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Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Fudge & White Choc Cookies

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2010 00:54
      Very helpful



      Delish Cookies!

      Sainsburys had these on the end of the aisle the other day and I was a perfect consumer and brought a pack even though they wasn't on special offer or anything and we'd got shedloads of biscuits left over from Easter! They cost £1.29 for 12 cookies.

      They are chocolate biscuits with pieces of fudge and white chocolate chunks. They look wicked and smell of cocoa as soon as you open the wrapper, the biscuits look like they're going to be crunchy but they HAVEN'T got a majorly crunchy texture and crumble nice. Some cookies taste stale when they are crumbly but these are perfect and taste freshly baked.

      The chocolate flavour is nice in the biscuit, it's not too rich and the chocolate tastes nice and sweet. I think the flavour is proper nice for the biscuit and isn't madly over board like some biscuits are.... and that means I can eat LOADS of these biscuits without feeling sick or fed up of biscuits! lol

      The fudge is a bit disappointing because there isn't enough in there!!! The pieces are sooooo small that you don't notice half of them and there isn't all that much fudge in the biscuits any way. The chocolate chips are better, there aren't many of them in the biscuits either but they're quite big and you get a yummy feeling when they start melting in your mouth. They've got a nice creamy texture and I wish there was double the amount of the chocolate chips in there instead of the fudge!

      You know something though I'm eating one at the minute and even though you can't FEEL the fudge there is a bit of a fudgy TASTE to the biscuit over all. They've got a delish taste so won't lose a star from me just for a bit of a crappy amount of fudge in them.

      The price isn't bad, it's cheaper than most big chocolate bars so if I want a treat I can go for a pack of these and they'll last longer than the chocolate as well. I didn't try dunking one but I don't think they'd be too good because the biscuits are a bit soft and crumbly for that. A quick 2 sec dunking might work but I don't fancy wasting one by losing it in the bottom of my cup! lol

      Recommended... delish!!!


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