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Sainsbury's Iced Coffee Maderia Cake

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cake

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    2 Reviews
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      22.02.2009 15:57
      Very helpful



      I enjoy a slice of this richly iced cake

      I would walk past a plain Madeira cake and usually dismiss it as being plain and uninteresting.
      Often plain Madeira cake can be too dry, it needs something added to it to make it attractive to prospective purchasers.
      As we know too well, there can be masses of different cakes on offer and we still have trouble trying to find one to our liking!
      If I am in an indecisive mood I tend to choose one of my old faithfuls and I have had the Sainsbury`s Iced Coffee Madeira many times.

      A 340 g cake comes in at around £1.29. The cake is packaged in a clear plastic wrapper which has a printed paper band around the middle.
      The information on the paper band is crystal clear, makers name, nutritional values etc. Two slices of the cake grace the printed label and they have managed to capture the cake looking its best.

      My initial thought would be that the coffee icing on the top would stick firmly to the clear plastic wrapper when it was first opened and the whole cake would then in turn fall apart. I was quite wrong, the layered cake lazes in a greaseproof paper base and once the plastic covering has been taken off it remains intact.
      The cake has started life by being baked in a flat baking tin and then they have cut three identical sized slabs of Madeira cake and sandwiched them together with a coffee butter-cream. Sickly is a word that could spring to mind, but the butter-cream hasn't been ladled on, there is just enough to add moisture to the Madeira cake.
      The cake, the butter-cream and the icing used on the top have all been flavoured with coffee extract which only works so well because the coffee flavour appears subtle.
      In between the layers are buttercream and then on the top is a glossy fondant/glace coffee icing which is reasonably thick.
      As you cut a slice the cakes bows slightly under the blade but seeing as you have three layers of icing to negotiate then this comes as no surprise.
      You can transfer a slice from the serving plate to a tea plate with relative ease.

      Eating tidily it is a completely different matter, the icing on the top clings for dear life to your fingertips and needs licking off.
      The Madeira cake is moistened by all of the sweet coffee icing, so there is nothing dry whatsoever about the cake in general.
      If you don't cut the cake carefully you could end up with the top icing from the next slice attached to the first piece!
      The consistency could be described as `sludgy` but I mean that in a polite and flattering way.
      The combination of Madeira cake, butter-cream and fondant/glace icing, all in a coffee flavour works very well, but it is extremely rich and of course high in sugar content.

      A slice, which amounts to an eighth of the cake contains 168 calories.
      The cake contain wheat gluten, sulphite (preservative), milk and egg.
      Due to the way in which this cake is manufactured no one with a nut allergy should eat it.


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        18.02.2009 22:04
        Very helpful



        I think this will become a regular in my house

        I love coffee cake but I have never managed to find anyone who makes it the way I like. Whether it's a friend, a corner shop or a supermarket brand doing the baking, I never quite enjoy it the way I do when I make my own. However, Sainsbury's Coffee Iced Madeira Cake has changed that.

        This is without a doubt the nicest shop-bought coffee cake I have ever tried. It has three layers of moist, soft, coffee-flavoured Madeira cake which are sandwiched together with two tasty strips of coffee flavoured buttercream icing. The cake is then topped by a thick, slightly gooey coffee-flavoured icing which has a taste and texture somewhere between glace and fondant icing.

        I find this cake to be just wonderful. It is so indulgent and a slice really fills me up, whilst still of course making me want another one. It has lots of lovely icing but it isn't too sticky or sickly, and it doesn't suffer from being too dry the way many coffee cakes do. It is just about perfect and I am sure I will be buying many more in the future.

        Per slice, which is recommended to be 1/8th of the cake, this cake contains 168 calories, 17 grams of sugar and 6.5 grams of fat (3.2 grams of which is saturated). Obviously this means that it won't help your diet much but it is certainly not the fattiest cake around and a slice now and then won't do you much harm. That's what I tell myself anyway!

        This cake normally costs £1.29 but it is currently on offer for 2 for £2 (an offer which also includes the plain, iced, cherry and lemon iced Madeira cakes in the same range).


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