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Sainsbury's Chewy & Crispy Bars with Roasted Nut

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cereal Bars

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2010 21:37
      Very helpful



      Don't blame me if you get addicted!

      Since trying these, I've become totally addicted, so I thought it only right that I should share the joy in a review! They are exclusively from Sainsbury's and are priced £1.49 for a box of six. They are found in the crackers and biscuits aisle, not in the cereal bars aisle which foiled me for a while and I panicked they'd been discontinued! They are not available singly.

      They come in a simple red-coloured cardboard box which looks quite minimal and smart, just with the title of the product on and of course the 'wheel of health'. These aren't actually too bad for you, at 132 cals. This is comparable to similar products and other snacks like a bag of crisps, etc. However they do contain 7g of fat each which is a lot - enough to colour it red on the wheel, so maybe one for now and again rather than every day.

      The reason I've got so hooked on these is because they are so nutty and crunchy, yet so chewy at the same time. They manage to be really yummy and sweet without being sickly, and also seem to keep me full for a long time. I've been eating them mid-morning at work, and they seem to keep my energy levels up much better than other cereal bars or snacks. Looking at the ingredients, they contain a large proportion of peanuts and hazelnuts and this is reflected in the taste. For nut-lovers like me they are perfect and really wholesome-tasting. Yet they also have a slight toffee taste, with a chewiness that compliments the nuttiness perfectly.

      All in all, these are a really nice snack and although they aren't the best from a nutrition point of view, at least they don't contain lots of artifical ingredients and most of the fat comes from nuts, which makes me feel better about them!


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