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Sainsbury's Indian Snack Selection

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Snack

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    4 Reviews
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      10.02.2010 19:32
      Very helpful




      After trying my friend's mum's Indian cooking I've been searching for an alternative which I can have on a more regular basis. We first got these at Christmas for buffet type food but have bought them since to eat with Indian food and have always been impressed with them, they're freezable too so we got a few packs when reduced after Christmas and you can cook them from frozen so no messing about with defrosting.

      Pack includes three of each:
      Mini Aloo Tikkis
      Mini Vegetable Samosas
      Mini Onion Bajias
      Mini Spinich Pakoras

      Price: At £2.49 this Indian Snack Selection is pretty well priced, as I said before you can get them reduced and sometimes they have offers on but mainly after christmas. With there being 3 of each Indian snack it's perfect for 3 but there's plenty for 4 if you are willing to argue over who gets what!

      Packaging: The packaging is currently different to the one above, there's a plain purple sleve over the plastic container now with a subtle Indian Style Pattern often seen on Sainsbury's Indian products which gives it a more authentic feel.

      Cooking: These are great because you can cook from frozen or chilled so you don't have to remember to get them out of the freezer. They take 12 minutes as Gas Mark 6, 200 degrees from chilled or 18 minutes from frozen.

      Taste: All the Indian Snacks are suitable for vegetarians and have a very mild flavour which is how it's described on the pack. I will review each product separately beneath.
      Aloo Tikki: Now I didn't know what to expect here as I've never tried one before but there seemed to be alot of peas in this snack. It was also abit greasy to touch, but didn't feel greasy when eating. No particular flavour slightly spicy only mild though.
      Vegetable Samosas: These were my favourite, the pastry crisped up nicely but the vegetables inside were nice and soft but not mushy, creating a nice texture. Again slightly spicy, not greasy at all.
      Onion Bhajia: Now I don't know the difference between an Onion Bhaji and a Bhajia but they tasted pretty much the same to me, I wouldn't call these spicy at all just nice and oniony, that taste Onion Bhaji's always have!
      Spinach Pakora: These were quite nice and the spiciest of the selection, they don't particularly taste of spinach so don't let that put you off, almost a spicier onion bhajia.

      Overall: These are a nice little snack which we always keep in the freezer as you often fancy something extra to go with your curry and these are perfect. There's a good amount in the box for the price you pay, there's only 3 of each though and as we're a family of 4 it causes arguments over who gets what! Just a little picky point though, they could also try to get abit more flavour in these as apart from a little spice they are abit bland but fine for me.


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      08.02.2010 23:29
      Very helpful



      Everything was going so well....... A bit of a let down!

      Im not sure if what Im reviewing is the same product as the one pictured as the ones I purchased are 16 MINI INDIAN SELECTION, although the contents look the same.

      I got these as I had people coming over for drinks and nibble bits so I just fancied a change from the cocktail sausage and peanuts! I saw that the whole pack was only £2 (and that is normal price too) so thought it had to be worth a try!

      The price was fantastic value as you got 4 onion bhajias, 4 vegetable samosas, 4 spinach pakoras and 4 aloo tikkis. Although they are advertised as being mini sized, they were still quite big which was great.

      They come in a recyclable plastic tray with a cardboard sleeve (also recylable) with the nutritional wheel, price, and appetising picture on the front, along with BB date and vegetarian,freezable and oven symbols.
      The back of the sleeve shows what each product looks like inside, full storage, recycling and cooking instructions and detailed nutritional information.

      Although the product is suitable for vegetarians it is not suitable for those with allergies against mustard and wheat gluten, sesame, egg and milk.

      A big positive for this product is its ease in making it... oven cook at 200 degrees celcius/Gas mark 6 for 12 minutes -thats it!! All on the same tray, all for the same length of time! They came out of the oven looking perfect, gorgeous smell and colour.

      Another aspect of the product that I was really pleased with is the fact that it is freezable. All you need to do is cook for an extra 6 minutes- no defrosting or anything.

      As you can imagine, the nature of the product means they are not the healthiest option but I was pleasantly suprised with the calorie and saturated fat content...

      per Onion bhajia- 54kcal, saturated fat 0.2g
      (1 Weight watcher point)

      per vegetable samosa- 54kcal, saturated fat 0.5g
      (1 Weight watcher point)

      per spinach pakora 44kcal, saturated fat 0.2g
      (half a weight watcher point)

      per Aloo tikki -44kcal, saturated fat 0.2g
      (half a weight watcher point)

      So far, so good...... unfortunately here is the taste test........

      They are described as mild on the box and this is true, if not less than mild- no spicy taste at all.

      The vegetable samosas were delicious none the less, full, lots of flavour and didn't crumble/crack.
      The Bhajias, pakora and tikki all however tasted the same and that taste wasn't even that great!! They were edible and after a few drinks were ok but I wouldn't rush to buy them again. I found them bland and slightly stodgey and just no distinct flavours at all.
      I would buy the samosas again though- I was very happy with these.

      I was a bit disappointed, everything looked and was going so well up until the taste but really this is the most important bit isn't it!!

      They were ok to fill a tray at a buffet/party to add variety and for £2 they're worth a try, after all, this review is just my opinion, but personally I wont be buying them again.


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        15.06.2009 12:37
        Very helpful



        These make a nice occasional treat for the whole family.

        I love Indian snacks but I'm too lazy to make my own and too broke to go to Indian restaurants so thank goodness for Sainsbury's!

        The packaging seems to have changed and it no longer has the photo of the snacks on the front. Instead it has just a plain purple cardboard sleeve. Both the cardboard sleeve and the plastic tray can be recycled if you have the right facilities in your area but the plastic film cannot be recycled.

        You can pick these up from the fridge aisle and they're normally with all the other chilled Indian foods although if you order online they're in the meat-free alternatives section.

        They cost £2.89 and you get twelve individual mini snacks: 3 aloo tikkis, 3 vegetable samosas, 3 onion bhajia and 3 spinach pakoras.

        They're suitable for vegetarians and, from looking at the ingredients list and allergy warnings, they seem to be suitable for vegans too (at least I hope so!). The allergy advice says that they contain mustard and wheat gluten, and they're not suitable for peanut, nut or sesame allergy sufferers due to the manufacturing process.

        I'm not going to write out the list of ingredients like I usually do because it's l-o-n-g! But you can find the complete ingredients list on the Sainsbury's online shopping site:

        You can cook them from chilled or frozen in the oven at 190ºC and they take 12 minutes from chilled and 20 minutes from frozen. Easy peasy!

        The level of spiciness is described as 'Mild' and I would definitely agree.

        So what are they like?

        I cooked them from chilled as they were a bit soggy coming straight from the pack.
        They didn't stick to oven tray at all which makes my washing up easier!
        When I opened the oven there was an audible sizzling sound and strong spicy smell, it was like being in Indian restaurant!

        Aloo Tikkis - These are the round and flat snacks with a yellow/brown colour. Once cooked they're a bit greasy to touch. They're very soft but some of the veggies inside are a bit chewy. One of them seemed to have lots of peas in it! There aren't all spicy at all. My score: 4/5

        Spinach Pakoras - These are the round balls with greener bits showing. They're brown on the outside, and yellow and green inside. They're soft to bite into and not too spicy at first but a slight spice aftertaste. Some of them have more spinach than others and I found a very large piece of onion in one! I'm not over-keen on spinach so I preferred the less spinach-y ones. My score: 4/5

        Vegetable Samosas - These are the triangular parcels. They're a dark yellow pastry colour with a few little black dots. I found these very greasy to touch and they felt a bit soggy in the middle but had slightly crispy corners. They're not spicy at all. They're stuffed well with a good, balanced mix of veggies. They remind me a bit of veggy pie and have a sort of pie aftertaste too. The vegetables inside are all nice and brightly coloured. My score: 5/5

        Onion Bhajia - These are the less-regular shaped round balls that are brown on the outside and yellow on the inside. They're very soft to bite and chew. The have a good balance of onion and are not very spicy. They smell nicer than the pakoras (which had a bit of a burnt smell to them even though they weren't). There's a definite onion aftertaste so make sure you get a breath mint! My score: 5/5

        I ate whole pack and it filled me up nicely. I'm not sure how many people they're meant to serve but the nutritional information is based on just a quarter of the pack! They'd make great finger foods for a buffet as you can easily handle them; they don't fall apart in your fingers although the samosas and tikkis will give you greasy fingers.

        I would suggest that you might want to cook samosas for longer if you want them crispier but I actually quite liked them soggy!

        Some of the veggies & pastry got caught in my teeth but other than that, there were no unpleasant aftertastes at all.

        Overall, not too spicy so whole family (and people who don't like spices) will enjoy them and they make a great snack or part of a meal (or a meal on their own!).

        A quarter of the pack provides:
        Calories - 187kcal
        Fat - 9.4g
        Saturated fat - 0.8g
        Salt - 1.22g
        Total sugars - 3.2g

        So they're not very healthy but they taste so good so who cares!?


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          30.04.2009 15:46
          Very helpful



          A must try whilst they're on offer surely?! lol

          Whenever I have an Indian meal at home (which is once a week as a treat) I always cook up some rice and have some nan and snacks and things with it. Usually I just have a couple of onion bhajias but 12 items on offer at £1.44 (limited time only) instead of the usual price tag of £2.89 meant my Mum thought it was a nice idea to get me these for a treat!

          The Packaging....

          The snacks come in a clear plastic square tray with a clear plastic cover over them. Then there is a 'purple coloured 'sleeve' around the middle that slides on/off easily and on there there is a picture of each one of the snacks stacked up in a tower. I'm told in white writing that they are Sainsbury's Indian Snack Selection of 3 Mini Allo Tikkis, 3 Mini Vegetable Samosas, 3 Mini Onion Bhajias and 3 Mini Spinach Pakora's. Then I am told they are delicately spiced and mild in flavour (1 chilli is shown as a guide), I'm told they are produced in the UK, that they serve 4 people (hmmm lol), I'm told that they are Vegetarian and contain no hydrogenated fats, artificial colours or flavours and to keep them refrigerated and the display until/use by date is displayed clearly.

          On the back of the sleeve I'm given a full nutritional rundown, ingredients are listed and allergy advice is given along with heating instructions (if you want to eat them warm, you don't have to), I'm given contact details for Noon products LTD (who are the manufacturers of these snacks on behalf of Sainsbury's) size is stated (280g) and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice packaging, informative labelling this does has.

          When you first peel back the lid you get a slightly spicy and veggie aroma and as I have said you can eat them hot/warm/cold. Me, I prefer to heat these particular snacks up to a warm temperature and that is really easy to do even for me lol. Pop them on a baking tray and from frozen (they are freezable) cook for about 18 minutes on Electric 200C/Gas 6 or from chilled for 12 minutes. These are not microwavable by the way and I've never tried that method but I bet they would be fine cos they are pre-cooked anyway and of course you can eat them cold.

          So you get 3 of each product and here's my verdict on them!

          Mini Aloo Tikkis

          Golden brown in colour (cooked or not) and round and quite thick and a bit like Patti's, these are a mouthful per snack really. Made up from 70% lumpy sort of white potato's they are soft and delicately spiced with a hint of paprika and curry leaves. Yellow split peas give a yellowy colour and they are slightly spicy due to a hint of chilli in them. Personally I found these boring and bit bland until I dipped them in some chilli sauce! They're ok but not really my scene!

          3 Mini Vegetable Samosas

          Light golden brown in colour and in my view you really are best to have these warm/hot as I didn't like them cold at all and they were a bit soggy so cooking dried them out a little. The outer triangle casing is made of samosa pastry (53%) and is soft and light though holds the packed filling really well and they are really sealed up at the edges so you don't drop filling everywhere and they're easy to eat. Although not crispy or crunchy they're not greasy either and are packed with well cooked potato slices, small slices on onions, peas, carrots and then mixed with a variety of herbs and spices. Me, I can taste clove, cardamom and nutmeg quite a bit along with other herbs and spices giving this a mild kick to the taste-buds. I found these really tasty and a pleasure to eat.

          3 Mini onion Bhajias

          Again golden brown in colour, slightly rough in texture visually these were the greasiest tasting snacks although not all that greasy really! Lots of well cooked onions mixed with chunks of fresh tasting coriander and yellow split peas, these were fairly spicy but very, very tasty and very moist and almost fell apart when being eaten. I liked these very much and felt they were well seasoned with a lot of hard work gone into the recipe.

          3 Mini Spinach Pakora's

          The darkest coloured snack being really brown these round snacks didn't do a thing for me. Although mixed with potato, cauliflower, onion and spinach and mixed with cumin, chilli powder and ginger puree I just felt they were soggy offerings and were damp and squidgy really. Again better cooked than cold but they bored me!


          2 of the snacks I though lovely, light, well blended and great quality but the aloo tikkis and the spinich pakora's were not my cup of tea really. All though look nice, and are of high quality. I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase these at their full price but at the moment they're a bargain and you should try them if you like your Indian snacky foods!

          (Please note that other ingredients are listed per snack and not just the one's I mentioned but there the one's I can taste!).

          Nutritional Information.... Per 1/4 Pack Provides...

          Calories: 165
          Fat: 9.4g
          Saturated Fat: 1.0g
          Salt: 0.85g
          Total Sugars: 2.8g

          Only available in Sainsbury's chiller cabinets and only on offer for a limited time.


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