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Sainsbury's Mini Redcurrant Puffs

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2011 15:35
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      The best £1 I've ever spent!

      I love pastry. I love cakes. I love anything cake, pastry or dough orientated. I'm not huge on sweets or chocolate (but of course I wouldn't offend and refuse!) but cakes etc are my weakness and I literally can not walk down the bakery isle's without stopping to admire the selection and very rarely have the strength to walk away empty handed.

      Being on a budget this month I knew I had to give my sweet tooth a talking to when it came to our food shop because as much as I yearned for badness I knew I had to be sensible and control my urges! Why is it that the nice tasting things seem to cost the most?!

      So primed and ready I made my way to the supermarket. Currently I do my large food shops at a huge Asda wallmart near us in Crawley but here in Horsham the main supermarket is Sainsburys so thats where I go several times a week when I need my bits and bobs. Sainsbury's tend to be the more expensive of the supermarkets but I do find their choice and own brand meal ideas are hard to beat. If you haven't tried them before you must try sainsbury's marinades on chicken-their honey and mustard is amazing! Anyway back to the point!

      Sainsbury's also have an expect naughty section I love to roam around but I didn't have to wander for long before I was drawn to a big sign promoting something 'new' to their range-these Mini Recurrant Puff's. I've tried something similar from Marks and Spencers and I'm quite fond of them so when I saw these were on offer for £1 for the bag I knew that was my treat! Also my partner doesn't like things like this so I knew they were all mine to enjoy!

      The bag itself is 150g and is a laminate film bag. It's not self sealing so once it's open you can't re-seal but trust me once open, they won't be around for long!

      The mini puff's are puff pastry biscuit type treats with a dried redcurrant filling in the middle. It's like a ring of dried pastry biscuit with recurrant in the middle. They aren't soft so don't stick to your fingers but they are glazed slightly so don't hold for too long of the slight sugar glaze will melt a little. There size is approximately 5-7cm's each and I would guess you get approximately 30-40 per bag which is a great amount, especially for it's introductory price of £1!

      The taste is delicious! It's crispy and sweet but due to the layers of pastry they don't settle in your stomach feeling heavy like a biscuit or chocolate bar would. And that fruit type filling adds to the sweetness level but the puff pastry side means you don't feel full up quickly. This can be aproblem because you can't stop eating them! I am ashamed to admit I tend to get through the whole bag in one afternoon because they are so moreish and just don't make you feel full-it's a deadly combination! Avoid if your on a diet!

      The treats themselves contain wheat, egg, gluton and soya and should not be consumed by peanut or nut allergy sufferers due to the methods used in their manufacture. Also per buscuit you get 1.3% of your daily guideline amount of sugar and 2.5% of your guideline daily amount of saturates. This didn't suprised me but did make me feel a little greedy after indulging in my third bag of the fortnight! So although technically you can each a whole bag in a day without going against you recommended allowances, if you do consume the lot it's probably best to eat vegetables for dinner just to balance it out!

      I would give these five stars out of five. They taste amazing, particulalry if you have a sweet tooth for this sort of thing and although they are moreish which isn't always good, I enjoy eating them so I don't mind! I'm not sure if Sainsbury's will increase the price by much as this starting price of £1 is only the introductory price so I would give them a go while they are well priced incase the price rockets. However as long as they don't triple in price I thin I'm going to be buying these very regularly from now on! They are easy to have around and great to have when people come round as an alternative to plain biscuits. But I tend to keep mine for me-they are too good to share!



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