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Sainsbury's Basics Croissants

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Croissants

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2011 07:52
      Very helpful



      Nice croissants, but not sure if will buy again.

      I like to try and vary my breakfast meal a bit to keep it interesting, tasty and filling all at the same time. This is the first time I've had these croissants for breakfast. At 75p for a pack of 4 they can be bought from most large Sainsbury's stores.

      --- The Packaging ---
      The croissants come in a plastic wrapper that is white and orange in colour, just like the rest of the basics range. The front has the product name in a large font and a picture of a croissant. Half of the front is made see-through so that you can see the croissants inside. The rear of the pack has all the product information on it and it also states that they can be frozen, which is good if you buy many packs at once.

      When you open the pack, the 4 croissants are packaged in a plastic tray. This does keep them secure and stops them being broken up, but I think it is very unnecessary packaging and they should really remove the plastic inner as isn't really needed.

      --- The Croissants ---
      The croissants are already cooked and so can be eaten hot or cold. I like them both ways, and when I warm mine up I usually just put them in the microwave for 10 seconds. The pack states they should be warmed in the oven from fresh or frozen, however I have never tried this. I expect that this would warm them up to be hotter and a bit crispier.

      The croissants have a lovely golden brown colour on the outside and when you break them open they have a nice flaky off white colour to them. Each croissant is about 10cm x 9cm x 4cm in size, which makes them a nice size to eat with your breakfast. When warmed, I like to spread a bit of butter and honey on them to give a nice warm and sweet treat for the mornings. I find that 2 croissants help to fill me up and set me up for the rest of the day.

      Despite being a basics product, they don't taste like a cheap product at all. They have a lovely slightly sweet taste that tastes like more expensive croissants. They can never beat freshly cooked homemade croissants, but as a quick and easy alternative they are very good.

      --- Healthiness ---
      Each croissant contains 157 calories, 7.3g of fat, 0.43 salt and 2.7g of sugar. They aren't the healthiest of foods available due to the high fat content, however they are very nice to be eaten occasionally. The ingredients seem quite reasonable, with only 9 listed that make up the croissant.

      --- The Verdict ---
      With respect to the taste, size and quality, these croissants are very good and are a very good product from the basics range. The one thing that puts me off buying these ones again is the price. At 75p for a pack of 4, they are quite expensive for a basics product. For the same price, I could buy a 6 pack of breakfast muffins or 2 x 6 packs of pancakes, either of which would be just as good for breakfast.

      Aside from the price, this is a very good product and worth a try if you are a fan of croissants. Due to the high price (in my opinion) I am only going to give these 4/5.

      Thanks for reading.

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