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Sainsbury's 'So Organic' Croissants

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3 Reviews
  • Expensive at full price
  • Taste reasonable good
  • Full of calories and fat
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    3 Reviews
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      14.06.2015 19:00
      Very helpful


      • "Expensive at full price"
      • "Taste reasonable good"


      • "Full of calories and fat "

      NO thanks Sainsburys

      I do enjoy a nice croissant but the other day I noticed that Sainsbury's had reduced some of their packs of four organic croissants to only 29p from over £1 so I bought two bags. Now, I do not know if the reason I was not so impressed by these baked goods was due to the fact that they were at their sell by date or if they always taste like this, but I cannot say I was too impressed with the taste or the texture. My husband also said the same thing as me and we both agreed that they tasted rather dry and bland and certainly not as buttery as we had been hoping for.

      The croissants themselves, as I say, cam ein a pack of four and they looked a reasonable size. They were golden coloured, quite flaky but smelled a bit "off" if I am honest. We slightly heated ours up as we like them warmed and with butter but they just did not melt in the mouth as we had hoped they would and they were certainly not as good as the basic croissants we usually get and which are less than half the price of these organic ones.

      I ate one, my hubby ate two and we gave the last one to the seagulls in the back garden! Overall, they did not live up to my expectations and I have to say that we were both very disappointed with them. We won't be eating them again, that's for sure.


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      01.05.2008 23:16
      Very helpful



      Great taste, great price

      I love these croissants!! I have tried all Sainsbury's croissants and these are by far the best. They are currently on offer at 88p for 4, which I think is real value for money. I was drawn to the simple, unfussy packaging and the special offer price of course! I always check the ingredients in an effort to avoid additives and food containing too much salt, sugar etc. I was pleased to see a short list of wholesome ingredients including wheat flour, butter, whole pasteurised egg, sugar, yeast salt, whole milk powder and ascorbic acid. Please note however, that nutritional values stated are given per 44g and 100g of product. I can only assume that 44g grams is equivalent to 1 croissant. I hate food labelling as I am sure it is desgned to confuse and mislead the consumer! Anyway, I think each croissant contains 11.3g of fat so it is not the healthiest choice for breakfast. Nevertheless, these croissants are the flakiest, lightest, most moist and buttery you will find. I certainly had no problem in putting away 2 for breakfast! They are great heated in the oven or straight from the packet.


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        04.02.2008 17:23
        Very helpful



        Great start to the day lol

        I read a review on here the other day about someone eating Croissants and so when I went to Sainsbury's and saw these I had to have them as I love a Croissant covered in butter and jam!

        What Are They?...

        Sainsburys SO Organic Croissants. (Yes they are organic!)

        The Packaging....

        Clear plastic unrecyable packaging with a dark green section on the front letting me know who they are by and what they are, best before date and an at a glance nutritional value section. Through the packaging I have 4 rather large croissants sitting in a moulded plastic tray.

        On the back tells me a more in depth run down on the nutritional values, ingredients, allergy advice, about the croissants, how to keep the product fresh, how to warm them up and contact details for Sainsbury's.

        About Croissants....

        You may associate the croissant with France but it was actually created by Viennese bakers in the 17th century and only introduced into France in 1838. But that's history for you. What's really important is how popular the croissant is today - a firm favourite as a delicious treat at breakfast and beyond!

        About Sainsburys Organic Croissants....

        'Our organic croissants are baked with care using only quality ingredients. Organic stone-ground flour, sugar, eggs and creamy butter come together to create this melt in your mouth pastry - light, crisp and so moreish, so enjoy every mouthful'.

        How To Keep Fresh And Cook....

        Store in a cool dry place.
        If freezing, freeze on day of purchase and consume within 1 month. Defrost thoroughly and use within 24 hours. Once thawed do not re-freeze.

        Best served warm....

        Preheat oven to 180c, 350F, Gas Mark 4.
        Remove packaging.
        Place on a baking sheet for 4 minutes to heat through.

        My Verdict....

        Well I've eaten the lot!. They are delicious! The first two I warmed in the oven on the first day of purchase so they were really fresh. I was impressed by the large size and they were so flaky! They 'flaked' everywhere though and made a bit of a mess. The second day I had them I warmed them not according to the instructions and popped them on my toaster and used the bun warming tray and they were just as nice. On day two they wernt quite so flaky which I actually prefered as there was so much less mess.

        They look just how you think Croissants should look. A lovely golden colour. You expect to cut them and get the flakyness. Without that it just isnt a croissant lol. The texture is buttery and leaves your hands a little greasy. They are not at all sweet and sickly and as Sainsbury's say they really are moreish. They are not pappy. I hate that when you chew and stuff like this it can get gooey and stick to your teeth and the roof of your mouth. These don't and they were a pleasure to eat and knowing they were organic I didn't feel so guilty till I checked out the calories at least.

        Lovely for breakfast, simple to prepare and really filling I throughly enjoyed them and will re purchase them alot in the future as they are exceptionally good value and feel like a luxiourious treat.


        Wheat Flour, Butter (26%)*, Water, Sugar, Pasteurised Whole Egg, Yeast, Salt, Skimmed Milk Powder*, Flour Treatment Agent: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), *from Cows' Milk, Of the ingredients that can be organic, 100% are organic, Water, Salt, Yeast and Ascorbic Acid.
        Suitable for vegetarians.
        Organic.....produced to EC Organic Regulations. Organic Certification UK5.

        Allergy Advice....
        Contains milk, egg, wheat gluten.

        Nutritional Information Per Croissant....

        Energy 190 Kcal
        Protein 3.6g
        Carbohdrate 18.5g
        of which is sugars 1.8g
        of which is starch 16.4g
        Fat 11.3g
        of which is staurates 6.5g
        mono-saturates 3.4g
        polyunsaturates 0.9g
        Fibre 1g
        Salt 0.5g
        of which is sodium 0.2g

        Only in Sainsbury's 99p Per 4 Pack.


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        Light buttery taste!

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