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Sainsbury's Basics Mini Roll Jam & Vanilla

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Type: Breads/Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2010 09:34
      Very helpful



      Good value and quality for money.

      I am on a low budget and have been for some time now and I am always looking around to buy snacks and sweets for myself and my grandchildren and so the cheaper I can buy my snacks the more money I will save and I bought these mini rolls from Sainsbury's basics range for only 30p for 6 rolls.

      They come in a plastic carton with individual compartments for them to sit in and to keep them in place for when you need to eat them and they are covered with a plastic wrapper to keep them nice and fresh.

      Each one is around 2 inches x 1 inch rectangle shape and they are vanilla sponge rolls with vanilla and jam raspberry filling, the texture of the filling is nice and soft and very smooth and very easy for young children to eat and swallow and the quality is very good and for the cheap price I think they are an absolute bargain.

      I have used these for making trifle bases and my grandchildren and myself love them with ice - cream or cream topped over the top as a pudding and they are very filling and we all love them and the taste is extremely nice and when I first bought them I thought they would taste bland but they are quite the opposite in my opinion.

      They are ideal for parties and other occasions such as if a guest comes to visit and I often freeze these rolls and they taste just as good when they are defrosted.

      They are very good for the little ones to hold as they are just the right size for them to grip onto and they break very easily to eat and they melt perfectly in the mouth.

      I cannot believe the quality of these rolls and the raspberry flavoured filling combined with the vanilla taste lovely together.

      I have taken these to work as part of my packed lunch and I have taken them on picnics and they are nice taken out of the cool bag and are nice and fresh.

      The amount of filling is just enough for the size of these rolls and I highly recommend them for anyone to give them a go, especially if you are on a budget like myself and if you have a lot of children as they are the idea treat for them and because of the size of them, they are just right for an after school snack.

      For anyone trying to lose some weight as my wife is at the moment they contain per roll 79 calories, 2.6g of fat and 1.2g of saturates.

      I rate these 5 stars.


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        02.10.2008 21:26
        Very helpful



        Not the most luxurious product in existence, but probably worth the very low price

        COST: 32p for six (@ 2.10.08)

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per mini roll:

        Calories: 77
        Kj: 326
        Protein: 1.0g
        Carbohydrate: 13.0g
        - of which sugars: 7.0g
        Fat: 2.4g
        - of which saturates: 1.1g
        - of which mono unsaturates: 0.9g
        - of which polyunsaturates: 0.3g
        Fibre: 0.4g
        Salt: 0.12g
        Sodium: 0.5g


        Wheat flour, sugar, egg, glucose syrup, water, soya flour, vegetable glycerine, sorbitol, whey powder, palm oil, disodium diphosphate, sodium carbonate, mono- and dyglycerides of fatty acids, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, potassium sorbate, alcohol, vanilla flavour, icing sugar, rice starch, sugar, citric acid, dextrose, glucose-fruit syrup, maize starch, anthocyanins, trisodium citrate, raspberry puree


        Contains milk, egg, wheat gluten and soya. Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers


        Sainsbury's "Basics" Mini Rolls Jam & Vanilla can be found in the cake department. They are not boxed, like more expensive brands of cakes - six mini rolls nestle inside of a moulded, stiff clear plastic open case, placed inside of a clear cellophane bag that is sealed at both ends. The front of this clear cellophane bag bears the standard orange and white advertising for all Sainsbury's "Basics" products, and very brief details of nutritional information (more detailed nutritional information is given on the back of the packet).

        These mini rolls do actually look rather dainty and inviting, so I decided to buy a pack and sample them. I felt that at 37p, it wouldn't break the bank too much to throw them away if they were inedible, and surely they couldn't be too bad, as can something as simple as a manufactured jam and cream mini roll go that wrong?

        Each mini roll seems a little too small for the sections they occupy inside of the plastic case, leaving a rather large gap at each end. I took great care to put the packet on top of my shopping, as I didn't want it to get squashed - this isn't such a big problem with boxed cakes. Once home, I made some coffee and settled to drink it, opening the pack of mini rolls.

        I went to lift one of the mini rolls from the plastic case, and had to put a little effort into prising it off the bottom, as it was stuck fast - but with the help of a little knife leverage, the cake was safely dislodged, and I took a little bite (a big bite would have devoured the cake completely!).

        The sponge cake tastes pleasant, but is a little on the dry side, and it is noticeably thinner than that of more expensive mini rolls. Inside the sponge cake is just a very tiny smear of red jam - so tiny, that I could hardly taste it. The cream filling is overly generous, I feel to the point where it completely overpowers the sponge, and the very sparse quantity of jam.

        Eating one of these mini rolls is a rather messy process, mostly because of the cream filling being disproportionate to the other ingredients, and I needed a tissue to mop up the mess after having licked the worst off my fingers. The excess cream filling did go some way towards compensating for the dryness of the sponge cake though.

        After I'd eaten the first mini roll, I waited a few moments to see if there was that "after-taste" which accompanies a lot of very low priced budget range products, but there was none. OK, I wasn't transported into paroxysms of epicurean joy, but I wasn't bitterly disappointed either. I decided that the experience was pleasant enough to repeat, and ended up polishing off the whole packet at one sitting.

        Considering these mini rolls are only 37p for 6, my opinion of them is that they are bloody wonderful for the price, but if they were the same price or just a few pence lower than the more expensive brands, then I'd hurl them aside with great force and declare them to be total rubbish.

        One thought has occurred to me - I wonder how many people who, if they were at a party or similar and these mini rolls were de-packeted and piled up on a plate mixed with lots of other different sorts of cakes, would recognise them as being a very low budget brand? I think a lot wouldn't.

        I'd certainly buy Sainsbury's "Basics" Mini Rolls Jam & Vanilla again - not because they deserve the highest accolade of culinary excellence, but because they are edible and extraordinarily cheap. The only improvement I'd suggest would be to lighten up on the cream a bit so that the jam flavour is more noticeable, but for 37p? What the hell!

        Overall verdict: Not a bad product for the ridiculously low price.

        Thanks for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Vanilla sponge cake filled with vanilla and raspberry filling.

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