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Sainsbury's Basics Pain au Chocolat

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Bread / Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      18.05.2013 14:51
      Very helpful



      A tasty alternative for those on a budget

      As with most children, my two love anything which has chocolate in it and both became very partial to a breakfast pastry whilst we were on holiday in Italy one year. At home they have cereal during the week but as an occasional treat are allowed pain au chocolat at the weekend, and I have been known to join them as it would be rude not to.......

      I usually buy cook from frozen pain au chocolat and croissants, but they had run out in Sainsburys one day so I opted for fresh instead, and seeing that they did Basics ones thought we would try them as I have generally been impressed by other items in the Basics range and I'm always partial to a cost saving.

      These come as a pack of four and are described as 'a little less chocolate but still a real treat'. They cost £1.20 as compared to the £1.28 they charge for their standard pain au chocolat - so not a massive saving but I guess it all adds up. They are 227kcal as opposed to 259kcal for the standard ones so slightly less fattening. Having had the standard ones before I was expecting a significant difference between them and the Basics ones but, to be honest, I couldn't really tell much of a difference. They are light, buttery and the chocolate is just as tasty.

      My children love them just as much as other ones they have tried which is good so I think we will definitely be having them again! I would recommend them to anyone on a budget who doesn't want to sacrifice quality for cost.


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      17.04.2010 23:31
      Very helpful



      Not awful at least!

      I really do like pastry types of cakes so when my mate saw these the other day in Sainsbury's priced at a mere 99p for 4 of them she decided to treat us. I have had this type of thing before but paid loads more for them in the past so I was a little wary of what they'd be like to be totally honest with you!

      The Packaging:

      The 'Pains' come in a see through plastic tray that has a see-through plastic cover over it with blocks of orange and white colouring in sections all over it. I am told on the front of the packet that they are Sainsbury's 'Basics' '4' Pains Au Chocolat 'A little smaller, still a big treat', there is a scribbled on picture of a hot steaming drink with one of these next to it, I'm told that they are Vegetarian and freezable, the best before date is clearly stated and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there too. Other information included on the packet includes ingredients and allergy advice, a full nutritional chart is listed, I'm told how to oven bake them (if I wish to cos these can be eaten cold too) and contact details for Sainsbury's are given as well. It is a cheap looking packet and very obviously an economy offering but it is of course informative as it should be.

      The Pains Au Chocolat:

      Well like the packet stated you get four of these squarish pastries and to be fair to them they are quite a big size. What they basically are is puff pastry with some plain chocolate dotted within them. Sounds nice and they are to a degree but they do actually lack quality and you can tell they are cheap!

      The pastry is puff and a bit flaky especially if you pop them in the oven and they of course go a bit more golden than just having them cold. The chocolate inside is more of a cheap chocolate spread paste. They actually do sell the stuff this tastes like cheap and in the basics range in Sainsbury's! There isn't a lot of it and it isn't rich but does taste like a cheap and somewhat sugary choccy though there isn't alot of it and in my humble opinion they could do with a bit more.

      The pastry is nice enough though there is nothing special about it. It is isn't particularly sweet or savoury and when cooked it does go a bit greasy but that in my opinion is rather nice cos not cooked they can be a little dry on the dry side of things. Also once you have opened the packet they don't last long and go stale so eat up these within a couple of days or freeze them and eat them in your own time would be my best advice.

      Not a bad product from Sainsbury's but they do look better than they taste sadly!

      Nutritional Information Per Pain:

      Energy: 227kcal
      Protein: 4.7g
      Carbohydrate: 22.4g
      Total Sugars: 6.0g
      Starch 16.4g
      Fat: 13.2g
      Saturates: 6.4g
      Mono unsaturates: 4.8g
      Polyunsaturates: 1.5g
      Salt: 0.43g
      Sodium: 0.17g

      Only available in Sainsbury's stores.


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