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Sainsbury's Basics Tea Cakes

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Type: Breads/Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      26.05.2009 20:27



      good overall value

      As someone who really enjoys a teakcake with melted butter, I was a little unsure when buying these for just £0.39, but considering the current financial difficulties in an attempt to reduce costs in food bills I tried them. I was pleasantly surprised however and whilst they are quite small, they taste pretty much just as good as the much higher priced variety. The packaging is naturally very basic, but this obviously does not matter. They provide 170 calories each, fqavourable to the 264 cal provided by their larger teacakes which also cost 0.94 pence for a pack of four. The amount of fruit in the teacake would seem to be an important factor in determining quality and these basics teacakes contain pretty much comprable amounts. In fact there is very little to seperate this cheaper version. It is definitly worth pointing out that, especially during these times, sometimes the more basic versions are just as good. The list of ingredients is in fact quite often shorter.


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      06.11.2008 17:55
      Very helpful



      A quality product for a ridiculously low price

      COST: 54p

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per biscuit):

      Calories: 89
      Kj: 374
      Protein: 0.8g
      Carbohydrate: 13.8g
      - of which sugars: 8.8g
      Fat: 3.4g
      - of which saturates: 1.9g
      Fibre: 0.3g
      Salt: 0.1g
      Sodium: Trace


      Mallow, biscuit base, chocolate flavour coating, glucose syrup, water, pork gelatine, wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate, salt, soya lecithin, cocoa mass, whey powder, polyglycerol polyricinoleate


      Contains milk, wheat gluten and soya
      Not suitable for nut or egg allergy sufferers
      Not suitable for vegetarians/vegans


      Sainsbury's "Basics" Mallow Teacakes are to be found in the cakes/biscuits section of most branches of the supermarket. The outer wrapping is a white plastic cover, orange writing, and the front contains the "Sainsbury's Basics" logo - which is white on an orange background - and at the top right is a little pie chart showing brief nutritional information. On the back of the wrapping is all the detailed nutritional and dietary information, together with a brief description of the product and a notice to say that currently, the packaging isn't recyclable.

      Inside of the outer wrapper are two moulded stiff plastic trays, each one containing six mallow biscuits. The biscuits aren't wrapped individually, but each of the trays is inside a sealed cellophane covering.

      Each mallow biscuit is on the large side, covered with a chocolate flavour coating.

      On opening the box and removing the very basic packaging, these mallows look incredibly tempting, especially bearing in mind that they are a budget range product. The chocolate coating is a good colour, lovely and smooth, and it looks thick - but the test is in the eating.

      Each perfectly-shaped mallow is about the size of 3 or 4 good mouthfuls. On biting into the mallow, the chocolate coating is pleasingly thick and has a good taste - even though it's described a chocolate flavour coating, rather than real chocolate. Inside, is a lovely firm, but fluffy pure white mallow which feels beautifully smooth in your mouth. At the bottom, there is a crumbly, pale-coloured, quite thick biscuit base, which is soft to chew and tastes delicious.

      These cheap but not at all nasty mallows are substantial, lovely-tasting and well worth the stupidly low price of 54p for 12. They are so good, that while you are eating them, you are truly fooled into believing you are eating a top-of-the-range quality mallow biscuit....the only difference is, that these ones don't contain that little blob of jam in the middle. Were they of an inferior quality, this would be a disappointment, but they are so tasty that you don't even miss the jam.

      Because these mallows are of a very good size, you feel satisfied after having eaten one or two, so maybe are less likely to want to gorge on the whole 12, just to gain a sense of having eaten something substantial.

      Wow Sainsbury's - these are really superb, and if you can make such a delicious product and sell it so cheaply, why can't other cake & biscuit manufacturers?

      The only down side, and it is slight, is that the mallows are rather high in fat, but there is some compensation in the fact that the calorie content is reasonably low, bearing in mind how large each mallow is.

      I absolutely, definitely would not hesitate in buying these again, as they are more than well worth 54p for 12...my mouth is watering as I am typing this, but sadly I ate the last one yesterday afternoon.

      I strongly recommend Sainsbury's "Basics" 12 Mallow Teacakes to anyone who is a cake/biscuit addict - they are divine, and their deliciousness more than makes up for the absence of jam inside.

      Thanks for reading.


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