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Sainsbury's Onion & Garlic Dip

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Dip

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2010 10:37
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      Tasty Dip With High Fat Content

      Having reviewed the Sainsbury's salsa dip recently I decided to see what the onion and garlic one was like.


      The onion and garlic dip comes in a clear plastic pot with a plastic lid. The pot is covered by card sleeve which lists the ingredients, nutritional information and recycling information. The product should be keep in the refrigerator after opening and should be consumed within two days. It is described as:- "A dip made with mayonnaise, soured cream, onion and garlic"

      Ingredients: Mayonnaise (58%) {Rapeseed Oil, Water, Pasteurised Egg, Spirit Vinegar, Starches, Cornflour, Rice Starch, Glucose, Salt, Fibres: Citrus Fibre, Potato Fibre; Egg White Powder}, Soured Cream (from cows milk (28%), Onion (10%), Rapeseed Oil, Garlic Puree (1%), Starches: Rice Starch, Cornflour; Chive, Egg White Powder

      Nutritional Information per 100g {per 1/5 pot in brackets}

      Energy kJ: 1586kJ {729kJ}
      kcal: 385kcal {177kcal}
      Protein: 1.5g {0.7g}
      Carbohydrate: 6.9g {3.2g}
      of which total sugars: 2.2g {1.0g}
      of which starch: 4.7g {2.2g}
      Fat: 39.0g {17.9g}
      (of which saturates): 6.3g {2.9g}
      mono-unsaturates: 21.1g {9.7g}
      polyunsaturates: 9.6g {4.4g}
      Fibre: 0.2g {0.1g}
      Salt: 1.00g {0.46g}
      of which Sodium: 0.40g {0.18g}

      Allergy Information:

      Contains milk and egg.
      This product is suitable for coeliacs.


      I paid £1.38 for a tub of this in Sainsbury's. They do have a 2 for £2.50 offer on at the moment.

      Taste and opinion:

      There's quite a range of dips on the market now ranging from mayonnaise based dips to cheese based dips to others such as salsa. Many dips, like this one are available in a single tub or jar to buy whilst you can also buys trays of dips which usually contain 4 or more different flavours. I purchased this dip, along with a couple of salsa ones to dip my Pringles in and submitted it as a suggestion to Dooyoo to include on here,

      As with the Sainsbury's salsa dip, the packaging has its plus and minus points. On a positive note the fact that the outer sleeve is made of card and the tub is made of plastic means that you're not going to experience any sort of difficulties opening the tub as you might do with a screw top lid. Also, if you drop this somewhere it's unlikely to smash in the same way that a glass jar might do. On the downside the sleeve informs us that the tub and lid are not yet recyclable

      Opening the tub I can see a slight off white mass of something that looks quite thick indeed. There are little specks of green here and there which are obviously bits of chive but no bits of onion visible which presumably means that it's either been chopped very small or is lurking under the surface,

      So, what does it taste like?

      Dipping my Pringle into the dip the first thing I notice is how thick it is. However, the fact there it's a relatively smooth dip rather than one with chunks of tomato etc means that there's no such an issue with the Pringles snapping and the bottom of them being left in the dip.

      I take a taste and am quite pleased with it. It's got a smooth, creamy consistency and there's a distinct, but not too strong taste of onion. As I suspected the onion has been chopped into very small pieces indeed but I can feel my teeth biting into the tiny pieces of it as I crunch down onto the Pringle. There's a slight underlying taste of garlic as well but this is a secondary flavour to the onion. I'm not keen on things that are too strongly flavoured with garlic so I pleased at Sainsbury's haven't used too much of it and made it too overpowering.

      The dip itself is very much a cooling dip and would be an ideal antidote if you've been eating something with perhaps a chilli or hot salsa dip. Likewise if you've ordered a pizza with a hot topping along with chips / fries / wedges etc this dip would be ideal to dip your potato product into to give your mouth some respite from the heat of the pizza topping.

      Tastewise then, I can fault this dip as it's got a great taste and a pleasant, smooth consistency. In fat terms however it's a different story as it contains 39% fat. The sleeve uses the "traffic light" system on the nutritional information panel and I was amused to see that Sainsbury's had rated everything on the salsa dip either amber or green per 1/4 of the tub. For some reason on this onion and garlic dip they've chosen to give values based on 1/5 of the tub and the fat and saturate figure are still in red!! In fact 1/5 of this pot provides a woman with 25.6% of her Recommended Daily Amount of Fat so, eating the entire pot in one sitting would well and truly put you past your recommended fat intake for the day!

      Overall I enjoyed the taste of this dip but, based on the fat content figures, it's not something you should be eating huge amount of (unless of course, you're trying to put weight on!). I've deducted one star purely for the high fat content.


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