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Sainsbury's Bacon Crispies

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7 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Snack

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    7 Reviews
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      15.12.2012 11:16



      I used to love these crisps as a hangover essential (snackers gon snack), or a delightful morsel during pre drinks and could easily munch out a whole pack. My love of these snacks meant that even after the crispies had been soaked overnight in a lemon liqueor (its best if you dont ask) and were soggy and alcoholic I managed to finish the pack. But I actually have had a rather concerning incident with a pack I purchased on Thursday. The delicious salty bacon flavour that I use to love now seems to taste like... Stem! When I pop one of the rectangle maroon rashers into my mouth my tongue explodes with the taste of a plant. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Is there any hope for me to regain the joy I use to get out of this cracker snack?


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      30.05.2012 05:35
      Very helpful




      I was sorting through the cupboards, looking for a packet of crisps to go with my lunchtime sandwich when I found these Sainsburys bacon crispies. They are described as 'bacon flavour maize snacks''

      At first glance, the packet isn't really anything special. It's pink and crimson coloured (presumably to tie in with the colour of bacon slices you would fry up for breakfast) and has the name of the product written in medium-sized white lettering on the front. It also has a red circle with more white writing telling us how there are only 96 calories in one 20g packet of these. And of course the sainsburys traffic light symbol telling us how many calories and how much fat/salt are in them. But I'll get onto that later.

      The smell of these snacks is of artificial bacon with a spicy kick. It's quite a strong smell, more so than the Walkers' smoky bacon crisps. Picking one of the bacon crispies out the bag, it feels greasy (as to be expected) and crumbly. When I take a bite, it tastes even stronger than the smell. The taste is of bacon, as to be expected, with a spicy kick. Don't expect a chilli-pepper spiciness, just a lingering warmth. They are also surprisingly salty and I really need a drink after having just a few.

      The thing I'm not keen on the most with these maize snacks is the texture. After chewing and swallowing, you are left with parts of the crisp all over the roof of your mouth and your teeth are coated in them too. It doesn't take much effort to use your tongue to eat the 'leftovers' but sometimes it can require a toothbrush to get rid of it completely which is really annoying, especially if I take these out with me in a packed lunch. As expected, the bacon crispies make my breath smell of them all day too, which is a bit unpleasant, but nothing some tic tacs wont solve.

      And now for the science-y bit. These snacks contain maize, sunflower oil, bacon flavouring, salt and beetroot juices. The calorie content of this per 20g bag is, as stated, 96. There is 4.1g of fat, with 0.5g being saturated fat. There is 0.5g of salt, which i personally think is quite bad for such a small bag. But it explains the salty taste.

      These are to be stored in a cool, dry place away from strong light and odours.

      Overall, I'd eat these if there was nothing else on offer, but they aren't my favorites.

      Hope you liked my first review,

      Julia (coughsyrupxo)


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        02.04.2010 16:02
        Very helpful



        Decent 69p snack

        I spotted a pack of these in our Sainsbury's local the other day whilst on the prowl for snack foods. At 69p for a 100g bag they were cheaper than all the other crisps on the crisp aisle in that particular store, so I decided to give them a try.

        The bag is one of those large share packs, coloured in a bacon purple/pink colour- the sort of bag you would buy for an evening in with a movie or to pour into a bowl for a buffet. Our pack lasted two days of grazing by myself and Mr Norton. When you open the pack, the crisps only come up to about half way so there is a lot of air in the bag- the bag could be made much smaller but we all know how crisp companies like to make products appear larger.

        The bag notes these are made with "healthier" sunflower oil, contains only natural colours and flavours and has no added MSG or flavour enhancers. These are essentially rectangular snacks made from maize with pink stripes on them to make them look a bit like bacon. They are pretty much the same as Frazzles and I think if you like Frazzles you will like these.

        I found these taste very salty and have a strong bacon flavour. They make your hands smell when you have eaten these. But the odd thing is althouh they are strongly flavoured, they are VERY moreish. The texture almost disintegrates in your mouth which is quite nice and makes them easy to eat more and more of.

        The ingredients are: maize, sunflower oil, bacon flavour, salt and beetroot juice.

        Per 100g bag: 474 calories, 5.2g fat (0.6g saturated fat), 2.8g salt, 3.6g sugar and 1.5g fibre.

        This is a LOT of salt and calories if you end up eating the whole bag (which would be quite easy as once you open the bag it is easy to get in "the zone" and just munch on them until they are all gone...

        Overall, for 69p, these are a decent buy. If you consider you can be charged up to 55p for one bag of walkers crisps, to get a 100g bag of nice bacon snacks for 69p is pretty decent. They are high in salt (I did not realise how high!) and a lot of people might just dislike them as they dislike bacon snacks, but I like these and they are a good snack buy for once in a while. I would note you should keep some toothpicks handy as they do tend to clag on your teeth a bit like Wotsits due to the maize.


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          08.03.2010 02:14
          Very helpful
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          Gorgeous Sainsburys Own Brand Crisps In Big Bags And Now Individual Packets

          I've gone mad on these Bacon Crispies from Sainsburys, I usually get the big 100g bags but last time got a pack of 6 normal sized bags for 96p. The individual bags are only 21g but you get loads of crisps for that, they must weigh light or something.

          They are Sainsburys version of Frazzles but I like them a bit better because the crisps are thicker and they are nicer to eat because of that. The crisps are maize snacks and have got a strong bacon flavour, there doesn't look like there is much flavouring on them but even the smell of them is mega strong.

          They feel a bit greasy in your fingers but don't taste like they've been swimming in oil, they're not dry but I'd deffo say they haven't got a greasy taste. As soon as you put one in your mouth you get a majorly strong bacon taste, some of the crisps are completely overloaded with flavouring and these are the best ever.... I love it when I get a pack with a STRONG crisp in it and it's a shame they can't stick a few in every bag! lol

          They taste lovely and smokey and have got a similar bacon flavour to the Smokey Bacon crisps that Walkers do. They're nice and salty but after you've eaten a bag you'll probably need a drink because they dry your mouth up big time.

          I love sucking these crisps, they're nice and crunchy if you haven't got the patience but sucking them is better because they melt in your mouth and the flavour tastes strong all the way through.

          A pack of 6 bags costs 95p and that's a bargain for such a yummy bag of crisps. You can make a bag last for ages as well because if you suck them you'll find yourself eating them dead slow and the strong flavour means you don't have to make a pig of yourself and eat them all in the space of 2 minutes like a bag of Quavers! lol

          Recommended.... cheap supermarket crisps that taste delish!!!


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            18.11.2009 14:59
            Very helpful



            Yummy bacon flavour crisps!

            Although I should be on a serious diet, I can't resist these crisps! Sainsbury's Bacon Crispies are pretty much the same as Frazzles but I think they are much better. Why? First of all, they come in a bigger pack! They are also thicker and taste a lot more flavoursome. Now they are made with sunflower oil (as most crisps are these days) so not as bad as they used to be! Recipe has also been improved of late and I find that they now seem to have more seasoning which is what you want with crisps - lots of flavour! Also contain only natural colours and flavours and for those slimmers amongst you, saturated fat is 2.3g per pack and 474 calories - calories are quite high but the fat content could be worse! Overall, these crisps have a realistic bacon taste and come in just the right size for sharing or munching alone! Only problem I found was that some of the crisps seem to get stuck together - which just means I have to eat more at a time!


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            09.09.2009 23:24
            Very helpful



            A Delicious Packet Of Crisps.

            I am a fan of crisps and pretty much all things bacon flavour so when I saw a multi-pack of these in Sainsburys they really caught my eye and I had to buy some.

            These bacon crispies are made by Sainsburys and they are provided in a reddy/browny colour packaging and it is adorned with the usual Sainsburys logo, nutritional information, ingredients etc.

            The crisps are made with maize & rice flour which has been shaped in to inch long bites and they are bacon flavoured. There is lots of flavouring all over the crisps and it really does taste quite like bacon, they are lovely and crunchy and have a great crisp bite to them. These are one of the best and I much prefer these some of the other cheaper options available. My hands get covered when eating these crisps and they can really be quite messy. They are very moreish and I can happily polish off two or three bags but at 96 calories and 4.2g of fat per 21g bag I do feel a little guilty at the end but it's definitely worth it!

            These crisps are delicious and I would definitely recommend them. I always need to wash my hands after eating them but this doesn't stop me wanting to wolf them down. Tom is also a fan of these crisps and I don't know anyone who doesn't like them. I would definitely recommend them and I am rating them 4/5 purely because they are not quite as delicious as one of the more expensive branded products available. These are yummy though and on my limited budget, for an occasional treat, I'll definitely be purchasing these again.

            6 packets of 23g each are available from Tesco stores or tesco.co.uk for £1.25.


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              04.09.2009 14:11
              Very helpful



              Sainsbury's Bacon Crunchies

              I hadn't had these for a while but got them when I was out shopping yesterday. Then I discovered that they were in Dooyoo's catalogue so here's what I thought of them.


              These crisps come in a bag which is predominantly a pinky-purple colour. A notation on the bag tells us that it can't be recycled at the current time. The front of the bag tells us that this product contains only natural colours and flavours as well as what sort of nutrients you'd get from eating a quarter of the bag.
              On the back of the bag are the ingredients, the nutritional information, the Guideline Daily Amounts for men, women and children and a few other bits 'n' pieces.

              The product is described as "Bacon flavour maize snacks" and comes in a 100g bag.

              The bag also states that the product:-

              + Is made with healthier sunflower oil which is naturally lower in saturated fats and higher in monounsaturated fats
              + Has only natural colours and flavours
              + Has no added MSG or flavour enhancers

              Nutritional Information per 25g bag {per 100g in brackets}

              Energy kJ: 498kJ {1990kJ}
              kcal: 119kcal {474kcal}
              Protein: 1.8g {7.3g}
              Carbohydrate: 16.2g {64.9g}
              of which sugars: 0.9g {3.6g}
              of which starch: 15.3g {61.3g}
              Fat: 5.2g {20.6g}
              (of which saturates): 0.6g {2.3g}
              mono-saturates: 4.0g {15.9g}
              polyunsaturates: 0.6g {2.4g}
              Fibre: 0.4g {1.5g}
              Sodium: 0.28g {1.12g}
              Equivalent as salt: 0.7g {2.8g}

              Allergy advice: Contains wheat gluten
              This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans


              Maize, Sunflower Oil, Bacon Flavour, Salt, Beetroot Juice
              Bacon Flavour contains: Wheat Flour, Yeast Extract, Salt, Sugar, Dextrose, Natural Flavourings, Onion Powder, Natural Colour: Paprika Extract


              I paid 58p for a packet of these in Sainsbury's.

              Taste & Opinion:

              These crisps are described on the bag as a "maize snacks". On opening the bag the first thing that hits you is the aroma. There's a distinct smell of bacon which gets your taste buds working straight away. The crisps are rectangular is shape and are fairly flat. The only way I can really describe then is if you imagine slicing 5 or 6 chipsticks in half so that they still retain their length but they're half as thick as they were. Then, "glue" those bits together and you'd end up with something approaching the size and thickness of a Sainsbury's Bacon Crispy.
              However these are coloured a little differently to the Chipsticks. They're made to look as if they've just come off a grill or perhaps a barbecue with alternate stripes of golden brown and off-pink colours.

              Once you've bitten into a crispy you notice that the texture and consistency is very similar to the Smith's Chipsticks. Obviously these are slightly different because they're both thinner and wider than Chipsticks are, but they have the same softness that Chipsticks do. If you have sensitive gums or other issues with your mouth that make it painful for you to eat hard crisps, crisps with ridges or sharp edges then look no further than these. Whilst they don't quite melt in the mouth with the same sort of ease as something like Skips do they're not going to cause you any pain either.

              Tastewise they're not as strong as the Smith's Chipsticks, or the Pickled Onion flavoured Monster Munch for example but neither are they bland and tasteless. The bacon flavour is very evident as is a slight hint of paprika. The ingredients listed onion powder but I didn't pick any of that up when I ate them. Overall though, they taste very moreish and there wouldn't be any difficulty with polishing off the entire bag in a single sitting.

              Take a look at those ingredients again. There's no E numbers listed. No MSG or anything else that makes you wonder "what the hell is that?" such as maltodextrin, potassium chloride that you may find in other crisps. These appear to be very natural indeed.

              The only issue I have with this product is that the bag doesn't re-seal so the air may get to the crisps if they're not all finished inn one sitting. Aside from that this is an excellent product in terms of taste, texture and fat content. For anyone that likes Chipsticks or bacon flavoured crisp products in general then I'd recommend that you try these as they're really tasty.

              Crisps ranked in order of fat content:-

              01) Golden Wonder Nik Naks (Rib 'n' Saucy Flavour): 38.3%
              02) Frisps (Ready Salted Flavour): 35.1%
              03) Walker (Ready Salted): 34.1%
              04) Frisps (Cheese 'n' Onion Flavour): 34.0%
              05) Frisps (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 33.9%

              06) Walkers (Salt and Vinegar Flavour): 33.1%
              07=) Walkers (Cheese and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
              07=) Walkers (Steak and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
              09=) Walkers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 32.7%
              09=) Walkers (Roast Chicken Flavour): 32.7%

              09=) Walkers (Worcester Sauce Flavour): 32.7%
              12=) Walkers (BBQ Rib): 32.6%
              12=) Walkers (Smoky Bacon Flavour): 32.6%
              14=) Pringles Extreme (Smokin' Ribs Flavour): 32.0%
              14=) Pringles (Hot & Spicy Flavour): 32.0%

              16) Quavers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 31.0%
              17) McCoys (Flame Grilled Steak Flavour): 30.7%
              18) McCoys (Roast Ham and Mustard Flavour): 30.6%
              19) McCoys (Thai Sweet Chicken Flavour): 30.3%
              20=) Quavers (Cheese Flavour): 30.0%

              20=) Quavers (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 30/0%
              22) KP Discos (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 29.6%
              23) KP Skips (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 29.5%
              24) Hula Hoops (Roast Chicken Flavour): 28.6g
              25) Hula Hoops (Barbecue Beef Flavour): 28.5g

              26 Hula Hoops (Original Flavour): 28.4g
              27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Crispy Bacon flavour): 25.1%
              27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Worcester Sauce flavour): 25.1%
              29=) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Spicy Tomato flavour): 25.0%
              29=) Monster Munch (Pickled Onion Flavour): 25.0%

              31=) Smith's Chipsticks: 23.0%
              31=) Smith's Frazzles: 23.0%
              33) Space Raiders: 22.8%
              34) Red Sky (Anglesey Sea Salt flavour): 21.8%
              35) Red Sky (West Country Bacon & Cream Cheese flavour): 20.9%

              36) Sainsbury's Bacon Crispies (20.6%)
              37) Walkers Squares (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 18.0%
              38) Walkers French Fries (Ready Salted / Cheese and Onion / Salt and Vinegar flavours): 16.0%
              39) Walker Baked (Sour Cream and Chive flavour): 8.7%
              40) Walkers Baked (Bacon and Cheddar flavour): 8.5%

              41) Walkers Baked (Cheese and Onion flavour): 8.3%
              42) Walkers Baked (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 8.1%
              43) Ryvita Limbos (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 1.9%

              Note: My local Sainsbury's is quite small and do only stock this product in the 100g size. However, on using mysupermarket.co.uk I discovered that Sainsbury's do actually sell these in a multipack of 6 x 21g bags. At the time of writing the website lists the price as 96 per multipack or 2 for £1.60


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