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Sainsbury's Basics Chocolate Swiss Roll

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2 Reviews

Type: Biscuits / Brand: Sainsbury's

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    2 Reviews
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      02.09.2011 09:16
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I like to save money where I can and when I am looking for a food item to buy I do search the cheaper product lines to see if there is anything that takes my fancy. The last one I bought that did take my fancy was this chocolate roll.

      It is from the Basic range from Sainsbury's and for 95g it cost just 37p, so a real bargain price in my opinion to try since I had not tried this one before. It comes in a transparent packet of which is very basic looking and just the name on the front and no fancy design picture. The roll is oblong shape and measures approximately 8 inches in length and 2 inches in width. It is a dark chocolate brown colour and it does look really nice and appealing to the eye.

      It has a vanilla filling of which is wrapped with the chocolate sponge. The sponge is very light. The filling is a nice soft, creamy texture and very nice tasting. It is very easy to chew and swallow. The filling is plentiful in the roll and just enough for the price. The colour of the filling is white and it looks nice with the sponge colour.

      My little grandson can easily eat this one, it is very soft for him to chew and swallow with no problems at all. It is very easy to slice too because it is not a hard roll, I just sliced a little and covered it with custard and my grandson really enjoyed it as I did too.

      It is not a too sweet a sponge, it certainly does not have a sickly taste and it is not bland tasting. It is a really nice sponge of which is really tasty. I bought 2 of them at the tme because I did think I would like it because I have tried other shops own brands and found them to be very tasty. This one I also ate with ice-cream. It tastes delicious just eaten with another food or just on it's own. I do prefer it with another food as I like rolls with custard etc but that is just my preference.

      This roll is suitable for a packed lunch or a party food. It is really affordable for any budget and I highly do recommend it for anyone to give it a go as I do not think you would be disappointed with this one.

      The allergy advice states that it does contain, wheat gluten, soya , egg and milk and is not suitable for any nut allergy sufferers due to the manufacturing methods so this is worth bearing in mind.

      It tells me on the back of the packet that it serves 2 people and that each slice contains 214 calories and 8.5g of fat. This is well big enough for more than one person, especially if eaten by children because with custard it is well enough in the dish.

      I would certainly buy this one again because it gives me all the taste that I expect from a cheaper brand of chocolate swiss roll. It is excellent value for money and very good quality.

      I give it 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        30.05.2010 21:05
        Very helpful



        Not good for children and too fattening for health-conscious

        I am going to write this review as I eat to give you the best idea on first reactions to taste

        The boring bit 1 - Packaging
        Which really is boring.
        Plain see through wrapper with a bit of white so that you can see the orange and black writing clearly. Although it does give you a sneak preview of the product as well, which looks like a standard swiss roll with the added bonus of the cream stuff almost falling out of it so it looks very appetising. You have all the typical nutritional info on there and ingredients. Nothing fancy, no unneccesary extras.

        The boring bit 2 - nutrition
        I can't find where it tells you the weight of the full product so writing the per 100g bit would be pointless, luckily there is a per 1/6 of the product bt so...
        1/6 of the product contains:
        69 calories
        2.4g fat
        0.8g sat fat
        As well as a load of other information you may want to know. This all doesn't seem like much for something which is chocolate but considering that is for 1/6 of a fairly small product (probably measures 10 inch in length at most) it is rather high in fat.

        Taste test
        Starting to eat the product is not too bad but I was disappointed after the view of it. I was expecting there to be lots of vanilla filling but there is more on the outside than actually holding the chocolate roll in place. Taking bites out then becomes out of the question when, after two bites, the taste is already becoming too sickly sweet for me to handle (and I have a sweet tooth and I have not had chocolate for a couple of days at least) so I end up putting it down and reach for a bag of crisps to get the taste out of my mouth.

        Because of how sweet it is I can see why the suggested serving is for 6 people as I could not imagine eating this small swiss roll in one sitting when I have eaten larger, more expensive, better tasting ones in a couple of sittings. If you are someone who only needs a small chocolate fix every now and then or you want some cheap food (it's only 16p) to put on the table for nibbles at a party then this product would be great but if you like a generous slice of your puddings this is a no-go.


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