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Sainsburys Taste the Difference Sultana Cookies

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2009 21:08
      Very helpful



      Good but not the best

      The biscuits and cookies I normally buy tend to be either the branded things like Hobnobs and Rich Tea and so on and sometimes I try the store version of a product but the other day my dad brought home some Sainsbury's Taste The Difference ginger and oatflake cookies. I was really impressed with them and thought them worth the money so I was pleased when we got some butter and sultana ones. I am a big fan of the Sainsburys raisin and oatmeal cookies that come in a bag so I thought these would probably be nice.

      There is a lot more packaging than you usually find when buying biscuits. There is a black plastic tray covered in cellophane and this is in a box. It is a bit wasteful but makes it look more fancy I suppose. They come in a smart looking brown and purple box. There are 79 calories in each one considering that they are pointedly called butter cookies. Each box has 12 inside.

      These cookies are sprinked generously with sultanas and they are nice and juicy too. I hate it when the fruit is all dried but this is not the case here. The cookie itself is not as crumbly as the ginger version I tried previously and tends towards being snappy and crunchy rather than crumbly. They are also sprinked with sugar on top. In terms of size they are bigger than a Maryland cookie but not as big as a Hobnob. I also noticed they are not quite as thick as the ginger version which is a shame. The cookie itself is lovely and golden and looks like a perfect example of baking and sits exactly in the right place between being soggy and being all dry and bland.

      Though they aren't the cheapest in the shop I would say these are a good buy. However if given the choice I would pick the ginger version over this and would suggest that although the bag of cookies they do only hold five of them the larger size makes up for this and I think the taste is slightly better so that would be my preference. These cost £1.19.


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