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Sainsbury's Jaffa Cakes

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4 Reviews

Type: Biscuits

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    4 Reviews
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      09.12.2010 14:57
      Very helpful



      Reacquaint yourself with a Jaffa Cake!

      Do you know, these aren't half bad? Really rather moreish, in fact!

      I'm as sceptical as the next guy when it comes to quality issues between premium and own brand products and you would think that Jaffa Cakes would be one of those products where you could easily tell the difference.

      But I don't think I could easily separate them in a taste test and I have quite a discerning pallet. As a consequence I can't remember the last time I bought the McVities ones and have been known to make a special trip to Sainsburys just to buy their Jaffa Cakes and a few other of their own brands which seem to hit the spot and without breaking the bank. Some of their other products in the Basics range are pretty rank so once you find a product that suits, stick to that and then read the reviews on others.

      Until the last few months, the price of these Sainsburys's Jaffa Cakes seemed very low and I have seen them for as little as 34p per packet for a 24 pack. More normally they come in at 40 something p as I recall.

      The packaging is pretty flimsy and uninspiring but you'd expect that for something from the Basics range. Anyway, how much protection does a Jaffa Cake need?

      "Plenty!" would be the answer to that question because once the packet has been opened and the first one scoffed, the remainder have very little chance of making it through to the next day. Is it just me or is it impossible to eat just one Jaffa Cake?

      Lovely tangy orangey goo in the middle. Slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and the top covered in a layer of chocolate. Some of you may remember the VAT wrangle a while ago about whether they were a cake or, as some claimed, a biscuit. Do you remember the difference as defined? A cake when it is stale goes hard. A biscuit when it goes stale goes soft. Jaffa Cakes go hard....therefore they are cakes - simples!

      The saving on these Sainsburys ones against the premier brand is considerable when neither is on offer and for those who haven't yet tried them, I would heartily recommend that you share your sofa with a packet this week and decide for yourself.


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      07.09.2009 21:39
      Very helpful




      I lke all kinds of Jaffa Cakes and have tried the brand name - which is McVities, to the Supermarket brand, down to the Basic version. In my view they are all much the same, but the difference seems to be the sponge part can be either soft, or sometimes a bit harder in the cheapest Basic ones.

      These are Sainsbury's Supermarket brand ones. You get 12 Cakes for 52p. In the Basics ones you get 24 for 38p. On the dearer end of the scale McVities cost around 90p for 12, so these are certainly middle of the road.

      The packaging is alright. It is a rectangular tube and it is pretty Orange. The writing is in white, so it kind of stands out on the pack.

      The Jaffa Cakes are stood on top of each other and they are in a cellophane wrapper. I can eat a whole pack of Jaffa Cakesin 1 go, as I know others can, so I don't care much about the freshness factor.

      These Jaffa Cakes just look like the others out these. They are round and have a layer of Sponge on the bottom, a Tangy layer of Orange Jelly and it is covered in a thin layer of Milk Chocolate. The Sponge is quite hard, but soft-ish when you bite into it. The Milk Chocolate is pretty thin, but it is thick enough to let you taste all the layers.

      These were nice enough, but I find them nearly the same as the Sainsbury's Basic ones and you get more for your money.

      Save your pennies and go for the Basics ones.


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      20.11.2007 20:32
      Very helpful



      Jaffa cakes not as good as McVities.

      Sainsbury's Jaffas seem a bit smaller than the McVities variety and are covered in dark plain chocolate that gives them a seductive appeal. This however can be highly misleading as full satisfaction is not guaranteed. Once in the mouth the cake or sponge feels really quite dry and shockingly crumbly, not like a Jaffa should be. There is the customary distinctive flavour of orange from the jelly that supposedly contains real orange juice. The jelly exudes both olfactory and gustatory value, but lacks juiciness and is provided in such a stingy thin layer on top of the sponge that it's almost scandalous. The taste is I suppose satisfying but there simply isn't enough of it to leave one feeling replenished. This often leads to over-consumption in the short term to the extent that after making your way through half a packet you'll still be feeling full of ghastly frustration.

      Sainsbury's Jaffas are relatively low in fat at just over a gram per cake. They also contain egg, soya, wheat & gluten. According to the packet theses Jaffa's are suitable for veggies.

      Although it's not uncommon in my experience for shop's own brands to be of a slightly lesser quality, I expect a little more from such a posh store like Sainsbury's. In conclusion these Jaffa cakes clearly do not have the same addictive qualities as the McVities variety and the few pennies you might save simply isn't worth the sacrifice you'll pay in terms of taste and all round enjoyment.

      Price 52p for a box of 12.


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        16.05.2005 08:40
        Very helpful



        Saninsbury’s Jaffa Cakes

        I usually buy McVities Jaffa Cakes, but saw these and decided to give them a go as they were considerably cheaper. They are also dark chocolate which is my preferred choice. They cost 43 p for 12 Jaffa Cakes. The McVitites Jaffa Cakes from tescos that I normally purchase cost £1.25 for 24. 12 would therefore cost 62.5p so obviously there is a big difference.


        The packaging is a bright orange box with a picture of a half slice of a Jaffa Cake and an orange. Over the image is Saninsbury’s and 12 Jaffa Cakes, Made with Real Orange Juice. The box also states that they are suitable for vegetarians.
        Three sides of the box are the same with one side for the nutritional information which I will come to later.

        Taste, What did I think of them?:

        Taking a Jaffa Cake out of the packet, the first thing I notice is that they appear a bit smaller than the McVities and the cake feels really quite dry. Since I have some McVities Jaffa Cakes in the cupboard, I decided to compare for size and the Sainsburys ones are just a little bit smaller.
        The plain chocolate doesn’t look as dark as I was expecting and the first two out of the packet look a bit squashed although the plastic inner packaging was full to the top upon opening.
        Having had the first bite into the Jaffa Cake, my suspicions are confirmed, this Jaffa Cake is way too dry. Just to make sure its not because the top one out of the packet, I selected one from half way down the packet and it too was very dry.
        It almost feels like a soft biscuit in texture, it feels that dry and is a bit crumbly the same.

        After biting into the Jaffa Cakes, I can smell the orange, but not very strongly like you would expect after trying McVities Jaffa Cakes.
        The orange centre does taste nice, but I have to say there wasn’t enough of it. I nibbled the edges away to check and the edges were chocolate only with no orange underneath.
        I can say that I didn’t particularly enjoy Sainsbury’s Jaffa Cakes, the taste of the orange was nice, but the dryness was not all that enjoyable.

        Nutritional Information: All information found on the back of the packet:

        Each Sainsbury’s Jaffa Cake will provide:

        Energy…………..………….45 kcal
        Protein………….…………….0.5 g
        Carbohydrate……………........8.3 g
        Of which sugars………….…6.4 g
        Of which starch….………….1.9 g
        Fat……………….……….…..1.1 g
        Of which saturates………….…0.6 g
        Of which mono-unsaturates…..0.4 g
        Of which polyunsaturates…….0.1 g
        Fibre…………………………....0.2 g
        Salt……….less than…………...0.1 g
        Of which sodium….less than...0.1g
        It also gives the guideline daily amounts for calories, fat and salt for men and women.

        The ingredients are listed and there is also a note about allergies which states ‘ Contains egg, soy, wheat and gluten’.

        Other information:
        How to store – To retain freshness once opened, cakes should be kept in an airtight container.
        Contains no GM ingredients.
        Is only sourced from suppliers who meet our stringent standards of quality and safety.

        There is also a freephone customer careline No: 0800 636262

        Made by Sainsbury Supermarkets Ltd,
        33 Holborn
        EL1N 2HT
        Internet : www.sainsburys.co.uk

        Would I recommend them?

        Well having tried them, I won’t be buying them again, they were definitely not as nice as McVities Jaffa Cakes. As I said earlier, they were too dry in the cake for me and not enough orange centre. I did like the dark chocolate, but that doesn’t make them worth buying again, so no I would probably not recommend them.
        But at the price they are, try them for yourself, it’s not a lot of money to lose if like me you don’t want to eat the rest of the packet.


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