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Sainsbury's 'Basics' Chocolate Chip Cake Bars

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cake

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    3 Reviews
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      25.03.2010 10:00
      Very helpful



      A yummy cake bar but shame theres only 3 or 4 chocolate chips in them.

      Walking down the cake Aisle in my local Sainsbury's, I was trying to find something suitable for my daughter to have as a snack but also something that my other half could take to work with him. Looking thought all the Sainsbury's basic products; I came across this pack of 6 chocolate chip cake bars. Priced at 75p I didn't think this was too bad so in the trolley they went.
      When we got home I gave one to my daughter seeing as she had been so good while we where shopping. I was also making a cup of tea so decided I deserve one as well.
      Once opening the main packet I found that each bars was individually wrapped. This makes them great as they would be perfect to take out for snacks or to pop in a child lunch box.
      I took a bite out of the cake to find it was very fresh and moist, it tasted great.
      BUT WHERE'S THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS! In one whole cake bar there were only around 5 chocolate chips. I was very disappointed.
      This bar could really do with hand full of chocolate chip's throwing in.
      Although there was a lack of chocolate chips in the bar I will still purchase these again in future, as my daughter enjoyed them and they are still tasty with a cuppa tea. Also being individually wrapped makes them very convenient to take out and about with you.
      Each cake contains 112 calories, 6.3 grams of sugar and 6.3 grams of fat. They are also suitable for vegetarians.


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        14.11.2009 17:38
        Very helpful




        I do like the odd Cake Bar. I always said I wasn't much into Cakes, but I guess the amount of Cakes I eat would suggest that I probably like them a bit mre than I think I do. I keep trying budget versions of food thesedays, as it saves a bit money especially if you like the thing you buy. There is always the risk that you won't like the thing that you buy, and I guess that way then it is a waste of money. The budget range never is too expensive for things though, so not to worry on that count.

        Basics is Sainsbury's version of Budget brand. The packaging is always plain white with orange writing on it. No clever pictures or that, just plain, non exciting packaging. I don't care much about how a pack looks though.

        This pack of 5 Cakes Bars cost me 73p. I'm not being picky, but normally bdget items aren't that expensive. I was expecting around 45p, but that could be because I was expecting too much. I decided I had to try these through, and popped them in my basket.

        The 5 Bars are individually wrapped and sat in a cardboard tray. The tray is all wrapped in the normal white wrapper with the orange writing.

        These looked a bit like the Mr Kipling Cake Bars when I unwrapped one. They are rectangular, long enough, quite wide and pretty thick as well. S they looked the same as the brand named ones, but were a good 50p cheaper. Did they taste the same? No!

        They had a nice golden outer layer which was a little crisp. There was only a couple of Chocolate Chips sticking out the outer layer, but I thought they would mostly be inside the Bar anyway. When biting into the Cake, the inside was nice and crumbly and a little spongy. Nice and Soft and a little Vanilla Cream taste on the inside. There wasn't many Chocolate Chips, so I would have expected more in the Cake than what there was and especially for that price for a budget brand. They were sweet enough as well, and not too sickly.

        Each bar has 112 calories and 6.2g fat, so could be eaten as part of a calorie controlled diet.

        I would not buy these again, as they weren't too cheap compared to the next step up which was the Supermarket own brand, and those ones were a lot nicer. There needed to be more Chocolate Chips in these Bars to make them nicer in my view.


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        01.12.2008 15:12
        Very helpful



        A reasonably OK "basics" product

        COST: 79p for 5


        Calories: 112
        Kj: 470
        Protein: 1.3g
        Carbohydrate: 12.8g
        - of which sugars: 6.3g
        - of which starch: 6.5g
        Fat: 6.2g
        - of which saturates: 1.6g
        - of which mono unsaturates: 2.2g
        - of which polyunsaturates: 2.1g
        Fibre: 0.4g
        Salt: 0.11g
        Sodium: trace


        Milk chocolate chips, wheat flour, reconstituted egg, sugar, sunflower oil, vegetable glycerine, rapeseed oil, glucose syrup, palm oil, whey powder, natural flavouring, disodium diphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, xanthan gum, milk protein, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier, soya lecithin, natural flavouring


        Contains milk, egg, wheat gluten and soya
        Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers


        These little cake bars are from the Sainsbury's "basics" range. The outer white and orange coloured packaging is made of cellophane, and on the front is the standard "Sainsbury's Basics" logo, the words "5 Chocolate Chip Cake Bars.... with a sprinkling of choc chips, individually wrapped" (on first seeing this, I immediately questioned the wording, in that do they mean each cake bar is individually wrapped, or is each sprinkling of chocolate chips individually wrapped???? - that's just me nit-picking though). To the right of the wording are a few drawn orange shapes, presumably intended to represent chocolate chips, and on the far right, is a pie-chart style section giving very basic nutritional information, and a small logo which informs that the product is suitable for vegetarians.

        The back of the outer wrapping gives the detailed nutritional information, ingredients, dietary advice, recycling information, storage instructions and manufacturer's contact details.

        Inside the cellophane pack is a shallow white cardboard tray, containing 5 individually wrapped cake bars. The individual wrappers are miniature replicas of the large outer cellophane packaging.

        My very first thought on opening the outer wrapper was surprise at what I felt was an unnecessary level of packaging, especially for a "basics" product. I personally feel the white cardboard tray to be unnecessary - the individual wrapping around each cake together with the outer wrapper I'm sure would be sufficient for most people's needs.

        Appearance-wise, these little cakes are rather cute - each cake is uniform in size, and approximately 1" deep by 4" long. The sponge cake is a nice golden colour, though at first, I couldn't see any chocolate chips peeping through the outer surface of the cake.

        The sponge is very moist and soft, with a very slight vanilla flavour, and once bitten into, a few stray chocolate chips can be located....mostly by crunching down on them, as they are rather hard in texture. Sadly the chips inside the sponge have little or no distinctive chocolate flavour, but the tastiness of the cake almost makes up for that.

        I personally find these cakes a little too sweet, but pleasant all the same. There is a very subtle under-taste which springs up once a cake has been eaten, but it's not in my opinion offensive or even remotely off-putting.

        OK, when eating these little cake bars, I don't exactly find myself transported off into a wonder-world of "yes that hit my cake spot" bliss, but considering the very low price, Sainsbury's "Basics" Chocolate Chip Cake Bars are a reasonably pleasant product. I would imagine that if you were having guests who demand to be fed cake, and you bought a couple of packs of these, then removed the wrappers, nobody would be able to detect that they are a "basics", very low budget brand.

        Verdict: Nothing special, but nicely edible.

        Thanks for reading!


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