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Sainsbury's British Potato Prawn Cocktail Crisps

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Crisps

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2010 13:35
      Very helpful



      Ok but I think I'll stick to cheese & onion

      We usually buy the cheese & onion variety of these crisps but I fancied a change this week. As I like prawn cocktail crisps in general, I asked my dad to pick up a pack of them instead. We always tend to buy own brand crisps as quite a few of the cheaper options that we've just tried have been at least as good as some of the more expensive brands and like most people, we're always looking for ways to cut down the shopping bill without eating total rubbish. How did I feel that these crisps measured up?

      Most of the crisps are a good size, although per usual for crisps in general, there aren't all that many in the bag and it's only around half full. Some of the crisps in the first bag I sampled had a bit of a burnt appearance in that they were a darkish brown shade while others had burnt areas but are largely ok. I didn't experience this at all with the cheese & onion crisps from the same range so it was somewhat surprising. To be honest, I found this rather off-putting and they didn't look as appetising, which is a bit of a shame as there was a fair amount of flavouring on most of the crisps which would otherwise have made them look quite moreish. This was less evident in other bags from the same pack so perhaps that was just a rogue bag that slipped through but I wouldn't say that the other bags were completely free from burnt crisps either.

      They don't smell overpowering. In fact, I can't really smell much at all when I open the packet. There is no distinctive smell wafting out that I can make out, nor when I actually bring the crisps to my mouth to eat them.

      The prawn cocktail is plentiful and there's not much skimping going on here. As I've already mentioned, there is a good amount of prawn cocktail flavour on a lot of the crisps so they are tasty and should appease anyone who really likes the prawn cocktail flavour in general.

      Per 25g pack: 129 calories, 7.8g of fat (0.8g saturated, 6.2g monounsaturated), 0.37g of salt (0.15g sodium), 0.9g sugars. The packaging claims that only natural colours and flavours are used. Suitable for vegetarians. Contains milk and wheat gluten.

      I wouldn't say that these crisps are bad as they're perfectly edible and there is nothing disastrously wrong with them. The taste is good and nothing seems to have been compromised on that front despite these being an own brand. I'm not keen on the fact that more than a few of the crisps in some of the bags in the pack were either partially or fully burnt as this did put me off somewhat but at the same time, I've eaten far worse crisps than these! In terms of fat, there is less saturated fat than I've used to so these do seem a little bit healthier than some of their competitors. All in all, I'd class these as being 'ok' crisps - nothing particularly special but nothing particularly awful either.


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