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Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Coffee and Walnut Cake

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cakes

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    4 Reviews
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      21.09.2011 21:33
      Very helpful



      For a supermarket brand you won't get a nicer coffee cake

      Coffee cake is my favourite kind of cake (even better than chocolate cake), actually I think it's everyone in my family's favourite kind of cake, so we're all pretty happy when my mum goes to Sainsbury's to get this cake. I like going to my parents and enjoying a big slice of this with a mug of coffee.

      The cake is part of Sainsbury's high-end Taste the Difference range. The box differs from that of the above pic. It is brown with a purple label with the Taste the Difference logo. There is a circular clear plastic bit in the top of the box so you can see the top of the cake inside.

      The box gives all the mouth-watering blurb:
      'Coffee Cake layered with coffee buttercream and topped with coffee buttercream and walnuts.

      Our aromatic coffee cake is the real deal: moist feather-light sponge infused with the rich flavour of authentic Colombian coffee and partnered with smooth coffee buttercream made with proper butter. Crowned with a liberal sprinkling of crisp, golden walnuts.'


      The cake is round and a pale brown colour. It has 2 layers of sponge with coffee flavoured buttercream in the middle and on the top. The top is also liberally covered with decent sized chunks of walnuts.

      The sponge, unlike a lot of coffee cakes, is moist and does have a noticeable coffee flavour. It gives you the sense that a lot of coffee has been used when mixing it. Similarly the buttercream is also coffee flavoured, which stops it being just that bit too sweet. The buttercream is smooth and creamy, not grainy or slightly hard like it can sometimes be.

      The taste is overall moist and pleasantly sweet, with just the right amount of nuttiness. It tastes amazing with a cup of strong coffee or a latte.

      You could get 8 small slices of cake out of this but you may find that the slices just aren't enough!

      It costs around £2.25.

      Would I buy this myself? Absolutely not. Why? Because I would eat it all on my own. All of it. EVERY LAST CRUMB.


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        17.05.2010 12:02
        Very helpful
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        A Delish Cake When I Wasn't Expecting Cake! LOL

        I went to visit someone the other day and accidentally crashed a family birthday party! Bonus for me that it was a family who can afford the nicer things in life so I didn't take much convincing to stay, especially when I saw these coffee and walnut cakes on the table that they'd brought instead of an actual birthday cake! lol

        It's a sponge cake with coffee flavoured buttercream on top and in the middle and walnuts sprinkled on top. The sponge is coffee flavour and has got a bit of a nutty taste as well, it was a bit dry but I reckon that was because it had been sitting on the party table for god knows how many hours. My mate said she's had it before and the sponge has always been nice and moist.

        The buttercream is delish, it's got quite a strong coffee flavour but it's deffo not over powering and I reckon even people who aren't mad keen on coffee would still be able to eat this. There isn't as much cream as it looks like there is because it's not spread as thick as you think it's going to be, I was a bit annoyed when I saw it was thinner but after I'd ate a slice I was glad because it's a proper sickly cake and if the buttercream was any thicker it would have been toooooo much!

        It's the same buttercream in the middle as on top so you've got a yummy coffee flavour going all the way through. On top of the cake are just the right amount of chopped walnuts and they've got a yummy flavour and go proper nice with the coffee flavour. They are soft but feel a bit crunchy because of how soft the cake and buttercream is.

        When I looked on the Sainsburys website I was a bit surprised that this cake only costs £1.99 and does 6 people. The cake looks small but because of it being so rich you only need a little slice..... and you need to eat it with a fork as well because it's hard to pick up without the cake falling to bits! lol

        Recommended..... yummy!!!


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          21.04.2010 11:45
          Very helpful



          A Lovely Treat With A Cuppa.

          You know how they say "Don't go shopping when you are hungry" well that is why I came home at lunch time with a coffee cake for me and my Mum to have with a cup of coffee.

          I do love coffee in all forms from drinking fresh coffee and eating coffee creams from Thorntons and when I saw that this cake was on offer for £1.00 it was in my basket like lightning!.

          ======= The Cake ======

          The Coffee and Walnut cake comes in a square box and is from the Extra Special range and serves 6.

          It is an all butter Coffee cake packed with intense brazilian coffee and sprinkled with walnut pieces.

          The packaging also states that it is suitable for vegetarians.

          When I took the cake out of the box it was wrapped in plastic with a plastic base on it. It was easy enough to remove and placed it on a plate to cut.

          The cake is a very thick sandwich style with two layers with coffee cream in the middle and the top is covered in coffee icing with chopped walnuts on the top.

          ======= How It Tasted =======

          It was easy to cut the cake and it did not fall apart when cutting which some can do.

          The cake is very light and fluffy and did not look heavy or stodgy.
          when I took the first bite the mixture of the light fluffy cake and the thick cream in the middle it was a glorious taste, the cream in the middle is very smooth and the taste of coffee is quite strong but not overpowering and the added crunch from the chopped walnuts made it a taste sensation.

          While it was wonderful and full of flavour the cream is very strong and stopped me from eating more than two slices.

          ======= Price And Availability ======

          The cake can be purchased at any Sainsbury store and the usual cost is £1.99 although I got it on offer for £1.00


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            11.12.2009 11:10
            Very helpful



            A lovely-tasting cake that's too rich to binge on

            PRICE: £1.99 for a serves 6 size cake

            NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 1/6th of cake serving):

            Calories: 273
            Kj: 1,144
            Protein: 3.4g
            Carbohydrate: 36.6g
            (of which sugars): 25.3g
            (of which starch): 11.3g
            Fat: 12.5g
            (of which saturates): 6.9g
            (of which mono-unsaturates): 3.4g
            (of which polyunsaturates): 1.5g
            Fibre: 1.3g
            Salt: 0.30g
            (of which sodium): 0.12g


            Wheat flour, walnuts, sugar, free range whole egg, butter, partially inverted refiners syrup, Brazilian coffee, vegetable glycerine, disodium diphosphate, sodium carbonate, cornflour, water, salt, glucose syrup, water

            ALLERGY ADVICE:

            Contains nuts, milk, egg and wheat gluten


            Coffee cake in general is one of my favourites, and I decided to treat myself to one the other day from the Sainsbury's 'Taste The Difference' range. It had been a long time since I'd had any coffee cake, and I hoped Sainsbury's weren't going to disappoint me.

            The product comes in a deep, square box which is various shades of tan and maroon in colour and it has a little half-moon shaped clear piece so you can see part of the top of the cake without having to open the box. The rear of the packaging shows nutritional information, ingredients list, allergy advice, storage instructions, advice on how to recycle the packaging, and Sainsbury's quality claim together with their contact details. There is also a warning not to give the cake to small children as they can choke on the nuts, plus another warning that the product may occasionally contain small fragments of nut shell.

            Inside the box, the cake is sealed inside a cellophane wrapper, and on removing that, a thin cardboard wrapper will need to be removed from the sides of the cake. There is a ring of paper stuck to the bottom of the cake which needs to be (of course!) removed.

            The cake is about 4" in height and I'd guess around 8" in diameter. The top is thickly covered with coffee-coloured butter icing which is liberally sprinkled with walnut pieces. The cake itself is also coffee-coloured, and it's in two parts which are sandwiched together with a fairly thick smear of the same butter icing which covers the top.

            The cake slices easily and doesn't crumble too badly, so neat portions can be cut - although I'd say that 1/6th of the cake, though it's stated that amount is a single portion, isn't really what I'd personally call a generous serving; it's just a tiny, tiny piece.

            The cake looks very attractive, even if it is pretty much the same colour throughout, and a strong coffee smell rises up, especially when it's been cut.

            Taste test time!

            Even though the cake wasn't overly crumbly, I still found it easier to eat with a fork due to the generous servings of buttercream. The sponge cake was moist, but has more the consistency of a home-made cake than a mass-produced shop-bought sponge. I did find the outer surface of the sponge cake to be a little harder than I like, but it didn't put me off.

            The butter icing tastes beautiful - rich, sweet and with a very strong coffee flavour - but I'd guess that some people may find the sweetness a little overpowering. It is very difficult to gauge the strength of the coffee flavour in the sponge, as the taste from the icing seems to dominate everything else. The walnuts are nice and crunchy - obviously they haven't been left lying around and gone unpleasantly soft, and they blend very well with the coffee flavour. The mixture of consistencies (cake, icing and nuts) is very pleasing and I personally found the ratio of walnuts to cake and icing to be perfect, just right!

            Though I cut myself a slightly larger slice than the recommended portion, once I'd eaten it, I was satisfied and didn't immediately want another, as is so often the case with me. I wouldn't call the cake moreish exactly because although it's delicious, it is very rich and filling.

            The only little - somewhat insignificant - complaint I'd make, is that I'd like the outer surface of the cake to be softer as it had a slightly over-baked sensation.....sensation rather than taste. It wasn't chewy or hard - just less soft than I'd like.

            This cake is colossally high in fat and calories, but that's to be expected of a product of this nature - one containing large amounts of sugar, butter, oil and nuts - but in a converse way, because of the richness of the cake making it so that you don't really want another slice immediately afterwards, it could possibly save on fat and calories in the long run, as this definitely is too rich and sickly to be binge food.

            I would buy this cake again and bearing in mind the generous quantity of icing and walnuts, it's reasonably priced - but I'd still categorise it as something which is a treat for high days and holidays, rather than an everyday item. One star gets knocked off for the less than soft outer surface, but otherwise, Sainsbury's have managed to produce a deliciously rich and tasty cake here.

            Thanks for reading!


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