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Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Quadruple Chocolate Cookies

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2010 10:14
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      the best cookies on the market, don't believe me? Try them.

      Wandering round my Sainsbury's local the other day my girlfriend and I happened upon these Taste the difference cookies. Now I do not claim to be an expert in the cookie-tasting field but I certainly know what I like and going on past experience, Sainsbury's "Taste the difference" range is generally excellent. Straight away they were off the shelf and examined for the nutritional values. On the face of it they seem very good, the per cookie value is 491 KJ - 117 Calories (energy) or about 5% of the recommended daily allowance for a woman and 0.2g of salt, about 3% of the RDA. This seemed quite good. What we didn't factor in was how amazing these things would taste and the actual calorie count would have to be multiplied many times over.

      Now comes the problem, how do I convey the sweet taste of these cookies in a review? The best thing I can do is whet the readers appetite enough for them to go running to their nearest Sainsbury's to fetch themselves a pack. So here I go....imagine a box of chocolate cookies was emptied out and someone took all your favourite aspects and created a "supercookie". Now times this incredible taste by 10 as I doubt you can conjure up a sweet enough cookie in your imagination. Now times this by 9 (there are 9 cookies in a pack) and you maybe halfway there.
      Each cookie is round and about 10cm thick. They have a smooth milk chocolate base at the bottom (or top, depending on which way you hold it - I'm a milk chocolate underneath kind of guy) which accounts for about half the cookie. Then the top is more of a biscuity, crumbly texture with the white and dark chocolate chunks in plentiful attendance. It is this curious mixture of soft and dark together that is just right. 2 opposites which usually results in one being cruelly left on the shelf merged together. Separate they are good, combined they are awesome.

      As soon as that packet is open your nasal passages are treated to a chocolaty delight. I imagine the sensation is similar to how Charlie felt when Willy Wonka led him into his factory.

      I had mine with a pineapple and grapefruit (Twinings) Green Tea and my girlfriend had hers with Barry's Irish Tea (2 sugars) and the cookies by all accounts complimented both well (yes we are both "dunkers"). The crumbly side became delightfully soggy while the rugged milk chocolate side stayed firm. If dunking isn't your preference...I know its not everyones cup of tea (see what I did there?) then these lads are equally delightful straight from the pack and into a hungry mouth.

      These cookies are a steal at £1.29 for a 200g box, suitable for veggies but not for people with nut/milk/soya/wheat or gluten allergies - unlucky. Enjoy them, then go and buy more!

      **review also posted by myself on the CIAO reveiw website**


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