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Sainsbury's Chinese Duck Spring Rolls

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Brand: Sainsburys / Type: Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      03.09.2009 23:57
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      A Wicked Duck Spring Roll

      I brought these duck spring rolls from out of the fridge in Sainsburys and they are v. tasty but not as nice as the ones from my local Chinese! They are brill though and hot or cold they taste wicked but I like mine better in the oven because the pastry goes crispy and the filling is loads nicer warm.

      There isn't a lot of duck in the spring rolls but it's mixed in good with the beansprouts and bits of vegetables so it tastes like theres loads more in there when you eat it. There's some hoisin duck sauce in the spring rolls but I wish there was more because in some bites there isn't any sauce and then it doesn't taste as good.

      The bits of duck are cooked nice and is tender and there are no pieces of fat in the spring roll. The beansprouts are a bit crunchy and still moist and the vegetables are nice and soft and I can still taste the flavour of them even when they have been in the oven.

      The pastry goes a bit crispy at the ends and stays nice and soft where the filling is wrapped up in it. Its got a nice greasy taste and usually I don't like greasy food much but spring rolls and stuff like that need to be a bit greasy to make them taste right.

      When they're cold they are still nice but the flavours aren't as strong and the pastry is a bit sticky in my mouth. It's all still good though but is a bit dry so I usually dip it in some sweet chilli sauce and that gives it an extra bit of flavour and makes it easier to swallow.

      I think its good that when you cook the spring rolls they don't burst open and the filling doesn't come out all over the baking tray. Some I brought from Asdas before burst in the oven and the filling dried up and they weren't very nice then even though the flavour was good when they were cold.

      I think these cost about £1.79 for 6 spring rolls that are a bit smaller than the little ones from the chippy but there is plenty of filling in them and they taste wicked.


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        27.08.2009 14:12
        Very helpful




        I love duck and I love Chinese food so when I saw these in my local Sainsbury's (priced £1.99) I couldn't wait to eat them!

        The Packaging....

        The 6 rolls comes in a large black plastic tray that is covered in a see-through plastic film with a black and dark green sleeve that simply slips off it. On the front of the sleeve I'm told they are Sainsbury's 'Oriental' 6 Duck Spring Rolls, they are freezable, made with British duck, I'm told to keep them refrigerated and the use by date is clearly stamped on along with an at a glance nutritional chart. On the back of the sleeve ingredients and allergy advice is given along with a full nutritional chart, I'm told how to store them how to cook them (if I want to), size is stated (160grams), contact details for Sainsbury's are given and finally there is a is bar- code on there. Nice enough packaging this is and not alot to dispose of either!

        The rolls....

        Simple to cook according to the instructions given, these really are. They are not very big at all and when you put them in the oven they are a soggy looking sort of light beige colour and give off no aroma at all. I banged mine in the oven and left them and when I fetched them back out they had taken on a lovely golden colour and had firmed up alot.

        The outer casing of the rolls (which are sealed at the ends) are made from thin sheets of pastry and rammed full of slithers of duck, cabbage, water chestnuts, spring onions and carrots all in various sizes and quantities. There is a small amount of hoi sin sauce blended within each one along with spices and seasoning. The duck is well cooked and distinctive in flavour with no bones in it or anything and the vegetables are cooked al dente rather than slushy or soggy.


        A tasty treat, these are good quality, easy to cook and to heat and make a nice side dish to accompany other meals!

        To Heat....

        14 minutes in the oven from chilled or 18 minutes from frozen on Gas Mark 6/Electric 200C.

        Allergy Advice....

        Contains sesame, shellfish, wheat gluten & soya.
        Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers due to the methods used in the manufacturer of this product.

        Nutritional Information Per Half A Pack (3)....

        Calories: 197
        Fat: 10.6g
        Saturated Fat: 1.7g
        Salt: 1.40g
        Total Sugars: 3.9g

        Only available in Sainsbury's stores.


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