula Hoops (Barbecue Beef Flavour): 28.5g

      26 Hula Hoops (Original Flavour): 28.4g
      27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Crispy Bacon flavour): 25.1%
      27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Worcester Sauce flavour): 25.1%
      29=) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Spicy Tomato flavour): 25.0%
      29=) Monster Munch (Pickled Onion Flavour): 25.0%

      31=) Smith's Chipsticks: 23.0%
      31=) Smith's Frazzles: 23.0%
      33) Space Raiders: 22.8%
      34) Red Sky (Anglesey Sea Salt flavour): 21.8%
      35) Red Sky (West Country Bacon & Cream Cheese flavour): 20.9%

      36) Sainsbury's Bacon Crispies (20.6%)
      37) Walkers Squares (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 18.0%
      38) Walkers French Fries (Ready Salted / Cheese and Onion / Salt and Vinegar flavours): 16.0%
      39) Walker Baked (Sour Cream and Chive flavour): 8.7%
      40) Walkers Baked (Bacon and Cheddar flavour): 8.5%

      41) Walkers Baked (Cheese and Onion flavour): 8.3%
      42) Walkers Baked (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 8.1%
      43) Ryvita Limbos (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 1.9%


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