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Seabrook Crinkle Salt & Vinegar Crisps

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Brand: Seabrook / Type: Crisps

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    8 Reviews
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      05.03.2012 19:20



      If you are not interested in Strong flavour and prefer the crunch and crumble then these are worth i

      I loved the Seabrook S&V crisps because they had a very strong Salty taste that tanged the tongue.
      You could class them as more unhealthy because of the strong salty taste. I didn't care as I didn't have much salt in my diet and only had at weekends. But because of all the fat unhealthy people, us disciplined eaters have to suffer as all the Co-Motion about high salt products, they have now drastically cut this. Now they are weaker tasting than standard S&V walkers.
      If you like weak tasting ones then ignore me. You will love these. They are crunchy and tasty.
      But if you prefer the stronger tasting crisps then go for walkers crinkles or extra crunchy. They are the only ones available for now.... But like McCoys S&V and Walkers Max and even pringles rice infusions which all used to be my favourites as they were so strong are now just basic or like Walkers Max and infusion, are not sold anymore.
      p.s. if anyone has stashed away any rice infusions or walkers max S&V I WILL BUY FOR ANY PRICE!


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      26.11.2011 00:48
      Very helpful



      great quality, very tasty crisps

      I really love crisps and by far my favourite flavour has to be salt and vinegar. But as I am on a very tight budget at the moment then I have only been buying crisps that are on offer. So while on the hunt yesterday in Asda for some crisps I spotted the Seabrook's branded crisps on offer so thought I would give them a try.

      I purchased a multi-pack containing 6 bags of sea salt and vinegar flavour crisps for just £1.00 from Asda.

      Now I am not the only one who is partial to a packet of crisps in our house, my husband loves them and his favourite flavour is also salt and vinegar. So if I can buy a multi-pack that contains just salt and vinegar then it's a bonus as it means that I am not just left with the not so appealing flavours.

      Now I had heard of Seabrook crisps before and it states on the front of the packets that they have been around since 1945 but they seem to have been re-launched recently as I have noticed them in all of the major supermarkets. I have not seen multi packs any bigger than the ones containing 6 bags but maybe that's just my eyesight.

      Now we all know that crisps are not very good for us but I think as part as a balance diet they make a great treat. Each 30g packet of the Seabrook sea salt and vinegar crisps contains the following nutritional information;
      Calories - 155
      Sugar - 0.1g
      Fat - 9.4g
      Saturates - 1.1g
      Salt - 0.7g

      The crisps themselves are crinkle cut, I do really like crisps cut in this way as I think it adds to the texture and the ridges seem to hold the flavour better. This is certainly true of these crisps they are extremely tasty and the salt and vinegar flavour is very strong, just the way I like it. The crisps also unlike some other crinkle cut crisps are very light and crunchy. All in all the statement on the front of the wrapper that say 'once tasted loved for ever' is completely true of these crisps as they are just delicious! It is just a case of trying to resist the temptation of not opening a second bag!!


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      06.03.2010 15:42
      Very helpful



      A proper good crisp


      I am a big fan of crisps and always have a pack with my lunch at work. One of my favourites lately are the Seabrooks Sea Salt and Vinegar flavour. These are crinkle cut potato crisps, and its fair to say are absolutely bursting with flavour.

      Company blurb:

      'For 60 years, true to our founder Mr C Brook. we've made crisps with lipsmaking flavours. We pioneered the use of sea salt and sunflower oil'. For more info on the company you can go to www.seabrookcrisps.com


      I love salt and vinegar crisps, usually to accompany a nice cheese sandwich. These crisps are right up there if not even better that McCoys. The crinkle cut crisps are really packed with flavour, even to the point that if you ate them on their own it might melt your tongue! Its hard to believe that such a simple flavour can pack such a punch.

      My favourite thing about this make of crisp is that it is produced in the UK and has not yet sold out the the American big-wigs! The crisps are 'Lovingley cooked in Yorkshire'.

      As well as this flavour they also do loads more yummy ones including Beefy, Canadian Ham, Cheese and Onion, Cream Cheese and Chives, Tomato Ketchup and others. I am excited to find out they they are now bringing out ferocious new range of Hot and Spicy flavours. I am really looking forward to those.

      Each pack contains:

      Calories: 165
      Sugar: 0.5g
      Fat: 8.9g
      Saturates: 1.0g
      Salt: 0.6g

      Ingredients: potatoes, sunflower oil (28%), wheat flour, acidity regulator (soduim diacetate), sea salt, citric acid, antioxident (vitamin E).

      So as you can see from above the crisps are made with honest, plain and simple ingredients rather that the normal massive list of ingredients you cannot pronounce.

      The crisps to contain gluten, but are MSG free and suitable for vegetarians. They are cooked in pure sunflower oil and then sprinkled with sea salt.


      You would be made not to love these crisps. They are truly super tasty and if you have not tried them you need to go out and get some in your life. You can buy them singularly or in a multi-pack from your local supermarket. The sea salt and vinegar packs are really full of flavour, I would recommend them all day long.


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        26.01.2010 22:45
        Very helpful



        Crisps at there best.

        Love crisps? Try these out. Walkers and other main stream brands of crisps are great but can grow bland, and every supermarket argues that there range is better than what is out there. They argue that there crisps are hand baked and made from real potatoes and contain no additives or preservatives. This all may be true but if you want a decent crisp, a tasty crisp, a bag of crisps that make you eat the whole multi bag before you know what you've done. Then Seabrook crisps are for you.

        I don't mean to add to the north/south divide in the UK, but give a Yorkshire man the task of making a tasty bag of crisps, and he will produce a bag of Seabrook crisps. There the bees knees, the cats pyjamas. The reason there so good is because there made using genuine sea salt and cooked in sunflower oil. Ok they may not be the healthiest of crisps but they are the tastiest. The range of flavours is unbelievable. The range of flavours expands from tomato ketchup to cheese and chives. They also cover the traditional flavours such as cheese and onion, salt and vinegar, and even the dreaded prawn cocktail. The most amazing flavours in there range, in my opinion, are the Worchester sauce, Canadian ham flavour and salt and vinegar.

        To obtain these magical crisps, and as a warning, you will find majority of supermarkets sell the Seabrook packs, but there multi-packs often only contain ready salted, cheese and onion, and salt and vinegar. Asda and Morrison's do often have the better selections of Seabrook crisps. Morrison's have also released Seabrook's new larger bags of crisps in a hot and spicy range with flavours such as Wasabi and two chilli flavours. I ve tried and tested both, and they are both good, and both have a little fire to them, but as I said Worchester sauce, Canadian ham and salt and vinegar are still the best to try.

        Getting hold of Seabrook crisps is even easier than you think. Just because all supermarkets don't stock them, go to www.seabrookcrisps.com and find that there website is as fun as there crisps, but to believe me you'll need to visit it. On there website you can buy boxes of there crisps in packs of forty eight. The bonus part is that the box of forty eight does not have to be of one flavour, you can pick and mix from there huge range to fill your box and have them delivered.

        To sum up Seabrook crisps the wrapper says it all. 'Why choose Seabrook crisps?' The wrapper states that there MSG free, cooked in sunflower oil, sprinkled in sea salt, suitable for vegetarians and most of all, lovingly cooked in Yorkshire. The wrapper of the crisps biggest slogan is 'Once tasted, Loved forever'. Personally I find this statement spot on.


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          17.11.2009 22:48
          Very helpful



          The nicest I have had (apart from Real crisps!)

          == Seabrook Crinkle Cut Crisps: Salt and Vingegar ==

          == Introduction ==
          If you don't live in the North of England you may not have heard of these crisps, been a Northern company, and been primarily sold in the North of England, they are much more popular here than down South.

          Seabrook was founded in 1949 in the small Northern town of Allerton, Bradford, by a man called Charles Brookes. The origin of the name Seabrook is quite interesting, and apparently came from an error in a photo processing shop when an employee instead of writing C. Brookes on the film, instead accidentally wrote Seabrook, and the name stuck becoming the name of the crisp making company.

          Since opening its doors in 1949, it has barely changed since, apart from moving sites to a larger factory in 1979 to Princeville, Bradford, and becoming a bigger and more established company.

          Seabrook are known for making "strange" flavoured crisps (Indian Tandoori, Mexican Chilli, Wasabi) along with the more conventional flavours (Salt and Vinegar, Ready Salted, Unsalted and Cheese and Onion). Although only really available in the North, Seabrook do offer a mail order service where you can choose boxes of 48 bags of crisps in any mix of flavours which they deliver all over the country.

          All in all Seabrook is a small company, but make delicious crisps!

          == Packaging ==
          The crisps are in a foil packet (like Walkers and the likes), the bags are white with blue tipping the top and bottom, and with the name of the flavour in large letters at the top of the bag, and the traditional Seabrook logo in the middle of the bag.

          These bags only recently came out, previously the bags were transparent, and you could see the crisps through the bag, but it soon came out that foil crisp bags made the crisps much fresher and kept them that way for longer.

          The packaging I feel is much better now, and much more attractive to a potential buyer, the bags have a "fun" look to them, rather than looking boring and plain like the Walker's bags do, they look modern and quite stylish now!

          The bags come in 31.8g individual bags, and also in larger "sharer" bags of 190g and also 113g, as well. As well as 6 pack bags!

          == Taste ==
          Seabrook are my favourite crisps because of their flavoursome taste, they don't skimp on the flavour side of things at all with their crisps. The salt and vinegar flavour is very strong but not in a fake way. Unlike some salt and vinegar crisps which have a nasty vinegar taste to them, these have a more "chip shop" vinegar taste to them, and the salt is sea salt which makes all the difference in the world!

          The crisps never have that burned taste which I find a lot of other crisps have, even Walker's sometimes have that taste like the crisps have been left in the oil for too long, I find this with cheap crisps like Asda own brand, and although it doesn't really bother me when I am eating them, when I am comparing them to these crisps!

          _Different Flavours_
          Seabrook are known for their variety of flavours, and they don't just make the conventional flavours like Salt & Vinegar and Ready Salted, so here is a list of all the flavours they make!

          * Unsalted
          * Canadian Ham
          * Ready Salted
          * Oriental
          * Tomato Ketchup
          * Beefy
          * Cream Cheese & Chives
          * Worcester Sauce
          * Cheese & Onion
          * Smokey Bacon
          * Mustard
          * Prawn Cocktail
          * Wasabi
          * Pickled Onion
          * 2 Chilli
          * Salt &Vinegar

          These come as individual bags or as part of multi packs. The multi packs come in the 3 basic flavours (S&V, Ready Salted, C&O), then in other packs such as Beefy, Canadian Ham and Smokey Bacon.

          Unlike Walker's, there are no big boxes of crisps available in the shops, but these can be bought off their website (which can be bought on credit after going through some small credit checks), or bought on a pay as you buy basis.

          == Price and Availability ==
          Salt & Vinegar Seabrook are available in either packs of 6, part of a multi pack or individually. Individual packs are around 25p depending on where you buy them from, and go up to around 35p a bag. When considered next to a bag of Walkers which can be up to 50p per bag, or even more when bought in Train Stations and air ports, it is a very low price to pay for a bag which is the same size!

          The price of 6 packs and multi pack in the popular super markets are as follows;

          Asda: £1.25 (or 3 packs for £3)
          Tesco: £1.25
          Sainsbury's: £1.24
          Waitrose: £1.29

          All in all they are around the same price in a multi pack as Walkers, which are around £1.28, so it is more about the difference in taste than the difference in price which makes me buy them over Walkers!

          == Nutrition ==
          No crisps are particularly healthy, but here is the nutritional information for those who want to know.

          These values are per 31.8g bag
          Calories: 165kcal
          Sugar: 0.5g
          Fat: 8.9g
          Of which saturates: 1g
          Salt: 0.6g

          The ingredients are:
          Potatoes, sunflower oil, wheat flour, acidity regulator.

          The allergy advice is that the product contains Gluten.

          == In Conclusion ==
          I love these crinkly little crisps, they have bounds of flavour which tingles on your tongue and sticks around in your mouth even after you have finished the crisps! I have munched these crisps since I was a child, and I still buy them now! They're very yummy and crunchy, and there is a flavour out there for everyone!

          As I said the Salt and Vinegar flavour is my favourite, which has a lot of vinegary flavour to it and uses sea salt which makes all the difference with the taste!

          These crisps are excellent value for money and are absolutely gorgeous! A must for every crisp lover!


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          04.11.2009 14:30
          Very helpful



          Surprisingly I'm converted to these crisps

          My husband has always been a fan of Seabrooks crisps, but untill recently I'd avoided them and gone for other brands instead. However, when I noticed that they had salt & vinegar flavoured crisps and they were on offer in Asda I thought I would try them as they seemed to be the best offer going.

          The crisps come in a pack of 6 which costs £1.26 in Asda (last time I looked), they can also be bought indivdually in sandwich shops etc for around 40p - 50p a packet depending on the shop. The packet is white & light blue, you do need to be careful because the unsalted packets are almost identical and I did make the mistake of buying unsalted once & not realising until I bit into a crisp!

          These crisps are crinkle cut and I find them much more substantial and filling than a pack of my previous favourite brand - Walkers. They contain 165 calories a bag which is about 30 more than Walkers or Hoola Hoops, but they do fill you right up. I usually have a crisp break at about 10.30am and although I'm not too full for my lunch, I'm not desperate for it either - perfect.

          The main thing that you notice as soon as you start to eat the crisps is the powerfulness of the flavour, they are very strong and flavoursome crisps, but they aren't too much. The mixture of salt and vinegar is perfectly balance so that one flavour does not overpower the other. When you're eating the crisps, you'll find that they aren't particularly greasy, your fingers do get a bit salty, but they don't seem to be greasy and you can just brush your hands of rather than needing to wash them before you start working again.

          These crisps are cooked in sunflower oil and this means the fat content should be lower, however I've noticed that the fat content is 8.9g per packet, but only 1g of that is saturated. They are suitable for vegetarians and do not contain MSG, they do however contain wheat and so wouldn't be suitable for those who can't eat wheat.

          I was very surprised and impressed by these crisps, they're filling and flavoursome, they cost the same as most comparable brands of crisps and they don't seem to be too bad for you either! I've gone from exceptionally sceptical to a huge fan of these crisps and would definitely recommend them to crisp lovers everywhere. Seabrooks come in a wide variety of flavours, so there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.


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            26.10.2009 18:41
            Very helpful



            a cruchy crispy flavourful crisp

            I admit I have a crisp addiction, im much more of a savoury person than sweet and would prefer to have a packet of crisps over a cream bun anyday. Seabrooks Salt and Viengar crisps certainly give me my savoury "fix" whenever I fancy one and the taste of these particular crisps is certainly not for the faint hearted.

            Seabrooks Salt and Vinegar crisps come in a 31.8g blue and white foil fresh bag. The front of the bag has the Seabrook name across it with "Since 1945" printed underneath. We are informed that the crisps are "Made with Sunflower Oil & Sea Salt" and are "MSG free". The GDA information is printed on the side of the pack and for a standard 31.8g pack you can expect to intake:

            165 kcals
            0.5g Sugar
            8.9g fat
            1.0g Sat Fats
            Salt 0.6g

            The back of the pack informs us "Once tasted loved forever" and I have to say I completely agree. The taste is what sets them apart from other Salt and Vinegar crisps. Upon opening the pack the smell of vinegar is somewhat overpowering and is very strong, this is an indicator as to what you are about to experience. By taking a crisp onto your tongue the first thing that hits you is the saltiness, you can feel your tastebuds tingling, I put this down to the sea salt that is used in the manufacture of the crisps and the combination with the vinegar makes a potent mixture. As the crisps are crinkle cut they are very crunchy and as you would expect crispy, the crisps tend to be on the large side aswell so you sometimes have to break them with your fingers before popping them into your mouth. I would warn you that if you have any cuts or nicks in your mouth or tongue then you can expect a reaction to the salty flavour!

            Allergen sufferers be aware that the product does include gluten and the other ingrediants listed are:

            Sunflower Oil
            Wheat Flour
            Acidity regulator
            sea salt
            citric acid

            As well as the Salt and Vinegar flavour Seabrooks do offer a large choice of alternative flavours including:

            Canadian Ham
            Cheese & Onion
            Cream Cheese & Chive
            Prawn Cocktail
            Tomato Ketchup

            plus many others. Full details on available flavours are on their website which is www.seabrookcrisps.com where they are also available to buy online if your local shops dont stock them.

            Another good point about Seabrooks is that they do sell them in multipacks, but unlike other brands the packs you get in the multipack are the actual full size 31.8g bag, they normally retail for around 25-40p per packet but multipacks are generally priced at £1.25 (Tesco have them on offer at £1.00 at the moment), so you actually benefit by buying the multipacks as they work out at around 21p per bag.

            Definately worth trying if you havent already done so, they are probably not as popular as the main crisp brand - W*****s, but for me they are in the same league.


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              20.05.2009 23:23
              Very helpful



              I can't condone the fat content in these although I'm a piggy lol

              Loving my crisps and snacks as I do I've really made a big effort of late to try snacks that normally I wouldn't. I'm a creature of habit usually and I tend to grab McCoy's or Walkers really and walk past other varieties of crisps usually which the other day i thought to myself was a bit of a shame! So when I saw these I put down my favourite Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps and decided at 39p a bag to give these a go and be a devil lol!

              The Packaging...

              White and light blue bag and on the front in white and light blue writing I'm told they are Sea Salt & Vinegar Flavour Crinkle Cut 'Seabrook' Potato Crisps (Since 1945). There is an at a glance nutritional chart down the left hand side of the bag, website details for Seabrooks are given (www.seabrookcrisps.com) and I'm told that they are made with sunflower oil & sea salt and are Msg-Free. On the back of the bag I'm told a bit about Seabrook, told about other flavours available within the range, nutritional information, ingredients and allergy advice is given, I'm given contact details for Seabrooks Crisps, the size is stated (31.8g), the best before date is clearly stamped on in black ink, the recycle symbol is displayed and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough, simple packet with all the information you could possibly need on there!

              A Bit About This Brand....

              For over 60 years, true to our founder Mr C Brook, we've made crisps with lip-smacking flavours. We pioneered the use of sea salt and sunflower oil. And we've just created a ferocious new range of Hot & Spicy flavours.

              Why Choose Seabrook Crisps?.....

              Because They Are....

              Cooked in pure sunflower oil.
              Sprinkled with sea salt.
              Lovingly cooked in Yorkshire.

              The Crisps Themselves....

              As soon as you open the bag your nostrils are hit by a rather strong smell of malted vinegar. The crisps are a light yellow and golden colour, crinkled with deep ridges and you can see lightly sprinkled sea salt on them if you look hard enough.

              Slightly greasy to look at and to the taste, you can actually see some saturated areas of grease on the crisps looking slightly translucent and more crispy that the other crisps.

              They do taste of potato which is enhanced by the salt but for me these are far too vinegary in this case and are way too harsh and a little too breathtaking for me as they are sour. Not only that they didn't half hurt my cracked lips and make me moan lol.

              They leave a greasy taste in the mouth and greasy fingers and overall they look like decent enough crisps but I thought they were not great quality...which was what I was expecting to be honest.

              Not recommended from me unless you like very greasy and somewhat soggy crisps with little bite to them! I won't be eating these again, they are fat too high in calories and fat for my liking!

              Nutritional Information Per Pack....

              Calories: 165
              Sugar; 0.5g
              Fat: 8.9g
              Saturates: 1.0g
              Salt: 0.6g

              Available in all sorts of places! I purchased mine singly in Tesco but they are also available in multi bags.


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