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Sainsbury's Fresh Cream Doughnuts

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cakes

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    2 Reviews
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      26.02.2012 01:55



      A very nice treat, but watch those calories.

      Sainsbury's doughnuts with cream and strawberry jam from the chiller cabinet are a little slice of heaven on a plate. Ok, so maybe not heaven, but they come close.
      A nice long sized doughnut with a decent amount of jam, not too much to make it sickly and not too little too go unnoticed against the lashings of sweetened cream that's piped along the length and spills out of the top. Then there's a dusting of icing sugar (sometimes very skimpy which spoils the effect) over the top and you have one heck of a good cake to brighten any day.
      I do have one word of caution though, check the dates on these as they start to get a little stodgy bordering on heavy the longer they have been in the chiller or in the fridge at home (which of course gives you an excuse to rip the side open and devour them as soon as you get them home- just saying!).
      The smartest thing sainsbury's did was give the packaging a little rework and they now have grips in the top to stop the doughnuts hitting the case on the way home and splatting the cream everywhere.


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      27.04.2010 01:11
      Very helpful



      Ok but not worth breaking a diet for!

      Both me and my friend who I am currently staying with love afternoon tea and that includes a bit of cake usually lol. We tend to be really busy clearing her house out at the moment and never really stop moving so we have made a bit of a habit of stopping in our tracks mid-afternoon for a bite of something sweet with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea (I'm in Yorkshire at the minute lol).

      My friend spotted these in Sainsbury's the other day costing a pound for a box of two so picked them up for us to try out. I love doughnuts so was pretty pleased when these rocked up with fresh cream in them cos I love that too (even if my hips don't lol).

      The Packaging:

      The doughnuts come in a light pink box with a clear, plastic see through 'window' to the front of it. On the front of the box I am told that they are Sainsbury's Fresh Cream Jam Doughnuts 'Finger doughnuts filled with fresh cream and strawberry jam' and that they are suitable for Vegetarians, the best before date is clearly stamped on as is the price and there is an at a glance nutritional chart displayed. Other information given on the box includes ingredients and allergy advice being stated along with a full nutritional chart and storage advice being displayed and contact details for Sainsbury's are given. Nice informative box this is and inside the cakes sit in a clear plastic tray for security so they don't get bashed up of course lol.

      The Doughnuts:

      Well like I have previously mentioned you get two in a box. They are long and reasonably wide with a slit down the centre of them to which there is piped pure white brilliant cream pumped in, and in abundance. The doughnut is soft and made of sponge and dusted in icing sugar. It's light enough, doesn't fall apart and tastes not too sweet but a bit creamy really. Then of course you get whipped cream which again isn't too sweet cos under that you have a small amount of red and smooth strawberry jam.

      Both me and my mate loved the dense sponge. It was still light but moist type of thing and the cream was really generous and tasty too. However to us Sainsbury's were a bit tight with the jam and really all it did was add a much needed sticky sweetness to the cake but that was it. It certainly didn't really taste to us of strawberries.

      All in all I felt these were generously sized and of good enough quality. However they didn't taste all that doughnutty to me and could probably have done with having real sugar dusted on them. The strawberry jam wasn't all that great either but all in all these were passable but I wouldn't go raving mad for these! They look great but are a wee bit of a let down sadly and need more jam and more of a taste of strawberries!

      Nutritional Information Per Doughnut:

      Calories: 243
      Fat: 13.2g
      Sat Fat: 6.0g
      Salt: 0.40g
      Total Sugars: 8.3g

      Only available in Sainsbury's stores at a pound a box of 2.


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