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Sainsbury's Basics Raspberry Sponge

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cake

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    7 Reviews
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      12.04.2010 21:56
      Very helpful



      Overall and excellent cake to compliment your cuppa tea.

      I used to make a lot of cakes but more recently since the birth of my son there's been very limited time that I have available to make cakes with my daughter. So happily strolling down the cakes and biscuit aisle in Sainsbury's I came across this raspberry sponge cake.

      Being on a very tight budget every week for our food shop as it is the last priority, as long as we've got the milk powder, food for my daughter and nappies for both the kids then food for us comes last. Sainsbury's basics products have been the only way we can afford to eat and I've found the quality to be exceptional.

      This raspberry sponge is priced at only 46p and is great value for money. The sponge cake is around 6 inches from side to side and can be cut into 8 reasonably generous slices. The sponge is nice and fluffy and I found it to have a slight vanilla taste. In-between the two layers of sponge is the most addictive sugar cream which tastes so sweet and sugary on top of the cream is a very sticky raspberry jam which will really tickle your taste buds. I found the combination to be just divine and really goes down well will a large mug of hot tea.

      The sponge cack comes in a box so make sure you lie if flat and don't squish it as it really would be messy to try and eat.

      I think this sponge cake really is top notch for the Sainsbury's basic range and would be great for children's parties.


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      27.03.2010 13:17
      Very helpful




      We like Sponge Cakes in our house, and I have found that they don't have to be expensive for them to be tasty. This Cake isn't the best budget one i've tried, but it was alright for what it was.

      I found this up the Bread aisle on the other side where all the other Cakes were. The box looked a bit boring, but it is a budget brand so that is to be expected. The box is white with the sainsbury's light orange writing on it. Quite a small box, but the Cake fills the box up.

      Not sure of the weight of the box, but this cuts into 4 decent sized quarters. The price for this was 42p, so a not bad price.

      This consisted of 2 round bits of Sponge with a Cream and Raspberry jam filling. There wasn't much Jam in here, but it was nice and sweet and a bit seeded. The cream was a light scraping as well and not fresh dairy Cream. The top had a light dusting of Icing sugar over it, so it made a nice enough sweet dessert.

      This was quite light and fluffy. It was a bit dry, but the filling inside made it a bit sweeter and more moist.

      This was an ok Cake, but I think the Tesco value one was a bit better. I would have expected all the budget brands to be the same Cake in different packaging, but there seemed to be a bit of difference.

      I could buy this again, but wouldn't go to any bother.


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      29.06.2009 12:22
      Very helpful



      an ok budget cake to buy

      If there is one thing I love more than chocolate its cake. I can make fairly decent little cakes at home, but I have never mastered a large cake as well as the supermarkets dish out. I will always buy large cakes from the supermarket for this reason, and also the jam and cream mix they put in some cakes are so much better than any mix I have been able to create.
      I'll admit to loving a nice cream and jam sponge, and have tried many different varieties over the years. The other day I decided to try the Sainsbury's basics raspberry sponge cake as it was half the price of their own label one.
      At only 46p for a whole cake I wasn't sure I could go wrong, even the ingredients must cost more for the individual to buy to make this cake.

      As with all the basics range, there is nothing special about the packaging. A white box with a slice of cake sitting on the front with the basics labelling all over the white cardboard.
      Inside the box, the cake sits wrapped in a plastic film, which is exactly that same as all the other branded cakes.
      My gripe with the packaging is that as you open it, the cake really needs to be transferred to a plate to allow it to be sliced properly. By taking it out of the packaging entirely, you have to either eat it all in one sitting, or re package it in an air tight container to prevent it going stale. Personally I would probably choose the first option.

      On first appearance the cake looks like the more expensive ones I have tried. The layers look to be an average thickness, and I can see an ok amount of filling when I slice the cake. Perhaps the levels of jam and cream are slightly less than in other brands.
      The sponge is a decent gold colour, and doesn't appear to have been under cooked or indeed over cooked. There is a very thin layer of icing sugar on the top, and I would say you get more with other brands.

      Eating the cake, I noticed straight away that the jam and cream didn't quite make it all the way to the edges of the cake. This is how they made the cake cheaper in the filling instance.
      The sponge tastes nice and light, but perhaps hasn't quite got the springy feel and effect you get from other brands. It's a bit dry when you get to the edges and find you're eating cake and more cake, but its fine when mixed with the filling.
      The jam and cream mixed together is very sweet but compliments the cake very well. It's not as creamy and flavoursome as you would get from other brands but you do get what you pay for and this is adequate for the price.

      The cake is designed to serve six, and these portions would be fairly small, but enough as a slice of cake served with tea for example.
      Each slice will provide you with 144 calories and 6.7 grams of fat. When you look at the stats, you realise you probably don't want more than a slice of this cake at a time.

      Overall, this cake will stand up against the others in the price test very well. If you're on a massive budget then cake doesn't usually get bought no matter how cheap it is, but for a cheap treat then this is worth a buy. You won't waste a lot if you find you don't like it.


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        19.03.2009 00:49
        Very helpful



        Horrible, don't even buy it!

        My Step-dad is currently working away from home all week and comes back only for weekends at the moment. Why do I tell you this I hear you think? Well 'cos every Friday I'm in charge of getting a cake or some scones or something in as a treat to make him feel right back at home.

        He is a total brand snob and wouldn't even out of curiosity eat a value or basic product knowingly. He won't even eat stuff that is reduced due to say a dented tin or a label peeling off or something and won't eat reduced food if it's going out of date. He eats and drinks the best and I usually get a rather expensive cake in as a treat. However the week before last week I did this and spent almost 6 quid on a cake and he hated it and moaned and was quite rude about it. So last week I thought.... well I can't type what I thought to be honest with you here and when I saw this I thought it was perfect. 46p and I'll remove the box and no one will know. It looked nice on the box and lets see if he notices was my thinking....

        The Packaging....

        Exactly as it is in the review photograph at the top of this page. The cake itself comes in a plastic and sealed see-through wrapper in a white and orange cardboard box. On the front I'm told it is Sainsbury's 'Basics' in white writing on a bright orange band of colour at the top. Then there is a photograph of a slice of cake on a orange drawn on plate, then under that all in bright orange writing I'm told it is Raspberry Sponge 'No fancy finishes, filled with raspberry flavoured jam'. There there is an at a glance nutritional pie chart in the right hand corner of the box and finally I'm told it serves 6 people and is vegetarian. On the back of the box (all in black writing) I'm told it is a 'Golden sponge with mallow and raspberry flavoured fillings' a full and comprehensive nutritional chart is displayed, ingredients and allergy advice is given, how to store instructions are listed along with contact details for Sainsbury's, I'm told to recycle the box, the best before date is stamped on (which is impressive as I can store it for 6 weeks before opening it) and finally there is a bar-code on there.

        There is no mistaking this is a rather cheap product but in my mind I don't mind it not looking fancy as long as it tastes good!

        The Sponge....

        I took it out of the packet and put it on a plate and sliced it. Basically it is two very light in colour golden sponges which opposed to being thick and fluffy and airy are actually rather like two stodgy, slightly soggy looking pieces of cake 'glued' together by a sort of marshmallow filling and jam and it's topped off with icing sugar which has sort of melted into the sponge due to the sponges said stodginess. Appearance wise it's not very attractive at all, has no real aroma to it and is rather small hence why I cut it into 4 generous pieces and me my Mum and Step-dad sat down to munch it with a cup of tea.

        I didn't say anything about it and bit into it. It wasn't hard, it didn't crumble though....YUK! Revolting. Strange, stodgy and really cheap quality sponges. The icing sugar had been dusted on heavy at some point in it's life and made it completely and overpoweringly sickly. Although there looked to be enough (but not too much to be messy) the filling within the sponge also tasted completely revolting. The mallow filling was totally repulsive, sweet and soggy. It tasted nothing like cream and it was mixed with a bland but smooth jam with no seeds in it, it could only be described as vile.

        So I took a look at my parents as I went to spit it out and not swallow this disgusting, soggy excuse for a cake. I certainly wasn't about to insult my tummy by landing this on it (and believe me I'm a pig and not normally fussy, particularly when I bought something lol). My Step-dad said I ain't eating that is it gone off and complained madly till I admitted the cost and what it was and even my Mum refused to eat it and she actually went into the kitchen and binned the lot saying she wouldn't even give it to her worst enemy. I tried to give a tiny amount to my obese Yorkie who also turned his nose up in disgust much to my surprise as he even licks his own bum!


        Looks sad. Tastes worse. this really is just God damn dire but then what do you expect for the price you pay for it? It isn't quality in any way shape or form and never, ever again would I buy it or advise anyone else to. The whole thing was a nightmare and we went without our pudding that night! Just pure gross, this really was!

        Allergy Advice...

        Contains egg, wheat gluten & soya.

        Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers due to the methods used in the manufacture of this product.

        Nutritional Information Per 1/4 Cake....

        Energy 148Kcal
        Protein 1.4g
        Carbohydrate 20.4g
        of which is sugars 11.9g
        of which is starch 5.7g
        Fat 6.7g
        of which is saturates 2.0g
        monounsaturates 3.2g
        Polyunsaturates 1.4g
        Fibre 0.3g
        Salt 0.3g
        of which is sodium 0.1g

        only available in Sainsbury's priced 46p (but leave it there!).


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          18.03.2009 18:09
          Very helpful



          For 46p you can't complain!

          It was my granddaughters tenth birthday this week, we went out for a meal on the day and as she was staying with me for the weekend I decided to put together a small buffet for Sunday lunch so she had the best of both worlds really. In Sainsbury's while shopping for party food I spotted a Raspberry Sponge as part of their Basics range, yes it came in an awful box but I'd be serving it on a plate so for 46p I thought I'd give it a try. After all if it proved to be awful then I was certain my neighbours greedy Labrador would give it a very grateful home!

          For your money you get a smallish cake which as a pudding would serve four, but as I was serving it as part of a buffet I cut it into eight thinner slices. Sainsbury's suggest a happy medium that this will serve six, but I think they would be very stingy slices and would definitely need bulking out with custard or ice cream.

          The texture of the sponge cake is good, it has a strange almost sticky feel to the top of the cake but it's a firm sponge which slices neatly without crumbs spilling all over the place. The sponge is filled with raspberry jam and cream and it looks nice, from looks alone I think you can be safe that no-one would guess this was a 46p cake although you might want to sift a little more icing sugar onto the top as it looks a little plain with the very small scattering that Sainsbury's have provided.

          Taste wise I think it's worth every penny, it's obviously not the best cake I've ever tasted but it tastes like it should cost more than 46p! The sponge is moist and tasty, it's quite sweet which mixed with the filling does make it a little sickly and I was glad I'd cut it up into such small slices. Now the contradiction, although it's a moist cake I did find it made my mouth feel rather claggy and dry after a couple of mouthfuls which wasn't a pleasant sensation.

          The jam is quite strongly raspberry flavoured and it gives the cake an all round fruity flavour which I found very tasty and moreish, it is slightly tangy which goes well with the sweetness of the sponge and I think Sainsbury's have used just the right amount of jam for the size of the cake. I wasn't so keen on the cream which was very synthetic tasting and dissolved in my mouth as though it were made of air, mercifully there wasn't much cream on my slice so it was easy to scrape off what I could see and anyway it's not so terrible that you'd want to avoid eating it, it's just not very good cream at all.

          I'll buy this again, why not? It's a tasty little cake which doesn't add pounds to your shopping bill, my granddaughters' all enjoyed it so one will make its way into my trolley at the weekend for a treat after tea on Saturday. The way I see it if we all like it then I might as well buy this cake rather than an overpriced version which simply bears a brand name and fancy packaging, plus this cake is the perfect size for me and the girls' so there is less waste.

          If you cut the cake into six slices each one contains a respectable 148 calories and a 2g of saturated fat, which is far less than my home made Victoria Sponge contains so I needn't feel so guilty about having a piece of cake after my dinner.


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            27.12.2008 09:40
            Very helpful



            Not even worth it as a cut back

            Like most people I have been affected by the downturn in the economy. So I have been experimenting with several 'cheaper alternatives' from the Sainsbury's basics range. This week I tried the raspberry sponge.

            Price: 46p
            I was very impressed with the cost of this product especially as I usually pay between £2 and £3 for a cake. It did make me a little suspicious, how could a cake be made so cheaply? I'm sure I would find the answer.

            I have just leant what to look for in the Basic's range they have a similar packaging style on all the range. This one is in a white rectangular box, which is surprisingly solid. It has on it a picture of the product, and in orange the basic's simple logo. It advises that this is a Raspberry sponge, no fancy finishes filled raspberry flavoured filling. It didn't look that appealing just simple and quite eye catching. It advised us what one slice provided and advised with was vegetarian and serves 6.

            When I looked at the box I was impressed that the best by date was a whole month after the purchase date. I wondered how this was possible as I remember as a child cakes very quickly going hard in our household. Must be the packaging it's in I surmised.

            The product:
            The box was very easy to open and the cake was in a clear cellophane wrapper, which is airtight. This again was easy to open and I placed the product on a large plate.
            At this point I realised this was not a big cake at all, it looked actually like a large biscuit. I think it must be at least 3cm less in diameter and about the same in height. It looked a bit sad and lifeless. It lacked the customary liberally sprinkled icing sugar on top; it just had a little instead here and there. I little cream had seeped out of the cake and onto the cellophane leaving a mess.

            I tried to smell the product but I struggled to smell anything. Maybe if anything I could smell a spongy smell.

            Looking at it I wondered how it was going to serve 6 people so I cut it up and indeed I could easily get six pieces out of it but they weren't very big and looked quite small and insignificant when put on a plate on their own.

            The Cake I found cut easily and the sponge was firmer to the touch than I had expected. And I was surprised when I cut it up that no cream or raspberry jam seeped out of the cake anywhere.

            It certainly lacked the quality that the more expensive brand have. I could taste the sponge, the jam and the cream and they tasted ok. They were the right mix between them but it did not melt in my mouth at all. It lacked something that I was struggling to put my finger on and the only thing I can say again is quality. It tasted ok but nothing special, it was not a treat and it didn't taste like it was either. It was a bit stodgy and plain with only the jam and cream in the middle to make to edible.
            I finished my first piece in about five brief and small mouthfuls feeling my hunger was in no way satisfied. So I had a second piece and after it felt quite sick and needed a glass of water to wash the taste away. From that point on I did not enjoy the cake at all and ended up throwing the rest in the bustbin.

            I certainly would not serve product if anyone called for tea at my house. I would be too embarrassed to do that, I think they would laugh. But I may on occasions have a piece with my afternoon tea when I am on my own, but then again a biscuit would probably be better.

            One slice provides:

            Calories 148
            Fat: 6.7g
            Total Sugar: 11.9g
            Sat fat 2.0g

            This indicates to me via the Sainsbury's traffic light on ingredients that the fist three are red being bad. I must admit that many calories in such a small slice I found shocking. Even the final two were orange meaning they were quite high. There were no green light signals on this at all.

            In my view a worthwhile experiment judging by the price. But a cake to my mind is supposed to be a treat something to look forward to. This did not do it for me and I was disappointed with both its taste and the content of the product.

            Not recommended

            Thanks for reading my review and all the best for 2009.

            CPTDANIELS December 2008


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              11.12.2008 22:18
              Very helpful



              Delicious considering it's only 46p

              COST: 46p

              NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per slice, 1/6th of a pack):

              Calories: 151
              Kj: 633
              Protein: 1.4g
              Carbohydrate: 21.3g
              - of which sugars: 12.5g
              Starch: 6.0g
              Fat: 6.7g
              - of which saturates: 2.0g
              - of which mono unsaturates: 3.2g
              - of which polyunsaturates: 1.4g
              Fibre: 0.3g
              Salt: 0.22g
              Sodium: 0.9g


              Wheat flour, sugar, reconstituted egg white, rapeseed oil, vegetable glycerine, palm oil, disodium diphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, dextrose; calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, potassium sorbate, water, maize starch, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar syrup, raspberry puree, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrates, anthocyanins, natural flavouring, cornflour


              Contains egg and wheat gluten
              Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers


              Oh dear, the cake bug hit again, whilst I was hunting through Sainsbury's for some bargains.

              I was hovering between choosing Sainsbury's quality brand and another well-known make, when my eyes rested on that familiar white and orange packaging, of their "basics" range. One of these cakes somehow (!) found its way into my trolley, thus providing me with my daily fix of fat, sugar and chemicals.

              Sainsbury's "Basics" Raspberry Sponge comes in a white box, with the standard orange-coloured "Sainsbury's Basics" logo on the front at the top. Underneath is a drawing of a plate, containing a slice of the raspberry sponge - the image of the cake is a photograph - and underneath, in orange lettering, are the words "Raspberry Sponge....no fancy finishes, made with raspberry flavour filling". There is a small logo in the bottom right-hand corner, which warns that the product contains wheat gluten.

              The rear of the box contains the nutritional and dietary information, an ingredients list, and the manufacturer's contact details.

              Inside the box, the cake is in a sealed cellophane bag, which is easily undone.

              Using a ball-park guessing technique, I'd say that this sponge cake is approximately one inch smaller in diameter than other, more quality brands, and possible around an inch less in height. The top of the sponge doesn't contain any sugar dusting, but it is a nice golden colour, and raised in the middle. The filling is visible, although not so copious that it oozes from the sides, and is made up of dark red raspberry gunge, and bright white coloured creamy stuff.

              Despite the frightening list of additives mentioned in the list of ingredients, I cut a small slice, noticing that 1/6th of the cake is an extremely small serving, and I doubt if most people would be happy with a piece that size. The cream and jam filling didn't seep from the sides and slop all over my fingers, so I wondered if this filling was in reality as generous as it looked. The cake gave off rather a pleasant vanilla-type smell, despite there being no vanilla in the ingredients list, and the texture was soft and spongy, without any of those what for me are not so nice hard edges.

              The 1/6th portion I had cut barely looked like a single mouthful, but I restrained myself and utilised a bit of delicacy in my attempt to make the portion into two mouthfuls, instead of shoving the whole piece in my cakehole at once.

              Chomping as softly as I could manage, I noticed that the cake was pleasant-tasting, and nicely moist - no different to a sponge cake made by somebody like Lyons or Mr Kipling. The cream and jam goo blended perfectly - the white goo tasted a little sickly, but not unpleasant....it was more of a mallow flavour, but I don't think it's trying to pretend to be butter-cream - the very best bit for me though, was the raspberry filling. It had a tangy, sharp flavour - quite accurately reminiscent of not raspberries themselves exactly; more of perhaps a raspberry coulis - and it blended perfectly with the sweetness of the white goo. I feel that had the raspberry goo not had that sharp tang, the whole thing would have been far, far too sweet for most people's tastes.

              After having polished off the first miniscule sized slice, I was feeling titillated rather than satiated, so cut another slice - then another....then another.....and before I knew it, I'd eaten the whole darned cake! Mind you, it really isn't very big at all - I'd say bite for bite, it's of a similar volume to that of two standard-sized ordinary cream cakes bought from a baker's shop.

              Overall verdict - This cake doesn't have those little special touches which would make it of the quality of a more expensive brand, but it is very pleasant to eat, and though on the small side, is well worth 46p. If you were entertaining people who demanded cake, and you bought a couple of these and removed them from the box before anybody could see their "basics" status, I don't think they would be disappointed, or even guess that the product is a very low budget range.

              Incidentally, the cream/jam filling did turn out to be of a good ratio to the cake, and the balance actually was just right.

              I'm going to stop typing now, because all this talk of Sainsbury's "Basics" Raspberry Sponge is making me yearn for one (or two!).

              Thanks for reading!


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