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Sainsbury's 'Taste The Difference' Fresh Cream Scones

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cake

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    3 Reviews
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      06.05.2010 17:05
      Very helpful



      They are good!

      Sainsbury's have a wide range of cream cakes to offer and the array of desserts that sit in their chiller cabinet is second to none. Many of the Sainsbury's chilled desserts have to be reserved for high days and holidays but the cream cakes are a treat that we can indulge in a little more often.
      Sainsbury's also have a patisserie that is filled with creamy creations but they are far too rich and creamy for me.

      The Sainsbury's fresh cream strawberry scones come in packs of two, so two of you can enjoy one of the light scones for £1. I feel that £1 is a good competitive price and it would tempt shoppers to pick a pack up and add it to their shopping basket.
      Sainsbury's have packed the scones into a rigid plastic pack before placing them in the box, this ensures that the cream scones remain intact.

      These Sainsbury's cream scones are not man size but they make an excellent treat for afternoon tea.
      The plain scone has been sliced in two and filled with some strawberry jam and light whipped cream. The strawberry jam is rich red but it is more like a strawberry syrup and it is very sweet, if the scones have been sitting in the chiller for a while the strawberry jam tends to sink into the surface of the scones, tinting the plain scone pink.
      The sweetened whipped cream is very light and airy, it is nothing like the rich clotted cream that you would be served with a traditional cream tea but it tastes good.

      The scone has a firm close texture and where it has been stored in the chiller it can seem very firm. If you can wait a minute then let the scones sit at room temperature before enjoying them.
      The tops of the Sainsbury's cream scones have been dusted with icing sugar and when you hold them the scones feel quite sticky.
      You are definitely going to need a tea plate, a knife and a napkin before you tackle the cream scone. The whipped cream is plentiful and it oozes out in all directions.

      The cream scone is not too sweet, the icing sugar on the top and the layer of strawberry jam in the middle balances well with the plain scone and the semi-sweet whipped cream.
      Each scone is just enough to satisfy, although you could easily be tempted to eat two.

      Sainsbury's state that the scones are not suitable for anyone who has a nut, soya, wheat or gluten allergy.
      Each cream scone contains 218 calories and they are packed with fat and sugar, so maybe we should enjoy these in moderation.

      Scones are relatively easy and cheap to make but these Sainsbury's jam and cream scones make an especially good treat.


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        28.01.2010 20:13
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        will be buying these again.

        SAINSBURY'S Taste the Difference fresh cream scones.

        I do like fresh cream and i do have a tendancy to head towards the shelve where all the yummy fresh cream cakes sit, at the shelve in my local Sainsbury's, i like to look to see if there are any reduced or on special offer cakes available.

        This packet caught my eye, because i have tried some of the taste the difference range of products before and i am pleased to say that these scones are no exception to the extra good taste that this range of products has to offer me.

        The Package **********

        These come on a tray a plastic tray where sits two of these yummy fresh cream scones, covered in a clear see through plastic lid so you can see the product inside to see that they look fresh and yummy.

        Costing a little over £1.50p for the two scones and having a sell by date of just over a week thought that these would be a nice addition to have with a cup of tea, and reminded me of a day out i had to a little tea shop in Cornwall where you got a pot of tea and homemade scones.

        \the thin carboard sleive that covers the plastic lid, shows a delicious picture of these scones, and they do certainly taste as good as they look.

        Having bitten into one of these scones, incidentally the cream does squirt out nof the side of the cake when you bite into it, but thats ok as i was prepared for that.

        The difference i noticed was the taste that immediately hit the roof of my mouth and that was from the scones themselves, they were cooked to perfection and they tasted really buttery and very creamy and light, not at all hard unlike some of the cheaper ranges of scones i have tried, and had to put the fillings into myself. The fruit contained in the scone mix was thick and chunky and tasted really good, and the jam was a lovely thick gooey raspberry jam, with a big dollap of thick whipped cream which was to die for, the whole scones taste and combination certainly did make a real difference, they are also dusted in a light icing sugar and this just adds to set the whole thing off.

        I loved these scones and they were a real treat indeed, guess they would be nice to have for an afternoon sitting outside with a pot of tea, on a nice summers warm sunny day.

        But certainly cheered up my wintry cold day. The Taste of these buttery creamy scones was excellent and i would recommend that you give them a try. They are a real treat.

        The Jam is nice and sweet but not too much so that it is sickly in your mouth, it makes for a perfect combination what with the buttery scones and the jam, and the cream and the light dusting of the icing sugar they really do taste the difference in my opinion.

        They do contain Wheat Gluten incase you have any allergies, plus they contain milk and eggs.
        They are really nice and would reccommend them to you to try cost a little bit more than the scones that you buy whereby you have to add your own fillings but they have all the fillings included so work out well worth the money. I really enjoyed them and will be buying them again.

        Thanks for reading and rating my reviews. x.


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          23.07.2009 22:03
          Very helpful




          I love scones and all things that are bad for me so when I saw these the other day in my local Sainsbury's I treated me and my Mother to a pack of two to have over a nice cuppa!

          The Packaging....

          The two scones come in an oblong plastic see-through tray with indentations in the bottom of the tray so they sit in there securely. There is a burgundy and cream sleeve that slides on and off the tray and on the front of that there is a small photograph of the scones and then on the front I'm told they are Sainsbury's 'Taste The Difference' 2 Fresh Cream Scones and then I'm told 'We make our scones with an all-butter recipe and plump sultanas, then fill them with fresh cream and our fruity Taste The Difference raspberry conserve' and then there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there and the best before date is clearly stamped on. On the back of the sleeve nutritional information is given, ingredients and allergy advice is listed, I'm told how to store them, contact details for Sainsbury's are given and finally there is bar-code on there. Nice enough packaging and not too much of it at that!

          The scones....

          Rather large and round, golden on the outside with a light dusting of sugar over the tops and in the middle they are sliced through and your met with a light beige coloured bready rather smooth type of texture filled with plump, dark sultanas throughout and then the filling is a large dollop of lightly whipped cream and raspberry jam!

          Messy to eat.... these are because they are so packed with filling however the scone itself isn't flaky or breakable or too crumbly it's simply the filling squidging out of the sides you have to watch for!

          So the scone itself is rally lovely. Made from flour, milk, butter and sugar (besides a few other things of course ) and as I said full of sultanas they taste wonderfully fresh and creamy, not to sweet and very fruity, they are nicely fluffy and just, well tasty really.

          The filling is of course made of whipped cream, again, not to sweet but creamy and thick and the raspberry conserve is a deep burgundy colour with a few seeds in it but not visible pieces of fruit so it's a rather smooth filling.


          A lovely treat, but they must be that due to the calorie and fat content! They are really are luxurious and sweet and tasty but not overly so! They are simply lovely, amazing quality and fresh!

          Only available in Sainsbury's priced £1.69 for two.

          Allergy Advice....

          Contains milk, egg & wheat gluten.

          Nutritional Information....Per Scone....

          Calories: 376
          Fat: 17.0g
          Saturated Fat: 10.6g
          Salt: 1.20g
          Total Sugars: 23.7g

          Only available i Sainsbury's priced at £1.69 for 2.


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