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Slim Fast Hunger Shot

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Brand: Slim Fast / Type: Snack

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2008 20:51
      Very helpful



      I'm sticking to real food

      Why Did I Buy This Product
      I used to have an eating disorder, and although 99% cured now, the thinking comes back when I'm stressed. I was very stressed one day and when I saw the packaging on this product telling me it will help me want to eat less and for only 54 calories a pot, I jumped on it and threw it into my trolley. Hah, I thought, who needs food? Three of these a day for a while and I'll soon be skinny. Not a good reason for purchase.

      What Is It
      Slimfast hunger shots are 100ml yoghurt drinks containing protein and fibre which are proven to help you feel full. I got these from the fridge in Tesco and they cost me £2.99 for four small pots. They are available in strawberry or vanilla flavour, I tried the vanilla ones.

      The yoghurt drinks were in small white plastic bottles, similar to the probiotic drinks. They are contained in a cardboard container with 4 bottles per pack. The packaging tells me that these drinks are good for controlling hunger pangs between meals and you can have up to two a day.

      This drink smelled really nice, a subtle blend of vanilla and yoghurt.

      A slightly off white liquid which has the consistency of double cream.

      The first mouthful of this drink was really lovely, a bit like Mcdonalds vanilla milkshake only thinner. On the next sip, the taste of yoghurt came through. As I made my way through the pot, a nasty gritty texture became apparent and I had to choke my way through the rest of it. The drink made my mouth feel really dry and I was left with a really strong aftertaste of the artificial sweetners for a good half an hour after drinking.

      Did It Work
      I drank this at around noon the first time, the first food of the day. Within about 10 minutes, my stomach felt as if I'd had a large meal and I felt bloated. I was surprised that such a small pot made me feel full. I felt an odd gurgling sensation and could actually feel my stomach emptying as it passed through my system. It was about an hour and a half before I felt hungry again and went and got some real food. I later had some mild diarhoea, I cant say for sure this product caused it but I cant think of any other reason for it to occur.

      Low fat yoghurt (82%), dietary fibre, milk proteins, sugar, modified maize starch, flavouring, sweetner (sucralose)

      Nutrition Per Pot
      Calories 54
      Protein 4.0g
      Carbohydrate 9.1g
      Fat 0.2g
      Fibre 6.0g
      Sodium Trace

      I wish I had never bought these. I do see some use for them, as something quick to grab between meals to fill you up. However, I do also see a real potential for people to use them in an unhelathy way. I didn't enjoy the taste of them but they did work to curb my hunger. I think I'll be sticking to real food from now on though.


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