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Smiths Cheese Flavoured Moments

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Brand: Smiths / Type: Crisps / Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      26.03.2010 22:37
      Very helpful



      not my cup of cheese

      "Bite Sized Snacks with the Big Sized Taste"

      Cheese Flavoured Moments are one of the few remaining brands that bear the 'Smiths' brand logo. Cheese Moments along with Scampi Flavoured Fries and Bacon Flavoured Fries are part of their savoury selection. The bag contains 28g of cheesy moments and are different to the other two in this series because they actually contain a squidgy cheese centre.

      I suppose if you are a cheese lover or afficionado then buying a packet of cheese 'flavoured' moments is not going to be something you are ever likely to do. Rather like Dairylea Dunkers or Mini Babybels or Cheese String, Cheese Flavoured Moments aren't the best sort of cheese you are ever going to buy.

      JJJJ and I were introduced to Cheese moments by the inimitable tomflint who reckoned that these little cheesy snacks were the best pub snacks. I remember the look on JJJJ's face when he put the first one in his mouth - the look of disgust on his face was a picture. I can't remember if he ate the whole thing, but he palmed the rest of the packet onto tomflint who happily crunched his way through the rest of the packet.

      The odd thing about the cheese moment was it was crunchy on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside. This was a little weird to begin with, but disgusted and scared the living daylights out of JJJJ.

      Would I recommend cheese moments? No not really - just buy some cheese! Apparently Smiths are doing away with Cheese moments and replacing it with 'Veggie' Moments - whatever they are!


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        11.02.2010 20:16
        Very helpful



        Soft centres? I'll save those for my chocolates thanks

        You may remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote a review of some Smith's 'Scampi Flavoured Fries', in which I also accounted the events of the evening in the pub with fellow dooyoo'ers adambrown400 and tomflint. If you didn't read the story, it involved an ususual bulge in Adam's trousers (initially thought to be something inappropriate), which happily turned out to be three packs of the popular fish-based crisps stuffed into his pocket.

        ...Anyway, on the same night, Tom Flint had told me how delicious Smith's other popular pub-crisp 'Cheese Flavoured Moments' were - claiming they were "better than Scampi Fries". I accepted Tom's claim at the time, and was immediately on the lookout for this apparently tasty snack.The following week, we were in a different pub, and Tom spotted some of these Cheese Moments behind the bar. Without hesitation he stepped up and bought us some, in order to test his claim of a week prior.

        Like Scampi Fries, Cheese Moments come in relatively small 28g packets, and cost around 65p in most pubs. As well as the price, the packaging is similar to that of Scampi Fries too, with the text on the bag describing the crisps as a "Cereal Snack with delicious cheesy centres" - sounds good? I thought so.

        - - - - - - - -
        Cheese Moments contain;
        Vegetable Fat, Cheese Filling [Whey Powder (from milk), Cheese Powder, Wheat Flour, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Onion Powder, Dairy Fat Powder, Non Dairy Whitener, Dextrose (from wheat), flavouring, acidity regulator (citric Acid)], Maize, Potato Granules (preservative: sodium metabisulphate), Wheatbran, Wheat Rusk, Onion Flavour (Flavour enchancer: Monosodium Glutomate), Flavouring, Yeast Extract (contains Celery Seed Extract), Caster Sugar, and salt.

        The above list contains quite a few dodgy ingredients, including the generally not very good for you Hydrodgenated Vegetable Fat, and Monosodium Glutomate.

        Appearance and Taste
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet of Cheese Moments was the aroma - it was *really* cheesey - a little too cheesey and artificial for my liking if I'm honest, and not all that appetizing. Each of the Cheese Moments looked nice enough though, and the initial bite was lovely and crunchy. What I wasn't expecting however, was what I found in the middle of each one - actual soft cheese. This shocked me, as you don't expect to find what is essentially a soft paste inside your crisps (well I don't anyway). The cheese flavour was just too strong and I had to stop eating them straightaway. I passed them back to Tom, who finished them quite quickly. Adam didn't seem to be all that impressed either, and the end result was that we beat-up Tom and left him in the canal - Ok... so that last bit didn't happen, but the crisps were gross.

        Final Word
        - - - - - - - -
        I really disliked my experience with Cheese Flavoured Moments, and certainly wouldn't eat them again. I found Tom's recommendation to be an entirely duff one, and I'll be sticking to the far superior Scampi Fries in future. Moral of the story this week is not to trust friends who claim there are better crisps than Scampi Fries - because there aren't. Fact.

        Nutritional Info Per Pack
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        Calories: 150
        Fat: 14g
        Sturated Fat: 7.8g
        Fibre: 0.6g
        Sodium: 0.1g


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