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Smarties Mini Bites

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2 Reviews

Brand: Nestle / Type: Cake

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    2 Reviews
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      07.03.2010 13:27
      Very helpful



      Well worth a try.

      Sweets and cakes are a big thing in our house, mainly because of our grandkids but my wife and I are partial to the odd sweet treat too, my wife is very much a sweetie person whereas its cakes for me if I have the choice.

      Those clever people at Nestle have combined the two to bring us Smarties mini bites, in truth these are more of a truffle than a cake but they will do for me. They are a big hit in our house, my wife, the grandkids and I all love them.

      Each mini bite is round in shape and about the size of golf ball with the top and bottom cut of if that makes any sense, a flat golf ball in other words; there is a very thick layer of milk chocolate covering each truffle bite and on top a single Smartie.

      The centre of these bites are very hard to describe, I called it truffle but in truth it is not quite a truffle but it is a very stodgy cake mixture not light and fluffy and to me it is more truffle like than cake like so truffle it is LOL.

      Throughout the centre there is a fair amount of mini Smarties and these give the truffle a bit of a crunch to it and make it different from any other cakes or truffles I can think of.

      These bites are in the main chocolaty but the candy shells of the Smarties give them something a little bit different, they do get very sickly if you try to eat too many too quickly and they are very, very fattening and not at all good for the teeth.

      Each bite contains 118 calories, 10.8g of sugar and 6.9g of fat so they are certainly not for anyone watching their weight but then what cakes are?

      These are delicious, very chocolaty, and not expensive, you get six in a bag and they are around the one pound mark wherever you buy them from and I highly recommend them to you!


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      22.10.2009 07:33
      Very helpful



      See review.

      As mentioned in previous reviews my kids, and in fairness myself too, are big fans of cakes, so when I do my shop I do tend to look out for new little treats to tempt my kids into good behaviour (bribe is such a bad word) and if the kids don't behave to console myself with.

      The product I will now review is - Smarties - 6 mini bites"

      The first thing to mention about these is the fact that they are not technically cakes, but more a truffle "bite", I wasn't aware of this until I ate them, I really must start reading the packaging a bit more!

      The packaging is a small double ended sealed packet, upon which is all the relevant information, brand name, product name, contents description, nutritional information and finally a very delicious looking picture of the enclosed product.

      When the packet is opened, and if you and yours and not greedy like me and mine, you will have to transfer the contents to an airtight container as the bag isn't resealable.

      Each mini bite is a small round shape, about the size of a golf bal, but with a flat top and bottom.
      The bite is covered in thick, and I mean thick milk chocolate, if you put these in fridge prior to eating you will get a very satisfying cracking, like that of a choc ice.
      To top it off there is a single Smartie of varying colour, I honestly thought at this point, that that Smartie was the brand drawing part, again wrong!

      After taking a bite through the thick chocolate your faced with a thick and claggy centre to the bite, not quite cake but not quite truffle in consistency, running through this is again a large quantity of mini Smarties, I have to be honest at this point the added Smarties were much of a muchness and didn't really add anything to the proceedings.

      The taste is as you may have already gathered very chocolaty, with the truffle part being much more intense in flavour. Normally I could quite easily polish a bag of these types of treats off in one sitting, but I must be getting old as I could just about manage 2 and even then if felt a little sickly, my kids were quite happy on the other hand, to finish of the remainder of the two bags purchased for our weekend picnic.

      The nutritional information is as follows -
      Per cake,
      118 kcals,
      10.8g sugars,
      6.9g fat,
      3.1g of which saturates.

      The only allergy advice on this product is the fact that it may contain nuts, on the upside these state that they don't contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

      These are available from many places, but mine were purchased from Asda for the sum of £1.00.

      For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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