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Snack A Jacks Salt & Vinegar Jumbo Rice Cakes

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Brand: Snack A Jacks / Type: Snack

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    6 Reviews
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      01.03.2010 16:46
      Very helpful
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      Great value snack

      Due to my recent health kick I've been trying out different snacks that don't blow the calories but are also filling.

      Now I'm a big fan of salt and vinegar so when I decided to give Snack a Jacks a try this flavour seemed the obvious choice.

      This flavour comes in a blue 'crisp' like packaging and holds 12 jumbo sized rice and corn cakes on top of each other. Each cake is about 10cm in diameter and about 1cm thick. The packaging also includes a plastic covered metal clasp so they can easily be resealed after opening. Total weight of pack is 126g.

      This size pack cost £1.08 in Asda although recently they had an amazing offer on of 2 for £1.00, so it was cheaper to buy two packs than one.

      Upon opening them you are hit with a very strong smell of salt and vinegar which I didn't mind as long as this aroma was reflected in the taste. I will point out that if you are not a big fan of this flavour you may find the smell too much; my hubby was not happy when I started eating them in the car because he said they stank it out.

      Presentation wise they are not much to look at; I guess a bit bland really; they are a yellow / cream coloured rice cake after all.

      Taste wise they a light, crunchy alternative to crisps and just the right strength of flavour for me.
      They are made with wholegrain rice and maize and each cake contains the following:

      Calories - 41 (2% of GDA)
      Sugars - 0.2g (< 1% of GDA)
      Fat - 0.6g (< 1% of GDA)
      Saturates - 0.1g (< 1% GDA)
      Salt - 0.4g (6% of GDA)

      I've been eating 2 to 3 of these with a cup of tea as a late morning snack and have found them to be very satisfying.

      I would point out one thing though; if you feel the need to eat more than 3 of these in one sitting make sure you break them up into smaller pieces otherwise you'll find that the flavour 'pulls' around the corners of your lips and you'll be left with loose skin; like when you burn the roof of your mouth. (If you've ever burnt the roof of your mouth you'll know what I mean).

      Having said that this is one snack that will be a regular feature in my cupboard; excellant price and doesn't blow my calorie count to boot.


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        22.08.2009 03:44
        Very helpful




        I went on a daytrip the other day so I went and bought a few bits in Sainsburys to take with us. I didn't want to take the usual crisps to snack on so I bought a large packet of jumbo Salt and Vinegar flavoured snack a jacks. I knew I'd like them as I enjoy the bags of smaller snackajacks that you can buy in all flavours including this one, even the snackajacks popcorn is quite a tasty treat.

        You can buy these and the bag versions in many flavours including Salt and Vinegar, Cheese, Caramel and Barbeque and more.

        Snack a Jacks are simply rice and corn cakes - these are jumbo version though around the size of a CD but thicker obviously.

        Salt and Vinegar flavour come in the large blue packets, but all flavours are easily recognised by their varying colours. Each of the rice cakes are stacked neatly on top of each other to form a sort of tube like packet thats twisted and tied securely at the top with a plastic piece - this piece can be replaced once you twist the bag shut once more to maintain their freshness and crisp flavour. This makes them a handy snack to take out and about especially on day trips like I did, or store them in your cupboard as you are not going to eat them all at once.

        Each of these large snacks contain;
        41 calories
        0.2g sugars
        0.6g fat
        0.1g saturates
        0.4g salt

        As soon as you open the packet you are instantly met by the tangy aroma of vinegar which is balanced out well by the bitterness of the salt. To be honest to look at them they don't look all that appetising being a large rice cake white in colour with pale yellow bits here and there, don't let the unappealing look put you off though. To bite into one they do have a slight crunch but they are very light, airy and puffy - a light yet gratifying snack to be honest.

        They taste brilliant, the vinegar AND the salt are definitely evident. The vinegar is almost sweet as well as tangy giving these a bit of zing without overpowering your tastebuds and making you wince. The saltiness is subtle but levels out the tangy vinegar flavouring perfectly.

        Being such light and puffy fluffy snacks they can quite easily be consumed alot quicker than you'd like. They are tasty, flavoursome and enjoyable but as they are so light you always feel like you could just eat that one more.

        The flavouring of these are satisfying enough for me but due to their size they could seem a little bland and boring to snack on to some people so you could if you wanted use them with a dip or even add a topping such as a spreadable cheese.

        These are something I continue to buy to help solve them sudden hunder pangs to prevent me from cooking up a full blown meal when all I need is a little pick me up snack to keep me going until mealtimes. A very tasty snack indeed!


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        30.06.2009 21:10
        Very helpful
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        Perfect alternative for lunches and snacks...varied flavours and range of products.

        Whilst raiding the kitchen cupboards this afternoon, in search of something tasty, but not too fattening, (summer dieting in full swing, bah!) I came across a lonely looking packet of these Salt and Vinegar Snack a Jacks...

        The last time I remember having Snack a Jacks was probably about 5 years ago...they were OK, nothing special really, just a flavoured rice cake...but I couldn't find anything else in the cupboard so I thought I'd give them another go!


        Per 10.5 g cake
        Energy 172 kJ / 41 kcal
        Protein 0.8 grams
        Carbohydrates 7.9 grams
        of which sugars 0.2 grams
        Fat 0.6 grams
        of which saturates 0.1 grams
        Fiber 0.2 grams
        Sodium* 0.14 grams
        *Equivalent as salt 0.35 grams


        So, seeing they were low in fat and calories, my head was telling me, these can't possibly taste any good, can they?

        Well, I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised! The taste was strong and authentic, and as a huge salt and vinegar crisp fan, I was immediately happy! The taste really is quite strong, so I probably wouldn't recommend these to anyone who really doesn't like salt and vinegar, or very strong tastes.

        I had two rice cakes for my lunch, each with a little salad cream, cucumber and ham, and they were delicious! Just like a ham and crisp sandwich, but without the bread! I was satisfied after just the two, and due to the strong taste, I probably couldn't have eaten many more!

        Generally, I was really very happy with these, and from what Mum tells me, they weren't too expensive, and she thinks they may have been on offer!
        Definitely changed my view of this product, and I will definitely be looking out for more of their products in the future as alternatives for lunch and snacks.

        Apparently we have the chocolate chip ones in the cupboard too, so I can't wait to try a couple of those as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea tomorrow!!


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          28.04.2009 13:32
          Very helpful
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          I always said that I would only eat Snack A Jacks if I was on a diet. I'm sure I still stand by that statement, as although they are nice enough, if I had the choice I would probably choose a bar of chocolate or a sausage roll for breakfast.

          These Snack A Jacks are large versions of the little ones you get in the packs. These are all stacked on top of each other and there are 14 in the pack. They are sealed in a plastic bag and have an outer wrapper on them as well. It would be handy if these had individual bags in case you wanted to put these in a packed lunch or so, but it's easy enough to pop in a food bag.

          Sinze wise I would probably say these are roughly the size of a mug, in the circular diameter part. These are bits of rice all stuck together and although they are crisp and quite hard, they break up easily enough.

          The flavour of these are good. I was expecting just a hint of flavour, but the taste is a nice strong Vinegar with a sprinkling of salt. I would certainly say you taste more Vinegar than Salt though.

          These normally cost about £1.20 per pack and you can often get 2 packs for £2. The others in the Jumbo range are Cheese and Caramel, but I like these ones the best.

          These are filling enough, only contain 42 calories per cake, and pretty tasty for a diet snack.


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            25.04.2009 15:51
            Very helpful



            Great tasting healthy snack

            I'm currently on a bit of a healthy eating kick before the summer hits us full on (fingers crossed!). I usually buy the Tesco own brand version of these rice cakes as they are normally cheaper, but I recently spotted these on offer at 2 for £2, while the Tesco version is £1.09 each, so I thought I'd give them a try.

            They are made from wholegrain rice, which is better for us than white rice. Each rice cake is a decent size, approx 4" in diameter and ½" thick.

            They come in bright blue packaging with a large Snack a Jack logo on the front along with a picture of a rice cake. This is handy as they are very easy to spot when shopping. Other products in the range are in similarly bright packaging. The only fault I found with the packaging is there is no inner wrapper and nothing to twist around the packet once it's been opened to reseal it. I did find the top cake went a bit soft when I went back to them. I would suggest putting them in a sealed container or eating them all really quick!

            When I opened the packet, the smell was very strong, the predominant flavout being the vinegar. They smelled really tasty and immedietley made my mouth water! They are soft to bite into and the texture of all the pieces of rice was very nice. The other thing that I noticed straight away was the flavour - very very strong! After the shock of the first bite the flavour did grow on me, but at times it felt like my mouth was on fire! Snack a Jacks don't skimp on the amount of flavouring they use, but it is quite powdery on the top of the rice cake, so don't wipe your eyes after eating as it will most definitely have rubbed off onto you! I also found that after eating, they sometimes made my lips sting. Now I try to break pieces off and put them straight into my mouth rather than biting off a piece.

            The packaging does suggest adding other toppings, but I really feel that added flavours are not needed

            There is approx 10 in each pack and each rice cake contains just 41kcal and 0.6g of fat. Ideal for a healthy snack.


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              17.02.2009 14:13
              Very helpful



              Snack a Jack jumbo rice cakes with added salt & vinegar flavour!

              ***ABOUT SNACK A JACKS***
              Snack A Jacks do a large range of snacks and other treats which are all lower in fat compared to other branded snacks and treats.

              They are most famous for their packets of rice & corn snacks which come in a large range of flavours including Barbeque, Caramel, Cheese, Prawn Cocktail, Salt & Vinegar, & Sour Cream & Chive. They also make a small range of popcorn and mini bites as well which have more flavours including Mature Cheddar & Red Onion & Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli.

              ***ABOUT THE PRODUCT***
              More about the product I am reviewing which is the Salt & Vinegar, jumbo rice cakes. I have tried some rice cakes in the past and I have to admit I'm not a keen lover of them. I do how-ever like the other Snack A Jacks snacks and treats so thought I would give these a go.

              As they are flavoured I thought this could make them taste a lot better rather than if they were just plain/no flavour at all. These rice cakes come stood up in a thick plastic bag, which is tight around the rice cakes. The top is sealed and has a re-useable sticky tie (like you get on loaves of bread), so you can re-seal these again afterwards to maintain their freshness!

              I'm not sure exactly how many rice cakes you get, but I'm guessing just over 10, in each pack! I got these from Sainsbury's and they were on offer. These were 2 packs for £3.00, which I thought was a bargain! You also mix the flavours if you wish to as well. These are also available in Cheese, Caramel & Barbeque! These snacks/rice cakes are all made with wholegrain rice.

              ***TASTE TEST***
              And here come the best bit . . The taste test!
              When you open the bag and sniff, you can just smell the salt from the rice cakes, they don't really smell of anything else! The rice cakes are quite large in size. Imagine a roll of sticky tape, they are probably the size of this, maybe a bit bigger and they are about 1cm thick as well.

              They are yellow and white in appearance and they don't look very enticing or very exciting to eat! They look quite boring and plain. The whole rice cake is of a bobbly appearance, like lots of little balls are stuck together to form this rice cake.

              As I bite into it straight away I can taste the salt & vinegar and it is very soft to bite into and breaks off easily. It's very easy and soft to chew, and although it's quite plain tasting the salt and vinegar does give it much more flavour. They do suggest that you can put cream cheese and other things on top of these rice cakes as well for added flavour!

              I have just finished the rice cake and am I feeling satisfied? Maybe a little bit, but I've definitely got room for something bigger or maybe even another 2 more rice cakes!

              Each cake contains:
              * 41 Calories - 2% RDA
              * 0.2g Sugar - <1% RDA
              * 0.6g Fat - 1% RDA
              * 0.1g Saturates - 1% RDA
              * 0.4g Salt - 6% RDA

              ***OVERALL OPINION***
              These are yummy and are quite satisfying and it will be something I continue to snack on if I get hungry in the office, rather than a chocolate bar or biscuits. I have yet to try the other flavours so I can't say whether this is my favourite flavour or not, but they are very yummy!

              They have quite a long shelf life, as the packet I bought this week (February), lasts until July, so these are great to get them whilst they are on offer, even if they do sit in your cupboard for a week or 2!

              (Review also on ciao!)


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