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Sainsbury's Party 8 Crispy Duck Pancakes

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2009 21:22
      Very helpful



      Lovely duck pancakes.

      One of the party foods I tried over the Christmas period was Sainsbury's Crispy Duck Pancakes, part of their Party Bites range which I have tried extensively over the festivities. These are frozen and come in a pack of 8 pancakes which makes them ideal for a pick and also for putting out on a buffet table for your guests to help themselves.

      They are much smaller than I was expecting when I opened the rather large cardboard box and being as I was cooking them for four of us I decided to put two boxes in to make sure everyone got to sample them. I was glad I did in the end because these little duck parcels are delicious and everyone grabbed as many as could possibly fit on their plates!

      The Crispy Duck Pancakes are basically small cones of pancake, open at one end to show off the rich looking duck filling. I can see a little 'green' in there too, although nowhere near as much as is shown on the picture on the box and to be honest it looked so limp and unappetising that I pulled off what turned out to be cucumber and spring onion slivers.

      They take around 15 minutes to cook at Gas Mark 6, which is a couple of minutes more than the packaging specifies but then I find these kind of nibbly foods always take longer than they are supposed to. After cooking the parcels have gone nicely crispy and the duck that is bursting out of the open end is steaming and seems to have swelled slightly.

      The pancake is not at all greasy, I'd took out some kitchen roll to blot them on but it wasn't necessary as no oil came out of them at all. The duck is wonderfully meaty with a very rich and interesting flavour, I couldn't make out the taste of Hoisin sauce at all which was rather disappointing but luckily I had some in a sachet that I'd taken out of another duck meal recently so I drizzled that over the pancakes before serving.

      Everyone loved these little pancakes and I was glad I'd chosen to buy them over some Tikka Bites that had almost replaced these in my trolley. I thought they had a very authentic flavour and because they are bite sized they are ideal for when you are putting together a buffet. They were best when they had started to cool I thought as the pancake itself lost a bit of it's crispiness and this gave it an even more authentic feel compared to Chinese style duck rolls, which is basically what they are only a different shape!

      Each small pancake has just 29 calories and 0.7g of fat, which isn't bad at all for such a tasty little treat so you could easily fit these into your healthy eating campaign in the new year. I actually found them very light to eat and a nice snack, I have since bought another pack and cooked them through to go with a salad and they were equally good like this.

      The box of eight pancakes costs £2 from Sainsbury's but is currently on special offer along with a lot of other Sainsbury's Party Bites range at three boxes for £5. Very good value I think, certainly cheaper than buying duck meat and cooking my own!


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