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Smiths Cheese Twisties

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Brand: Smiths / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2009 20:45
      Very helpful



      Throw your life a curve ball and try a Twistie!

      Totally Australian product.
      Totally Australian review.

      On reading this review you may suddenly decide to go out and purchase this product. Reviewer will not be held responsible or liable for any consequences eating this product may cause, including but not limited to talking like an Australian, eating Australian food or beating the British at The Ashes!!

      There are no ifs, ands or buts - Cheese Twisties are my favourite snack food!! But I'm placing bets that most of you have never even heard of them. So let me tell you about what you are missing out on.

      They are an Australian snack food. According to the manufacturer, they are the number one snack food in Australia (I could believe them on this).

      But what exactly is a Cheese Twistie? Well imagine a Twiglet, ignore the marmite flavouring and coat with a cheese flavouring similar to cheese Doritos. Then you might come close to describing Cheese Twisties. They are made from corn and rice blended together with water, run through a press to create the irregular shape (knobbly and squiggly like a Twiglet) and then oven dried then seasoned. They are crunchy, they are cheesy and they taste so so yum!!
      You can also buy Chicken flavoured ones, but in my opinion these are not very nice and taste like the seasoning sachet you add to instant noodles!!

      Packaged in bright yellow packets, with a distinct red logo, they are hard to miss. They are sold in 45g, 90g, 170g and value packs. In Australia they are sold all supermarkets and prices range from $1.47 (£0.73) for a 45g packet to $2.17 (£1.08) for a 170g packet. A popular snack food, they are also available in smaller stores similar to off licences and vending machines, where the prices may be a little more expensive.

      Like any snack food, their nutritional value is not so good. 495 calories per 100g. Poor compared to Twiglets which are 388 per 100g. But not so poor when compared to Doritos at 500 calories per 100g.
      They also contain 23.1g of fat per 100g (Doritos are 26.5 g of fat), which is quite bad.
      The poor nutritional value continues with the ingredients. Corn, Vegetable Oil, Rice, Whey Powder, Cheese Powder, Salt, Cream Powder, Milk Powder, Flavour Enhancer (621), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Flavours, Yeast Extract, Food Acid (270), Cream Powder, Milk Powder, Colours (160e, 160a)

      But we know snack foods are bad for us, and that's why we only ever eat them occasionally - right?

      Their trademark slogan is "Life's pretty straight without... Twisties". This slogan generally features on all their TV advertisements and has become a catchphrase that most Australians will instantly recognise.

      They've been round for decades in Australia, but are not widely available anywhere else unless you head to a speciality shop such as The Australia Shop in Covent Garden. Here they are retailing for, dare I say it, £1.65 for a 45 gram packet. That's umm, hmmm, cough, splutter, $3.30 for a packet that costs $1.47 in Oz.

      There is a similar product called Fonzies which is being sold in Italy, by the same manufacturer with the same distinctive packaging, but to my disappointment, they are not the same as my beloved Twisites. And certainly taste quite quite different. More "corny", less cheesy. Not like the originals!

      In my opinion, Cheese Twisties are simply divine. But that might be also due to withdrawals. Whenever friends and family come to visit me in the UK and ask what treats I want from home, Cheese Twisties are my number one choice. And every now and then you might find me taking a visit to the Australia Shop for a quick top up!!
      Perhaps you care to join me?


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