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Sainsburys Cheese & Onion Crisps

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sainsburys / Type: Crisps

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    2 Reviews
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      01.05.2009 13:29
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      Won't stand up as against Walkers

      I find it particularly difficult to review crisps, mainly because I am a Walkers crisps fan and as yet have never found anything that can compare to them.

      However in these current credit crunching times I have taken Martin Lewis' advice (Moneysavingexpert.com) and have tried to buy one brand lower than my normal choice in order to make savings to my shopping list. This lead me to try Sainsburys Cheese and Onion crisps.

      Now my favourite flavour of Walkers crips happens to be cheese and onion so I though that this flavour of Sainsburys would be a good place to start. Sainsburys do not sell these bags singularly (or at least I couldn't find them in my local store) so I purchased a multipack of six at a cost of £1.02. Each bag of crisps is 25g.

      The packaging is green and the bags do look quite small and flimsy but packaging to me is not a particularly big deal when it comes to crisps, mainly because they are not going to be in it for very long!

      The crips themselves are quite small and the texture is relatively thin in comparison to brand name crisps. In addition they don't tend to be quite as "crispy" and have more of a bendy feebleness to them.

      The taste is also much stronger and uneven than other brands. The onion is the overpowering flavour and this is accompanied by a salty taste, leaving you with the feeling that these crisps have been overflavoured.

      As for the amount you get, this should be the same as a bag of Walkers but for some reason it just feels that you are getting slightly less. This may be because the crisps are smaller and tend to resemble a bag of crumbs.

      Although I don't want to compare these crisps to Walkers, as in my opinion a home brand will always struggle against a brand that has been in existance for such a length of time, I find it difficult to do much else. I don't eat crisps on a daily basis but when I do I want to enjoy them and for "crispiness", texture and balance of flavour, these cannot compare to Walkers Cheese and Onion. The price difference is 23p (Walkers are £1.25) and for that small difference i'm happy to stick with my regular brand. For those people who have a large family or consume a bag on a regular basis, the price difference may appeal more, and if you are happy to compromise slightly they are still an acceptable packet of crisps.


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      23.04.2009 16:30
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      Not my favourite but good for the price

      am attempting to cut down on my weekly shopping but I can't quite manage to cut out snacks and treats entirely! My compromise is to buy own brand, although I have yet to try the Basics range.

      *** The Packaging***
      The bag is quite a bright green colour, which stands out on the shelves. Each flavour appears to have its own colour, for example the prawn cocktail variety are a bright pink bag.

      *** The Crisps***
      The crisps themselves look much the same as any other type, although I can't help but notice that quite a lot of them look burnt when I open the bag. I am quite disappointed that the bag looks less than half full.

      *** The Smell***
      Cheese and onion flavours tends to be a bit strong in terms of smell, but these don't seem that strong. This doesn't compromise the taste so I take this to be a good thing!

      *** The Taste***

      I would describe the taste as more onion than cheese. The taste tends to linger in your mouth after chewing and swallowing. They taste quite salty too. The flavour doesn't seem to be evenly distributed across the crisps as some of them have a very strong taste but others taste more like ready salted. They are made from sunflower oil, which probably explains the greasy and oily consistency.

      ***Price and Availability***

      For a multipack bag of six packets, you can expect to pay £1.02 if they are not on special offers. As they are a Sainsburys own brand, they are only available from Sainsburys stores.

      ***Nutrition Information***

      The 25g bag contains 7.8g of fat, of which 0.8g is saturated fat. According to the packaging, this is 11.1% of the recommended daily fat intake for a woman. The salt content is 0.37g, of which 0.15g is sodium. The packaging states that this is 6.2% of the recommended daily salt intake for a woman. It doesn't state the percentages for men, which I find a bit strange as it's not like men never eat crisps!

      Allergy advice: These crisps contain milk, but other than that they seem ok for allergy sufferers. They are suitable for vegetarians and Coeliac sufferers.

      *** Overall Verdict***

      For an own brand, I was quite impressed. It's true that these don't measure up to my preferred McCoys or Pringles, but I can't complain given that I didn't want to spend more to buy those. For what they cost, these are a decent enough snack.


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